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  2. https://petapixel.com/2019/06/14/texas-can-steal-your-photos-without-paying-for-takings-court/
  3. Wow GTA5 COD Modern Warfare 3 COD WW2 Sid Miers Pirates
  4. You basically condemned Alex Jones and he says that he is your daddy. If you are a conservative and you condemn your own, leftists think you love the said right wing nutjob even more. Can't win with liberal morons. For the record, Alex Jones is the worst of the worst to me, but that doesn't mean that he should be banned from social media or the like.
  5. This can't be possible. After all, Obama's administration was totally scandal-free. Obviously all lies here. 😲
  6. It's also your free will to root for teams which are not owned by the Pegulas (no apostrophe). You're clearly unhappy being a "fan" of Buffalo-based teams. You deserve to be happy.
  7. So what are your top 5? Or did you just chime in to be a dick?
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  9. This makes no sense. How does polluted water increase evaporation????!!!!
  10. The reason these "these are the cool games I attended" threads rarely have the legs the OP expects is that there are literally thousands of Bills fans who have been to 300-400 or more Bills games.
  11. Looking at their organizational chart, that would be Matt Bazirgan, the Director of Player Personnel. I would think he'd be the defacto GM, with O'Brien supervising. As for the cap, they probably have guys who will help if Bazirgan needs it. Their cap's in decent shape this year, with around $20 mill left and $62 mill next year according to Spotrac. All they have to do from now till February is not screw things up too much. My guess is they can manage that. I'd guess the tough part would be synchronizing Caserio when he come in January or February - assuming they get him - with the scouting staff who have been doing the work. Tough, but not impossible. I'm not a Texans fan and I don't like O'Brien, so I won't mind if this causes big problems, but I don't think it will. I don't think it's a great move, but it might not be so very awful either.
  12. 19 years in a row where the team hasn't been in contention? Say all you want about the management not being the same or whatever...........but it starts at the top and the Pegula's have owned the Sabres and Bills for a combined 12 full seasons and have 1 skin-of-teeth playoff appearance to show for it. It's definitely warranted to be skeptical of an anemic track record like that.
  13. I can't wait to see him & Trump go back & forth on Twitter! It'll officially usher in the collapse of society. A new age is upon us ladies & gentlemen!
  14. No love for Chess, Othello, or Backgammon?
  15. 1964 AFL Championship Super Bowl XXV Cowboys Monday night loss At Atlanta 2017 Freddie's long run beats the Pats
  16. 1st: 1990-1 AFC Championship on 1/20/91. Bills 51 Raiders 3. I had already bought my airline ticket to Orlando (not flying into the Super Bowl city is much cheaper & easier for flights, car rentals etc) for the Super Bowl and by halftime I knew I was going. The whole 2nd half was a celebration of the Bills 1st Super Bowl appearance. 2nd: The comeback on 1/3/93. Bills 41 Oilers 38. Not only did I stay the whole game, but after I got home about 5 hours later the 1st thing I did was watch the tape of the game I had just seen. 3rd: Super Bowl XXV Bills 19 Giants 20. I was so excited to go to the Super Bowl I barely slept all week. Even though we lost, I was so proud to have seen a great game. 4th: Opening day 9/7/80. Bills 17 Dolphins 7. The 10 year losing streak vs Miami was over. I like many other fans went on the field after the game, the only time I've ever been on the field. 5th: 12/9/73. Bills 37 Patriots 13. My 1st NFL game. Growing up in the NYC metro area my father didn't know how to get tickets to the Giants & after the Super Bowl victory Jets tickets were tough too. So I had never been to an NFL game until I was in college & I heard such bad things about the Rockpile when I 1st got to WNY, that I waited until the new stadium opened before going to a game. The biggest conclusion after looking at the dates: There hasn't been a lot of thrills in recent years. Also, I gave up my seasons after 22 years after the 2011 season.
  17. 5. Shoots n Ladders 4. Life 3. Candy land 2. Risk 1. Monopoly
  18. 1. 9/7/1980. Bills beat Miami. My first NFL game with my Dad 2. Bills /Jets 1988 Freddy Smerlas blocks the field goal and we go on to win. I help carry the goal posts. 3. Bills / KC. AFC Championship. Hey Joe! Na na na na Goodbye!!!!! 4. Bills / Detroit Watching Barry Sanders after heckling his back up DJ Dozier. Sanders ran 40 yards for a One yard gain. Bills won but what a treat it was to watch Sanders 5. Bills/ Panthers E.J. comeback game, on my Birthday, with my Son at his first game at the Ralph. We were front row, upper deck corner EZ where the winning pass was caught.
  19. The Beatles wanted to make a big splash on Ed Sullivan a few months later, so MI6 convinced the Prez to commit suicide in the motorcade
  20. Vaguely on/off topic is how I like to roll.
  21. 1. First AFL championship game 2. 1974 season opener Monday night Raiders game 3. Beating the Raiders to go to SuperBowl 1. 4. Season opener 1980, finally squishing the Fish. 5. Monday night game against KC watching OJ go over 1000 half way through the season
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