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  2. Either you’re worthy or you’re not. It’s has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else.
  3. My take is they think all Dlinemen or rotational. They want 2 deep at every position
  4. Then why did they draft Kwan Short at the same time as Star? He said himself that its important to get pressure up the middle. The 3-4 is probably doesnt look for that but I dont know of any 4-3 that doesnt. Lesslie Frazier had Kevin and Pat Williams with the Vikings as well. Do some research before you quote me please. Thanks Murphy is actually pretty good when healthy and the current roomer is Anzah will sign here. The quickest path to the QB is straight up the middle. I am really getting sick of having to point out the obvious fact that a QB can step up in the pocket to avoid an outside pass rusher. However, if he has no pocket to step into then he is in trouble.
  5. They might be feeding your friend false info to see if it gets leaked..
  6. Yes and it won’t be. If someone suggested this yesterday they would have been destroyed. Be honest and stop trying to talk yourselves into this because it looks like it could happen. This will be a disaster.
  7. This all hinges on the cardinals
  8. I do not condone mockery or insults of any kind.
  9. The only player worth trading up for is Bosa. The one guy who will not fall. Trade up into the back part of rd 1? Ok. Not top for a DT.
  10. Dexter Lawrence is a physical freak. Why is that such a bad pick? He's the best run defender in the country. Hardly ever misses a tackle. Moves like a man 50 lbs lighter. Can't be blocked 1 on 1. I'd take him in the 20's without hesitation. I don't claim to be the expert, but your response puzzles me. Why are you so down on Lawrence?
  11. Whatever it was, he apologizes for the parts that will cost him votes.
  12. your post is very unclear how we can be sure that can't miss guy does not miss. Clark only cost a 1st and 2nd.
  13. Why would IK punch Geno on YOUR jaw?
  14. Dont worry we replaced it immediately with Star’s albatross.
  15. I think the jets are screwed if they can't move down. This probably gives beano leverage.
  16. I am not listening, but I totally believe you and am not at all surprised. Heading out to a local bar for a draft party with the local Bills Backers. Beer, wings, and Bills talk. Should be fun.
  17. They are not going to 3 for a DT and trading with a division rival to do it. That makes 0 sense. Its trading up for Watkins with the ability to stay put and draft OBJ, Landry, Cooks, or Evans. Lawerance and Tillery are better at 9 than Williams, 40, a 4th and next years 2nd.
  18. I waited a ayear for the movie, draft is on DVR and i am logging off now until after the movie. I blame the kids but i wanted to see the movie just as bad lol. Go Bills! See you all later!
  19. https://twitter.com/PFF_College/status/1059554208213540872/photo/1
  20. Ok let me be the first. Fire Beane if he trades to #3 for a DT
  21. I'm likely going to miss the pick live too. O have the DVR set. When they moved to Thursday night for the draft it really screwed things up for me.
  22. That tells us, that a) Yes, apparently the Bills have some interest in moving up whether they do or not, and B) The Jets wanted this leaked because no deal is in place and they badly want to move down.
  23. F the Jets. Stay at 9 and see who falls. LaClownfora, what a joke.
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