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Defend Trent Now


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I don't think it's so stupid after reading this thread, the point that Trent supporters are HYPOCRITES is dead on.




i'm over the jp/t.e. thing and fully support whoever is under center


that being said the edweirds really do see no wrong when it come to 5


let's check off some things


couldn't feel the blind side hit and fumbled check

thrown behind/over receivers check

threw bad picks check

lost games because of these turnovers check

can't get a play off and has to call timeout check


all things that 7 would be roasted over


now these are 'team' issues when we lose and when we win it is because of the t.e. poise


some of the Bills 'fans' on this board are hilarious

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without a doubt...but its sad that he has been regressing...He should be improving.


Is the team regressing, or is their identity as a good (not great) team, with some major holes, just coming into focus? I think the team is better than it was last year, and a big part of that improvement revolves around Edwards. But, it doesn't matter who is the QB, we have the same weaknesses that we have had for a number of years now:


1- weak offensive line play

2- inability to ever establish a running game

3- poor wr depth - after Evans, a couple of guys with some talent, but not one with all the talent to be a true #2

4- lack of pass rush

5- poor tacking

6- bad third down defense


What has improved?

1- QB seems to have a future as team starter

2- offensive coordinator, though not perfect, calls a good game, and has some balls

3- team is starting to develop an identity


Baby steps....

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Guest dog14787
without a doubt...but its sad that he has been regressing...He should be improving.


TE was slammed down hard early on which may have effected his play a little. Sometimes you have to give some credit to the other team, Brett Favre is one of the best QB's thats ever played the game and the Jets are a very good football team.


Its not over yet and TE learns something new every week win or lose, lets not forget he only has what amounts to a little over one season of experience in the NFL. Growing pains folks and we still play these teams again, so lets hope the Colts can keep the Pats at bay and we rebound from this, 5-3's not that bad half way through the season.

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I realize reading comprehension may not be your strong suit, but perhaps you ought read the thread again. No one is defending JP. Those of us invoking the name of JP are simply demanding the same accountablity of Trent as was expected of JP. All of these arguments made in defense of Trent for his horrific play the past two games were just as easily made in defense of JP, and the JP haters would have none of it. So the fact that the JP haters are running to defend Trent with the same arguments now makes me laugh my ass off.
Losman was blamed for everything.He was the reason the defense played bad."time posssion".He also was reason for offensive line giving up too many sacks"holding on to the ball to long".He was blamed for every loss that he started.I like both QBs.I don't blame Edwards for this lost.It was the entire team, including the coaching staff.But this is the reason why some of us defended Losman.
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We need ESPN to do the "Top 10 reasons you can't blame Trent Edwards".


10. He's from Stanford

9. Poor coaching

8. O-line sux

7. D-line sux

6. No running game

5. Poor pass block

4. Poor run block

3. The Butler did it

2. Poor WR depth


And finally....


1. He's "The One"

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On the first pick Trent threw into double coverage and underthrew Roscoe, who was stumbling when the defender caught the ball. I don't think Roscoe keeping his feet under him would have mattered one bit - it was a bad decision and a bad throw into coverage.

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support the team and not just a player


JP is garbage, always was and will be.......I have supported every qb we have had.........but RJ..........and I think its ridiculous to keep this crap going



get over it...........we have a starting qb......its not going to change........lets just get our sh-- together and go out there and win some games......midpoint of the season..........let's start over..........8 games left.......we just need to win more of them than lose..........we can do that.......


we need to get healthy though......

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JP threw for over 289 yards all of 3 times in his miserable 4 1/2 year career. He sucks, and it really is time to get over it.


Next topic?


No one is saying JP is better or would have won the game today.


We just find it funny that we've seen this exact same QB play before. When #7 played like this, it was his fault for lack of pocket presence and he was a turnover machine. When #5 plays like this, its the OL's fault, the run game's fault, etc.


If you cannot criticize Trent when he has 2 bad games in a row, then you are simply being myopic about your QB observations, and showing that you dont care about discussing the game, its just about bashing/defending one particular individual.

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Pretty easy to cover guys in the red zone when they know you can't run the ball.

The Bills have hardly been a great rushing team. In 2005 they were ranked 20th. In 2006 they were 27th. This year they are 22nd (although that will probably drop a few spots). Last year they were 15th.

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I'm not a JP supporter, I'm a Bills fan. When JP had fumbles or Int's and people defended him, everyone just accused them of making excuses for their boy. Trent, has now given away two straight division games. He is doing exactly what he did last year of having a strong first few games, and then mediocre at best. I'm sorry, but Trent has not proved anything yet.


Now, I know there are some "Trent can do no wrong" fans out there. So please, defend the guy who just wasted a 4-1 start to me.


Bills from 1-3 in last 4 games. Playoffs?!?!?!



i agree. bench his sorry ass. He is doing exactly what people hated JP for. Atleast JP could throw a deep ball ...

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