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  1. Mirer had a 56.4% completion percentage, 2833 yards, 12 TD's and 17 INT's, and was sacked 47 times his rookie year. Are you thinking of another Rick Mirer?
  2. Well as I was making fun of Mr. WEO over, Michael Vick (forgetting the legal issues) had better stats, was a winning QB, and even led his team to a playoff win. Yet everyone thought he sucked as a QB. Is it because Flutie is 5'2"? White? Wasn't the 1st overall pick? Won the Heisman?
  3. I've never seen so much love for a guy who had a 54.7% completion percentage, almost as many turnovers as TD's, who had maybe 2 good seasons out of 12 in the NFL, and who never won a playoff game.
  4. Oh, you think Vick should have gotten worse? Yet Lynch deserved what he got. And you're pissed because HE screwed you over, not Goodell? Makes perfect sense. Any Bills fans should be incensed that a dog-killer and pot smoker (what was that you said about Lynch allegedly smoking pot again?) received just ONE game more than Lynch. Oh...that's right. Sorry if I can't keep track of every wacky thing you say. And that certainly makes your creepy unconditional devotion to Flutie as pathetic as it originally sounded. At least Vick won a playoff game, while posting a better winning percentage and stats in a shorter period of time.
  5. You mean the first true offense? Yep, he had an illegal weapon in a box in the trunk of his car. He got a wholly appropriate misdemeanor and fine for a first-time, non-violent, non-threatening case. It's not like he got away with anything there, like Stallworth did in his case or Marshall did in his cases. Actually chief, I was asking for your thoughts on Sir Roger's reported 4-game suspension of Vick. You have to think he's as retarded as I thought he was for Lynch's suspension. Well? And talk about non-comprehension! The stuff about Vick, his winning percentage, and taking his team to the playoffs and winning was sarcasm, given your Flutie taint-licking. And something tells me you had the same dislike of Vick even before the dog killing.
  6. I didn't mention this before, primarily because the Gates thread sort of covers it, but I thought Obama made a HUGE mistake saying the cop in the Gates case "acted stupidly," and then went onto talk about how Black and Latinos have been discriminated. While there might have been truth to it, he basically alienated most of the law enforcement community, as well as a good portion of the white community who merely turn off when race enters into things.
  7. I didn't realize that a moving violation ticket for accidentally and unwittingly hitting a woman (which is all Sir Roger could have deduced from reading the police report, much less the other pieces of data that make up the whole case) constituted an "offense." The only "offense" people took was to Lynch exercising his 5th amendment rights (the horror!). But hey, judging by this latest ruling, Sir Roger just makes the rules up as he goes along. I find it funny that Vick testing positive for pot while on bail didn't constitute an additional offense, meriting him an 8-game suspension at least. And judging by how you've been railing against Vick, I can't believe that this ruling by Sir Roger sits well with you. But knowing how you operate despite the little amount of time you've been here, you'll obviously spin this in a way to make it seem wholly appropriate. So let's hear it.
  8. Good point. The owners so totally overmatched in the last round of CBA talks, that another round would likely have seen them working for the players. So better to let the SCOTUS do their dirty work for them so they don't allow themselves to get raped again. No wait, it was all about "labor peace," which would have been fatal to the league back in 2006, but suddenly doesn't matter anymore. It was a plan all along to take the ANI case to the SCOTUS. Riiiiiiiiight. My bad. TO agreed to the contract with the Eagles and then sought to break that contract because he thought it was a bad one. That's TOTALLY off topic. Then again, TO didn't go crying to the courts to try and change the rules. How much does it cost most of us to watch the Bills, or for most fans to watch their own teams (because most watch on TV)? What's your point, Sr. Guevara? Because MY point is that with this supposed new found power over setting players' salaries, they'll have a LOT more money. So that means that prices should fall for the fans. You see Mr. WEO, this isn't just about the Bills. But I wouldn't expect you to see anything more than what your narrow scope allows you to see.
  9. I expect Levitre and Byrd to sign before camp opens. Maybin and Wood will miss a couple days.
  10. The least you can expect from TO is an honest effort.
  11. Yeah, and I'm not seeing anything. I didn't read either site and am just playing-off of Beerball's joke.
  12. It was reverse discimination towards Wood. Sheesh.
  13. Sounds like reverse discrimination. They don't want to say anything bad about the black player, i.e. that he may be a "holdout."
  14. I will be going the HSA/high-deductible health insurance route next year (have been trying to get it the past 2 years, but that's another discussion). That's how it should be done.
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