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Pro Football Hall of Fame announces 173 Modern-Era Nominees for Class of 2024 (with 14 former Bills)


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15 hours ago, BigDingus said:

Larry Centers, now that's a name I forgot about. Guy played FB & was a pass catching machine. Pretty sure he holds a lot of reception records for the position right? 


And I'm always pro-Ruben Brown, so hope he makes it


Edit: How is Marc Bulger a nominee? Does just everyone that was above average for a couple seasons get on the list? 

While not a great QB, I think that Marc Bulger was better in his prime then two thirds of the QB's starting in the NFL right now.  Obviously not HOF material.  But he could wing it around.  Someone remind me where he played college ball.  

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12 hours ago, Dan Darragh said:

Romo will make it but only because of his popularity as a broadcaster

He shouldn’t. Romo was a very good QB but his accomplishments are relatively limited. He won two playoff games and only

played in 6. If he gets in, I think it really devalues the hall even more than it is

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24 minutes ago, Mango said:

It feels like it has gone from the "Hall of Fame" to the "Hall of "Hey I remember their name after like 10 years"". 


Isnt that Fame?


It isnt the Hall of Stats, or the Hall of Wins. It's the Hall of FAME. It's just another marketing tool of a sports entertainment business. It isnt a real institution.


That said...


I cant believe no one is on the Randall Cunningham train. Dude was phenomenal as a player and athlete, and trail blazer.


(also, only 3 more years until Ryan Fitzpatrick is eligible!

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49 minutes ago, wnyguy said:

K Gary Anderson purposely missed every kick in his pre season in Buffalo because he didn't want to play here. 


Yep...traitor to Buffalo. I was fuming at 12 years old when he did it and have never forgiven him. A true sandbagger.

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