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Spencer Brown vs Dawand Jones, request for analysis


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8 minutes ago, Florida Bills Fanatic said:

I thought he got in trouble when he didn't move his feet and tried to reach for his block.  This is a common problem for inexperienced tackles.

There was one play in the 4th qtr where Watson was scrambling and Jones was literally just standing there watching him, meanwhile his man got back to the play and laid a lick on Watson 

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1 hour ago, NewEra said:

I liked him as a prospect based on his play.  I was hoping we’d draft him in rd 3 or trade up into rd 4 for him.  

that said, there aren’t that many guys close to his size have successful nfl careers.  Some do, sure, but I think staying healthy is a much bigger issue when you’re THAT big

Similar to NBA players above 7 foot 2 always seem to have issues staying healthy consistently. Yao Ming was very good to dominant when he played but he was 7 foot 6 and had such a hard time staying healthy. 


More recently Kristaps Porzings is 7 foot 4 a good player when he plays but he has had a hard time staying healthy being significantly hurt 4 out of the past 5 seasons.


Dawand Jones fell in the draft largely because of health concerns and some off field concerns. He was a late first to mid second round talent. But if you can’t stay healthy that’s always going to be an issue.

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I watched him specifically at times, and thought when he got his hands on TJ Watt, his momentum stopped immediately. 


I think the Browns entire offensive line, including Jones, tired as the game went on and the entire unit started to allow pressure. 


Also, a fair amount of plays where Jones would block into the DT instead of taking Watt, leaving Watt 1-1 verses Tight Ends. That went about how you'd expect. 

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7 minutes ago, Buffalo_Stampede said:

Brown got help most of the game.


Yup, there were numerous times during the game that Knox stayed in and chipped and sometimes where Harris was lined up in the slot to chip before releasing as well. 


I also noticed and I would have to watch more of Crosby, but he was lined up ungodly wide. I'm not talking Wide 9. I'm talking there were time where the man was in a 3 point stance where a slot WR would line up. 

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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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