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ONE Trade Mock drafts


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PFN. I traded 27 to Vegas for 38 and Hunter Renfrow.


Jack Campbell

LB Iowa


Matthew Bergeron

OT Syracuse


Jonathan Mingo

WR Ole Miss


Jaquelin Roy



Luke Schoonmaker

TE Michigan


Daniel Scott

S California

WR H.Renfrow

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Just for kicks......


Round 1:  DT Jalen Carter, maybe pick #8-10ish.... (trade away next year's 1st rounder OR Oliver + conditional pick next year)

Round 2:  OC Luke Wypler

Round 3:  OT Blake Freeland

Round 4:  MLB Noah Sewell

Round 5:  TE Jack Kuntz

Round 6:  WR Jake Bobo

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1 hour ago, Warriorspikes51 said:

That would be a heck of a trade. 4 extra players to compete this year


but if we drafted 3 CB’s this place would be set on fire haha

this took two trades, but I like it more, mostly because Washington is my current quasi-irrational draft crush.


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Trade R1 27 for R2-10 and R3-9  (680 for 720 according to value chart)


41: R2 P10 TE Darnell Washington - Georgia

59: R2 P28 C John Michael Schmitz - Minnesota

72: R3 P9 LB Daiyan Henley - Washington State

91: R3 P28 WR Kayshon Boutte - LSU

130: R4 P28 DL Keondre Coburn - Texas

137: R5 P2 WR Jonathan Mingo - Ole Miss

205: R6 P28 OT Braeden Daniels - Utah

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On 4/11/2023 at 7:38 PM, LyndonvilleBill said:

Small trade back in the 3rd.


91 for 99, 155 and 247 with the Niners.




I’m not sure stockpiling picks in round 5-7 in this draft is prudent.  

3 hours ago, Warriorspikes51 said:


How many short receivers do you want?  Harty is under 5’7”, Flowers and Dell are very small, too.

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This is my "lets win it all in 2023" effort. 

1) Make the trade for Derrick Henry.  I think this is doable (Hines is part of the trade for cap reasons). Henry, Harris & Cook is a scary RB room

2) Trade up for JSN - This is the missing weapon. 
3) Dorian Williams, Nick Herbig hopefully can find a way to contribute at LB. Maybe Abdullah as well

Some other things just fell, Musgrave at 59, Zavala at 130. 

If we did this and Tre White plays back to form, and the secondary stayed healthy, this would be a tough team to beat. 


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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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