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Rd 6, Pick 180 (1): Punter Matt Araiza, San Diego State


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12 minutes ago, Ralonzo said:

How about Das Boot?

The x-factor to me is if his college-style low Cruise missile kicks can rip through during the crazy wind games at OP. It’s the analogue of Allen’s arm. Low hang time but just pounded on a spiral. Does the returner get a chance to field it? sure, but under those conditions you WANT them to try to catch it.

He’ll earn a nickname. I don’t even think Brian Moorman had a nickname.

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3 hours ago, Warcodered said:

I mean to be fair I'm not sure how much stock I'd put into anyone having a lot of trouble with it trying it for the first time a handful of times.


No doubt.  But you did see this, right?   



Every year teams move on from punters because of inconsistent holds.


Some here seem to think Bojo's the only punter to lose his job over poor holding.  I think there are many cases you never hear about. Punters are brought in for auditions in the off-season and during the year. Some stick for a short time,  others never make the cut. No chance the biggest issue is their inability to hold CONSISTENTLY?


It seems many here underrate/undervalue ST play. "Can't some backup do that?" Well, yes they probably can. But can/will they do it consistently at an excellent-to-elite level? A CHAMPIONSHIP level?   


Again I believe Araiza will be fine. But don't pretend it's a trivial issue

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5 hours ago, TheyCallMeAndy said:

I love it 😂 


Also love that no one can deny they want to go to TC to watch Araiza punt


This will be the best TC since I've been going to them. 

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Brandon Beane and Pat McAfee talking about Matt Araiza on Pat's show. Interesting stuff. Beane didn't think Araiza would be there for them. McAfee says he didn't know how to Punt in the NFL when he was drafted, the Colts said "we think you're athletic enough to figure it out", and that McAfee feels the same about Araiza's pro potential. Beane says "tee it high and let it fly" 😆 



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This topic is OLD. A NEW topic should be started unless there is a very specific reason to revive this one.

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