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Non-football Football Sunday Broncos at Bills 1990 ‘The 77 Second Miracle!’

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Elway was the one QB from that era that I never felt comfortable holding a lead against, even a large lead late in the fourth quarter.  The fact the Bills defense then locked things down with that much time to go is to their credit.

Always good to see Don Criqui.

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I just skipped the video to the near end and I hear, "Norwood on for the extra point, he's missed 2 already today." Man, that guy deserves all the crap he gets.

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This game is what made me become a Bills fan (I was born in Rochester so you could say I was born a fan, but I never liked watching sports until then).  Left my best friend's house while watching it with his brother and they were down and it appeared over.  Got to school an hour-and-a-half later and my roommates were congratulating me on their win.

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13 hours ago, Niagara Dude said:

I always loved listening to Don Criqui,  from Buffalo one of the best . Those teams had so many big time play makers

4-7 defense 4-2-5 exactly what the Giants copied in the SB

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