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Happy 4th of July TBD!

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Today there is human slavery in Africa and the Middle East.

There are concentration camps in China.

Drug cartels control governments in Mexico and Central America.

In Russia, Europe, and Canada you can be imprisoned for speaking your mind.


Happy 4th of July TBD


God Bless America




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Happy Independence Day (the proper form of address v. Happy July 4th) to TBD readers. DO NOT blow your fingers off with an M-80, that would limit your bizarre comments.

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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, Southern Bills Fan said:

Time to celebrate this great country. Have fun. 

The greatest country on the face of the planet 🇺🇸!!!

Happy 4th of July  EVERYONE  !!! 

Edited by Putin
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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, AmishRifle said:

Happy Independence Day!!


Anybody watching “Independence Day” today?

Yeah, I watched it!  And the day before I watched Battleship.

Edited by BobbyC81
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