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Montana: Patriots 'made a mistake' with Brady leaving

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I don't agree with Montana's read. This isn't about having input. BB doesn't give players input so suddenly TB leaves because he doesn't have input after 17 years? That doesn't wash. He wanted to be paid his market value on his last deal and he was willing to leave the protective cocoon of the Patriots to do so. Not only did he want to be paid market value, I think he wanted to do so in new surroundings to put the notion to rest that he is a system QB who can't function without the machinations of the Prince of Darkness. This is about pride and legacy on both Brady's and Belichick's part and it will be very interesting to watch it unfold. To quote ACDC, we are going to find out Who made Who.

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On 3/26/2020 at 3:05 PM, ColoradoBills said:

The TB and BB dynasty is over.  I don't think that is really settling in with people.

Fans worried about NE getting a broken down Cam or Andy Dalton.


TB gone will change the whole dynamics of that team.


Gotta find a QB willing to cheat.

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i agree with joe


the pats made a huge mistake in letting TB go.


he easily has 2 more good years left. the loss of gronk was devastating and the lack of an outside #1 WR troublesome.


good for buffalo though, glad hes gone

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