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  1. Surprised Werner went first. Get Browning!
  2. Werner, yes. Browning might not drop to 61.
  3. I'll take Baron Browning or Pete Werner with 61.
  4. You had me until you said Knox isn't terrible. 40% of his highlight video was against us. 😀
  5. Knox is the worst. He must have compromising photos of Pegula. He wouldn't make any other NFL roster.
  6. I was impressed with Marcus Murphy, actually surprised when he didn't make the cut. 5 yard average per carry and protected the ball well. New Orleans and Houston had him in for a look this season. He's currently on an XFL roster.
  7. As far as I know he's still available. The Saints had him in for a workout about 2 weeks ago, didn't sign him. I like Murphy a lot. Bring him back.
  8. I don't know why Murphy didn't make this roster. IMO, he was the best back we had.
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