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  1. If the BIlls go 11-6, they still would make the playoffs and probably win the division.
  2. That's why I don't understand how it makes any difference that he gets his massages from team personnel. Haslem will personally hire him a hooker if he wants it.
  3. Imagine if the Browns go on a tear after week 7 and win the Super Bowl and Watson is named SB MVP.
  4. I mean, the man made his career by being a Tebow humper and LeBron basher.
  5. And if SF catches that INT on the Rams winning drive, Jimmy Garopollo plays in the SB and the Bengals probably win. Living in Cincinnati, I watched the Bengals run closely. To your point, they got so many bounces. The Raiders had 1st and 10 in the red zone at the end of the divisional round and didn't score. The deflection on their game winning INT in Tennessee shot straight up. Something happened at half time in the AFCCG between Mahomes, Hill and the coaches. There is a reason that Hill is not on the Chiefs, and I think it stems from that. As to the OP. This is my #1 pet peeve in sports fandom. WE AS FANS HAVE ZERO IMPACT ON THE OUTCOMES OF GAMES. The hot topic of the week has been "we can't overlook the Dolphins." I'll overlook them all I want. I'll say it right here: The Dolphins suck. Tua Sucks. Hill without Mahomes will regress and the Fins with that rookie head coach will be lucky to win six games. I'll also say that the Bills won't lose a game this year and will win the next 10 Super Bowls. Are any of those statements true? Probably not, but my saying them have zero impact on the performance of the Buffalo Bills. The players have to take all opponents seriously or you get Jacksonville. McD, Frazier and Dorsey have to game plan week to week, because "any given Sunday." But fans?
  6. Quite the opposite. They are going to have a giant target on their back all year. They will not sneak up on anyone.
  7. I wouldn't be against packaging up the whole rest of the draft for one 4th rounder and calling it a day. Late round picks won't make this roster. We can get a punter in UDFA.
  8. I would actually be down. He would actually make the roster.
  9. I know he did. If I would have been more active on this board I would have had the same take. I was livid.
  10. Exactly When we get to the draft, fans forget about free agency. We killed it in FA.
  11. I don't hold that against Gunner. We were all mostly guilty of that hot take.
  12. The draft has to be seen in combination with free agency. We filled so many holes in FA, that only CB remained and that is only a hole because we don't know if Tre White will be ready. This roster is so stacked that the draft was a luxury . And we still filled two needs in it with quality guys from the SEC. Its all good in my opinion. Remember, we added Von Miller.
  13. Given the state of NFL drafting and contracts, a bunch of dudes who would have been RBs in the past are playing WR now.
  14. guys, don't forget the team that we were last year has added Von Miller.
  15. People respond differently to getting drafted. He might have been like "F***, I'm rich now!"
  16. Cost us a couple draft spots, but it was important to win RJ's last game. Also, Power is a man.
  17. Not exactly. He's a parody of a Jets troll that someone on this site has maintained for years. I respect the dedication.
  18. People react to the draft like we're picking teams in dodgeball. We already had a really stacked roster.
  19. I really think that its because they rank the players against each other, and they were looking for someone who at least has upside that might turn into a starting NFL QB. The upshot is that there are no NFL starters at the QB position in this draft. Pickett is at least NFL ready. Let's put it this way; if Josh Rosen was in this draft he would have gone #1 overall.
  20. Both professional and amateur draftniks all make a common mistake; the rank the players against each other. So, they give positional grades based upon that particular draft class. It becomes really important who is the best WR or RB or CB in that draft. But as soon as a guy is drafted, that becomes irrelevant. All that matters is how a player ranks against all the other dudes at that position on the team they go to and all the other players in the league. I would argue that this is a weak draft. The Jets are adding some of the best players from a weak draft and we added a bunch of dudes that we already know can play in this league including Von f***ing Miller.
  21. From what I understand, he doesn't want to be used as a running back. That's because RBs don't get paid as much as WRs and their careers are a lot shorter.
  22. Victor Matheson has made an entire academic career on the argument that sports are bad for local economies. All sports. The Olympics are a bad deal for host nations. World Cups are bad for the host. Superbowls are a bad for the local economy. All sports stadiums are a bad deal. It's not like he just came up with this argument for this case; he's the first call for any journalist when a new stadium deal is announced. For an economist at Holy Cross, he gets on TV a lot. My counterargument is that there are a lot of things that have a poor ROI (like public education) from a dollars and cents standpoint but are essential for the quality of life in a community. FWIW, here is his Google Scholar list of published works: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C36&q=Victor+Matheson&btnG=
  23. My least favorite is "complementary football." Why do we need a term for "everyone should play well?"
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