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  1. And Josh has never had normal practice reps with Hines until this week.
  2. Makes sense. CE-H is on IR with a high ankle sprain. They need a RB.
  3. Why are there posters on a Buffalo Bills message board scolding Bills fans for bashing the Fins?
  4. People, I think that you only watched CMC on the 49ers in that one game against the Rams. Other than that, his production hasn’t been all that good. And they are forcing him the ball. This past Sunday he had 15 touches (both as a runner and a receiver) for 49 yards and no TDs.
  5. Our pass D will improve when we get Edmonds back. As for Elam, it is about the time in the season when rookie DBs tend to "figure it out."
  6. The answer is DiNicks. I would drive the 10 hours from Cincinnati to Philly just for a DiNicks roast pork sandwich.
  7. And the Jets are @MIN and the Chiefs are @CIN. Things get interesting next week.
  8. Fins, Jets and Chiefs all have very difficult road games next week. They could all lose.
  9. Remember when the Pats found themselves a QB 2 months ago? The Bears D is pretty bad.
  10. Trever Lawrence never faced adversity until he got to the NFL. His teams were 90-4 in HS and college. Thunderstorm
  11. Both Cleveland and Detroit were exactly who they have been all season. Remember, Cleveland smoked Cincinnati on MNF just a few weeks before we played them and Detroit has scored on everyone all year (except for NE). Both teams have bad records but have lost mostly close games. The Texans are actively tanking. I mean, they benched Davis Mills because he was coming too close to winning games. The Bears traded two of their best defensive players at the deadline. Their improvement was almost all due to growth in Justin Fields (who will be the best QB in his draft class) but without him they are a bottom five team.
  12. How is this place so miserable watching other teams play after the Bills have already won?
  13. You talking about AJ Klein or Jimmer Fredette?
  14. He was a PS call up. Today the Bills signed him to the 53.
  15. Yeah, and it doesn’t really matter cause nobody is beating Georgia.
  16. Everyone in the tOSU program should be embarrassed. It’s not just the loss. That happens. But getting physically dominated for the second year in a row is inexcusable. I don’t see how Ryan Day survives this with Luke Fickle just down I71 waiting for the call.
  17. For the second year in a row, Ryan Day’s team has been straight up bullied by Michigan. This second half has been complete physical domination.
  18. As far as I understand it, Nate is a whiteboard warrior. His knowledge of the game impresses coaches and keeps getting him paid.
  19. What gets me is that you post this, which is actual news, and people keep up the doom and gloom speculation below. The human psyche is endlessly fascinating.
  20. I just don't see how anybody can recruit to Nebraska enough to compete in the B1G.
  21. I just saw on the ESPN bottom line that the Huskers are closing in on a Matt Rhule hire. Why would either side want that? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/nebraska-eyes-matt-rhule-as-coach-cornhuskers-nearing-agreement-with-ex-carolina-panthers-boss-per-report/amp/
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