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  1. That was the first thing I thought about. Shell shock might be hard to overcome after taken two hard knocks to the head in less than a week.
  2. The L sucks, but I was more concerned with someone dropping from heat exhaustion than much of anything else. The Dolphins barely hung on to win against a team that was decimated by injuries. Take the heat factor out of the game and it could be argued that it is a different outcome. The Dolphins beat the Bills second team secondary defense by 2 points. That really is not saying much. Hopefully the Bills get some guys back in time for the Ravens.
  3. It is exciting but anxiety is for the players. Ultimately, it is a game being played by others. So it is best not to get too emotionally invested and just enjoy it for what it is.
  4. Glad he stuck to his guns and faced the adversity instead of bending to the knee of social acceptability. A very rare trait these days. He is a good player enjoyed watching him play. Happy trails.
  5. The teams personality and coaching staff are grounded. I believe this team is hungry and know full well that nothing is proven until they are the last team standing. Anything is possible but this team seems like they are on the right track with the right people at the top.
  6. All of this while staying humble, hungry and grounded. We all waited a long time for this one. It was worth the wait.
  7. The kid has everything one could want in a QB and grounded to boot.
  8. He was well spoken and made a lot of valid points. It did not seem at all as sour grapes about a one time great performance as it did calling out the fact that if that is the standard to get in then it opens the door for other players to get in under the same merit. I remember that performance, Boselli got the better of an aging Bruce Smith. It was a good performance but so what...I agree with Bruce the induction should be based on the players whole body of work.
  9. This is actually really cool, in its own peculiar way, it shows how much each game means to him.
  10. Things one would have to ask if DW was signed by the Bills: Question the sanity of the front office? Were there drugs involved in the decision making? Did someone threaten or blackmail Beane and is he being held hostage? Who slipped the crack into the Pegula's PB&J sandwich? All viable questions that would have to be asked had they signed DW.
  11. Cool guy, bought into Buffalo 100%. He was fun to watch during some not so fun seasons. Good luck in your future endeavors Fitz!!
  12. The man has done nothing short of change the attitude and culture of the Buffalo Bills around. The incompetency and frustration that came year after year after year is not forgotten. The constant butt end of all the sports announcers jokes. It was not easy to be a Buffalo Bills fan in those days. Look at the Bills now, look at what they have become. The reality is that McD is what we all wished for when we had Dick Jauron. He has earned himself a very long leash in my opinion and he is THE coach of the Buffalo Bills and that is a GREAT thing.
  13. The Bills were in dire need of a CB and they got one. Let's see what the kids got!
  14. It is a ludicrous idea that a PROFESSIONAL football organization would make a decision in a playoff game based on something another team that was eliminated in the playoffs did or did not do. It is a championship playoff game not a twitter thread.
  15. They can rename them whatever they like, they are and will always be the Redskins to me.
  16. It was a heartbreaking loss to say the least but overall a will played game. I think had the Chiefs not had any time outs it would have been far worse. I also think it would have been far worse to have lost on a fluke play like the "Music City Miracle". The team played well and the defensive play calling and defensive play in the end cost the Bills the game. It really just came down to who had the ball last. The will to win for both quarterbacks was off the charts and I would like to think had Allen had the ball in his hands in over time the Bills would have one. I don't think that any fan should feel ashamed of this one and I personally feel nothing but pride for the way they played. It simply didn't go the Bills way this time and they will live to fight another day.
  17. Good luck to Daboll. He was a good OC here and deserved the promotion.
  18. Very much in tune with what Sean Payton has said here.
  19. The Bills have a solid, young TE of their own who I prefer to roll with.
  20. Both are heart breaking losses. I'd say the probability of losing on a special teams play is a lot more than losing with the opponent having the ball on their own 25 with 13 seconds left. Both could have been wins that ultimately got the Bills to the super bowl. For me personally the MCM was more of a shock to my system because I was not prepared for it. It looked like a forward pass from the replay, however. as is known, it wasn't over turned. Fluke play to lose a hard fought game. This one, I was prepared for due to past experiences. The game isn't over until it is over. One good play by the defense on the ball within that last 13 seconds and today feels a lot different. I don't think any other QB in the league would have pulled that off and likewise JA, enough can't be said about his will to win and efforts to make it happen. They just fell short this time.
  21. No, how detached from reality does one have to be to fight over a game made for entertainment purposes. I can see players that actually play on the team getting heated in the moment of competition but fans fighting over a their favorite sports team is pretty juvenile. I have seen others fight over football (overly sensitive cowboys fan) but it was unbecoming to say the least.
  22. I don't think anyone knew what to think when JA was drafted. Most were disappointed, I being one of them. However, it took next to no time for him to win some people over. The way he carried himself and his desire to win really shined through. Personally, the winning moment for myself was the hurdle over the Minnesota player to get a first down in his first season. From that moment on the potential was too hard to ignore. He said all of the right things and it wasn't hard to figure out the desire he had to get better. He has the heart to win and the physical tools to match his quick processing time. He is Intelligent, young and gifted. Other players want to be around a guy who leaves it all out on the field and that is how JA leads this team. It is who is and more than likely why he won the coaching staff over that drafted him. He was the steal of the draft. The Buffalo Bills were over due to get it right in regards to a complete QB and on that draft day in 2018 they did just that.
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