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  1. I'm not sure if anyone is saying Knox is playing badly? More that he is being utilised differently.
  2. Watching the Pats game back, if Josh gets as much time on the ball as Jones did then he’s going to love it back there. How much was that down to Baltimore’s defensive line being awful and how much the Pat’s OL being good? We’re going to have to be careful securing the ball as they’re very good at punching it out to cause turnovers.
  3. Knox felt like an additional receiving option under Daboll. Under Dorsey he appears to be being used as a blocker more. I haven’t looked at the numbers to see if that is the case; just feels like he’s being thrown to less this year so far compared to the past.
  4. I don’t think they did play lights out though. If it wasn’t for our own mistakes we would have had at least an additional 13 points (Josh bounce throw, Davis drop, Bass FG miss - this assuming Bass missed the extra points and deducting the safety as that wouldn’t have happened without the Davis drop IIRC). That would have taken us up to 30 excluding the Milano dropped pick six against their offense. Also, I’ve heard some people say the Dolphins were great because they kept our offense on the field, dinking and dunking, and let them burn out. I don’t buy that for a moment - why be happy with keeping our strongest part of the team on the field for the longest amount of time? Surely you’d want quick turnovers and three & outs in order to face our depleted defense as much as possible?
  5. Josh graded at B+ or lower? If anyone read that article without knowing how we got on they’d think we’d been blown out.
  6. Or at least playing players out of position. Van Roten would have probably been OK at Guard, but not at Centre.
  7. When it first happened I thought we'd be lucky if he saw the field again this year. I was more worried he had picked up a serious injury.
  8. Presumably the coaching staff will pick up on this. Hopefully Morse might be fit for Sunday.
  9. I wonder if Josh did say something, or whether he thought it might mess the snap up even more if Van Roten kept adapting the call, so left him be?
  10. For those in the UK - Early evening: Jaguars @ Eagles Late evening: Broncos @ Raiders Overlooked Jaguars at Eagles; could be an interesting one.
  11. Sky's games for those in the UK haven't been published on their site yet - not sure if they have been announced elsewhere? Anyway, I have the feeling they might go for Titans at Colts over Bills at Ravens this week, as all three of the Bills games have been shown live so far. Share it around a bit.
  12. Who are extremely overworked at the moment!
  13. I think that was especially prevalent on Sunday because we wanted to prolong offensive drives and keep the depleted defense off the field. I agree with you about the short down conversions. We’ve had some very odd play calling across the season which has put us on the back foot.
  14. Dolphins vs Bills second team is back, more like.
  15. I don’t think he’s reverting back to anything. I think that’s who he is - a phenomenal quarterback who has a precedence to force things when the going gets tough because he takes everything on his back in those situations. Whether we saw that at the weekend though is debatable for me. My thought, with head over emotion, is what else could he have done in that situation? Saying that, the Josh for swathes of the 2021 regular season won’t just go away; the best thing will be that side of him will raise it’s head less and less as time goes on and he gains more experience. Or perhaps if and when we get an properly effective OL. I wouldn’t change him for anything. For me he’s the best QB in the league with Mahomes a close second and, fingers crossed, will be with us for years.
  16. That’s what I said in my last sentence?
  17. I think that was the most concerning thing for me on Sunday (other than the mounting injuries) - that Josh seemed to return to Sugar High. But in truth is that a surprise? He’s had four strong games in a row, but showed signs of this through the regular season last year. However, on the flip side, can anyone blame him for what happened at the Dolphins considering the OL he was behind and, by the second half, he basically had no one to work with?
  18. I have to defend Virgil due to the time it was posted. Yes, harsh on Josh, but the play which would have stood out when posting straight after the game - and acting on raw emotion - is the grounded throw to McKenzie, which is one he would have made 99 times out of 100, rather than him taking us up and down the field and dominating the TOP to the benefit of the defense.
  19. I’m not sure if I’m more surprised at a thread being regurgitated from April or someone suggesting we’re weaker than the Texans…
  20. Don’t think we could do any better than Rhodes. The standard we’re at means we can attract the top talent from free agency.
  21. Actually, that's what I was wondering - are we shooting ourselves in the foot because we're getting tight, nervous, panicking slightly, trying to force things?
  22. Until the week of December 11th. Then remember it and use it as fuel.
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