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  1. That was pre-bye defense. Poor first series, almost whilst they got to grips with play and saw what the offense was going to try, and then tightened right up.
  2. It didn't feel like the Bills. Professional, controlled, intelligent. I like it.
  3. If I was a Pat fan I'd be fuming that they just accepted victory formation like that.
  4. He moved his head into Hamlin FFS. What an idiotic decision.
  5. Wouldn't we all like the Bills to win every game 40-0? Never going to happen, but...
  6. I've said before, I'll say it again - I'll take a boring win every day of week.
  7. Not to the same level, but reminds me of Doyle playing in Miami with an ACL injury. Until now, I forgot we were missing him too.
  8. He needs a cattle prod tonight though. Romo may be annoying but at least he sounds invested.
  9. Sorry, have we scored a touchdown? Only, from the commentary, I think Josh has just taken a book out of the library.
  10. Thank you, Dorsey! But where was that at the end of the first?
  11. Can we quickly train Rousseau up to be a LT as well? Like, in 30 seconds?
  12. Justin Murray. We have been better off borrowing someone from the Pats.
  13. It's the 2 for 1 Bills special - why have one player injured on a play when you can have two?
  14. I swear Josh threw to Knox more last year? Is it because he's not sure if he's going to be a blocker he doesn't even bother looking?
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