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  1. Even if we'd gone 8-1 like we should have, we're not winning the Super Bowl without Von.
  2. Early in the season we tended to struggle on the first offensive drive and then adapt.
  3. Two stupid penalties, giving away 3rd and long... typical Bills defense, really.
  4. Why say it then? Wait and see what we do with Davis and McKenzie today before laying into them after Diggs dropped a simple catch.
  5. Isn't asking much of Diggs to make a relatively simple catch.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US. Won't be able to follow the game in full. Unfortunately that was also the case for Minnesota...
  7. My concern going into the game is Josh’s elbow. It’s funny as this is only from watching the Browns game back, but being able to watch analytically rather than emotionally, some of his throws looked like they lacked his usual power. The one which really stood out was the TD to Diggs - it went at a usual pace and strength that we’d expect from him but he ended up on the turf he’d put so much into it. Normally I don’t think this would be an issue for him. Then we had the moment when he was unusually agitated when his elbow was touched out of bounds. Hopefully the last three days have helped him but, certainly on Sunday, I’m confident he was not 100%.
  8. Of course it went to Kelce. Goodness knows what Mahomes would do if he went down.
  9. Why shouldn't they if the refs turn the other way? If they were called out on it they'd stop.
  10. ROFL of course. Can't have poor little Patty miss out, can we?
  11. I swear Herbert in his first year used to be like Josh - run through brick walls. Now I think a feather would make him slide.
  12. They got so lucky there. What is the obsession with going back on inches? Sneak with Herbert.
  13. Another 3rd and medium/kind of long - this is bringing back memories.
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