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  1. We're not the only side dreadful at defending third and long, then.
  2. So many times teams go backwards on a short down, even when they have big guys for QBs. Why not sneak it?
  3. Now the Chargers are becoming ill-disciplined too.
  4. Looks like the Chiefs will just bash the Chargers with the run.
  5. I think the issue is it's easy to compare and contrast teams to the Bills. Early in the season it was great doing that. Now, maybe not so much! That last series was miserable by the Chargers.
  6. He was closer to being himself last week. He cost us the game last week. By being sensible this week (after a bad first quarter) he helped us to win. I know which I prefer.
  7. Both East divisions have all four teams with positive records at the moment.
  8. No idea where to post this but I'm pretty sure that Nantz and Romo said during their commentary today that they'll be covering Bills at Lions on Thursday. Arguably allowing the Vikings to get that close to the end zone in the first place helped them win the game. In truth, I'd put more blame on Josh's second interception for the loss than the fumble. But our offense still scored 30 last week; I'd say anything around that ballpark or bigger should result in a win.
  9. They fluked last week. Jefferson ran roughshod over a depleted secondary - not so easy to do against a fully fit one.
  10. On defense I agree. On offense I think we're weaker at WR than we were last year. Have to hope our RBs are finding a groove.
  11. Wilson and Cousins laying an egg so soon after beating us certainly grates.
  12. The Cowboys are barely missing anyone on defense - the only experienced player on IR is Jourdan Lewis with Tarrell Basham inactive. Most of their injuries are on offense.
  13. I'm not fussed about the number one seed. That may be blasphemous but we've just got to get to the post season. Then anything can happen. Yes, McDermott doesn't have a great record away from OP in the post season but we were a blown coverage away from the Championship game. We could have made the same error at home. Get everyone fit, ease Josh back to his best self and we'll be a threat wherever we play.
  14. I've seen a lot of posts being very hard on him after today's performance.
  15. I swear more people are hating on Josh now than last week. Last week he cost us the game. This week, through maturity and adjustments, he helped us win it.
  16. I want to see a bit of what we saw from him today in the long term though. Accepting what defenses are giving him and not forcing things. He was much better today than the last ten quarters in that regard and it showed maturity. I also loved his mental strength after the abysmal first quarter off the back of the awful interception against the Vikings he could have easily collapsed with everything snowballing. It wasn't perfect but I don't think we could expect him to turn from Turnover Man to Superman in one game. Adjust and improve incrementally - that's what he did today. On Thursday, stay at this level or improve again. Don't go backwards.
  17. We didn't use him anyway, did we? It was van Roten.
  18. Josh - for adjusting and putting in a mature performance. We don't always need superman. Competence will do. Cook, Singletary, Milano, Poyer and Bass for the others. I don't think an explanation is needed!
  19. Honestly, I'm the most pessimistic person on the planet. I appreciate we are not looking our best but we've got too many injuries in the secondary which is having an impact and Josh has to get back into the groove. This won't happen overnight and, in hindsight, today was perfect. He had a horrible start which could have driven his confidence into the ground completely but he regrouped, protected the ball and took what the defenses gave him. Yes, we need to be better in the Red Zone and desperately need Edmunds back (and White to sort out whatever his issue is) but today was a win for maturity and adjustment. In some ways that's better than a blow out.
  20. We've scored over 30 in two out of four games post bye, 27 in one of the others yet the offense is not looking right. 😁
  21. So are posts saying one thing where facts show something else.
  22. Of course the secondary is an issue, have you seen who we are missing?
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