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  1. 100% agreed, I'm interested to see how Case runs the offense vs. Josh. If Case succeeds, maybe it'll help Josh with his decision making and reads so that he isn't relying on Diggs to catch everything.
  2. Rushing Yards: 4 carries 30 yards Receiving Yards: 3 Receptions 40 yards Punt returns? 4 Punt Returns, 40 yards Kick off returns ? N/A Touchdowns, how many? None
  3. what a pathetic tweet, he's just looking for profile views.
  4. I'll take an Xbox code if anyone doesn't want there, willing to venmo part of payment as well.
  5. I was going to complain that it doesn't show Sweeney's FILTHY block but you can see em pushing the DE around behind Josh lol
  6. with morse playing 30-21 Buffalo without morse playing 27-24 Baltimore
  7. what's up with all these massively long thread titles?
  8. wore my stefon diggs jersey, 3-0 in it if we include pre-season
  9. True, I do know that now, but if I hadn't started this thread I wouldn't have a 6 page post on the stadium wall now would I?
  10. Agreed haha, it's a good segue into the season where we'll talk about how daft some of these caller 'analysts' are
  11. I heard that Bull Dog went off on a fan that was complaining to him about not getting an autograph during training camp. Does anyone have a clip of this conversation that they can share perchance?
  12. relax/abolish/redefine the taunting rules. The NFL's goal is to entertain the viewers, and the crap they've pulled over the last ten years in regards to taunting is just plain dumb.
  13. Gronk's retiring until Brady makes it into the playoffs again*
  14. if you're going to post a vague rumor thread about players not on the bills, can you please at least put an appropriate title on the thread?
  15. It's the NFL.. we won nearly every one of our one score games last year. Call it luck or whatever but I think this thread is pointless.
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