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  1. Very frustrating luck for the Bills this season. I hate to say it too but all the Poyer injuries this year are going to have an effect on his worth next season, fairly or not.
  2. Denver or the 49ers have to take a flyer on him right? The 49ers more so.
  3. You're right to point this out. He has been very good at run defense and he's definitely better in zone coverage. I understand it's asking a lot, but I want to see more from him in that man coverage given the contract he received.
  4. I've gotten a lot of flak for saying this. In this week's game thread someone was trying to argue with me that Johnson has been our best secondary player. He's been bad and a lot of fans don't want to admit it.
  5. You don't have teams of doctors pumping you with IVs, oxygen, supplement routines, etc... though. They can minimize the effects a lot but you're right that it probably still is a bother.
  6. Except they've kept a very premium pricetag. Don't get me wrong though, I agree with your premise, most people are awful.
  7. I have never heard the pot call the kettle black any harder in my life. The lack of self awareness is astounding.
  8. They are desperate. They've got hardly anyone left. It's really a bad mark on our last draft. People have been clamoring for more offensive investment and Beane has really ignored them. As nice of a person Bernard seems to be it really should have been either a lineman or a WR.
  9. The Murray move is something only a GM who is way too comfortable in their position would make.
  10. More so than Poyer? I certainly don't agree with that. He might be our most reliable corner, but that's a pretty low bar. He's been getting picked on in coverage quite a bit. Agreed, not really making excuses for the guy, he's been posterized way too many times this season. I was just lamenting that we do need to keep realistic expectations in mind, even though he's being asked to do more.
  11. I did say in a follow up post that I don't think there's any guarantee that Rhodes is an upgrade, but I do feel like a fire needs to be lit under Jackson to get his head turned around and make plays at the ball. The fact that he's as close as he is during most passes is half the battle. I also said that it's probably unfair to expect more out of the guy when he's a 7th rounder going against legit 1st round WR superstar talent, but it's where we're at.
  12. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping you're right. Hopefully Rhodes still has some gas in the tank too, I don't know that it's guaranteed he'd be an upgrade. I know it's probably unfair to grade Jackson so harshly because he's a 7th round pick covering legit WR superstars, but man it's frustrating to watch circus catches on this guy because he never seems to get his head around to find the ball.
  13. 17-14 Bills. It's going to be a slog.
  14. BB has never been able to contain Diggs since he joined the Bills, I don't really see that changing Thursday. Judon is the guy I'm most worried about. Dane Jackson has to step up for this game, Mac Jones is accurate and the last few weeks have shown that being close to your man isn't enough, the tape is out there on Dane and he's going to continue to get picked on until he makes a big play in a big moment. Same goes for Taron Johnson. Really weak showing the last few weeks (honestly the season outside of one big play in KC), if there's ever been a time to step it up this week is it.
  15. He probably would for the next couple weeks considering how banged up we are at DE. Obviously light years ahead of Mike Love.
  16. Taron Johnson and Dane Jackson have both been big liabilities in pass coverage. As much as I want to give credit for Jackson being right up with his guy (something Levi Wallace continually struggled with), he never seems to make a play on the ball. Jackson is on a lot of receivers highlight reels right now, and it doesn't bode well to me. Get him off the field as soon as White is full go.
  17. At the end of the day, somebody is going to be paying him a huge contract (barring injury). It might not be the Ravens, but there will be a GM who will bring him in for close to what he wants. This whole thing feels a lot like the Kyler Murray situation. I think that was a terrible idea for the Cardinals to give him a big contract, but I can see why they did it.
  18. Who pissed in your cheerios man? So much anger for literally nothing.
  19. How mad do you think my in-laws would be if I take up valuable kitchen space to fry wings for the game?
  20. The NFC has maybe 3 good teams, and the Vikings are likely one of them. They'll be fine.
  21. It feels pretty unlikely that it's White keeping himself off the field. My guess is that the coaching staff aren't prepared to risk him with the level of play he's showing in practice, maybe he's not playing markedly better than Jackson/Benford/Elam yet.
  22. I don't trust the team,the coaching staff, and maybe the QB to show up in the big moments anymore. I hate that watching football as a Bills fan is existential dread at what bonehead "shoot yourself in the foot" move they can do next. Allen was "king of the 4th", I want that guy back. I hope they respond well and act like the team we all thought they were, but I certainly don't expect it anymore.
  23. I don't feel like that it's an excuse, frankly. Lots of other traded players from the deadline have made major contributions to their teams. This is a failure of the coaching staff.
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