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  1. Thank god nobody owns the rights on random capitalized words otherwise he'd be in big trouble.
  2. Yes, the great altar of capitalism. On your knees before its greatness, don't dare look at it in the eyes, for the supply side jesus saves. Screeching libertarianism isn't representative of reality.
  3. I don't really care about McAfee or his show but this is just a silly opinion considering the obvious symbiotic relationship between the NFL and the show.
  4. Anchor bar has never been good. It's a tourist trap.
  5. This is how I feel. He's decent at run defense and he's great to excellent in coverage. He probably hasn't lived up to draft status (big ask anyways) but he's been an important piece of the defense and he's effective in the role he's being asked to do. I don't know if I pay him top 3 money, but he deserves a decent contract though and somebody will pay him if the Bills opt not to.
  6. I've been on an Elmo's kick every time I head home to see my mom/siblings. The double dipped Cajun/Honey Mustard wings are some of the best I've ever had.
  7. It's not like this is a new thing. Does anybody else remember the "Fredonia 500" when the players would zoom down the 90 after training camp was over in Fredonia? I was a kid then but I definitely remember people talking about it. You can only be as safe as you can be. I try not to get mad about anything anymore, it's just not worth it. I'm not very good at succeeding, but I'm trying.
  8. I hope everyone from here on out copies that gameplan. Run 8 minutes off the clock to be stuffed on 4th down and lose the game by 2 scores. Fine by me.
  9. It would be an immediate downgrade this season, so probably not this season.
  10. How can you with so much still to know? I want to understand him. I wanna know what he has for breakfast, how he puts his pants on in the morning, how he interacts with others at the grocery store. This dude is more confident about the Bills' defensive follies than any topic I have had confidence in my entire life, and it's in the face of literally everyone telling him it's wrong. It's impressive in a sense.
  11. It probably depends how much you believe in the Jets. If you think they're kind of frauds (I do) then it's fairly equal I think.
  12. The logic in these posts are car crashes. I can't help but gawk. Please call Schopp and the Bulldog right now. I would love to listen to your conversation with them.
  13. It'd be nice to have a guy really take the top off of a defense. Gabe Davis certainly does it but I wouldn't complain about more.
  14. They didn't win though. They didn't come close to winning. The running only hurt them ultimately. Isn't that the most important thing?
  15. It's not just this thread, had a two page conversation essentially saying the same thing and my dude's heels are so far in the mud they're sticking out in China.
  16. Again, this isn't the point that seem to believe it is. Their WRs are the only players that actualized points last night. Bad WRs still need to be covered. They have an excellent QB with subpar weapons. Subpar weapons or not, a WR making a big play is much more dangerous than wasting 30 seconds to run the ball 7 yards. Laughable to suggest otherwise. When the other team has a QB that can rocket the ball anywhere on the field, you need to respect that. Yes. I'm a fan of defenses not letting the other team score.
  17. How many points did the run game account for? How many times did the run game fail to convert on 4th down?
  18. The circular logic here is just remarkable. Please tell us, why weren't they trying to pass?
  19. Are you just being willfully ignorant now? I'm saying that playing with 5 DBs absolutely stopped them to get back into the game. It severely limited the big plays of the Packers. It didn't completely stop it, because they still have a HOF MVP caliber QB, but it limited it to the point where the Bills won by 10 points and had a lead the entire game. Show me where the run game was more dangerous than Rodgers.
  20. You've picked such a weird hill to die on. Rodgers scored on big plays to WRs. Scoring fast is literally the only way they could get back in the game. How do you score fast? You make big plays to WRs, like the TD passes to Doubs. How do you make it less likely for the WR to make a big play? You play with 5 DBs on the field. What happens when you take away the ability to make a downfield big play? You check into the run because there's a light box. It looks like "gashing" but really it's just wasting away precious clock, because you're down 17 points. Conceptually this isn't hard to understand. I have no idea how you're still railing against very obvious football logic.
  21. The Jets might have arguably the worst starting QB in football right now. He's horrifically bad.
  22. So, according to you, the Bills should have taken pressure off of their weak WR core by taking a DB off the field and selling out on the run, even though the Bills had a huge lead that could only be realistically countered by scoring fast and throwing the football?
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