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  1. Agreed. There was a lot of rumbling in the fanbase that Dorsey should have been shown the door in the off-season, and rumors that it was part of what Diggs was so frustrated with before training camp. I think it’d be better to move on from McDermott, if only because I don’t see him radically shifting philosophy to make Allen and the offense the focus, and his game day blunders are pretty damning.
  2. You go 7-0 or 6-1 in the stretch here and I’ll hear you out.
  3. Is that true? I had no idea. That’s a very quiet #2 then, I guess it is the lack of touchdowns that’s keeping it quiet in the media.
  4. Undeniable how much better this offense looked compared to week 1. Had a short week and had a great game plan, was able to get some chunk plays, and had a great unpredictable run game. Very impressive and a good start, but there are some big tests up ahead.
  5. Every game there’s more than a few plays where I think he’s gonna break out and get a big TD. It’s impressive considering all season he’s had horribly limited snaps thanks to Donkey Dorsey
  6. As is tradition. Good officiating doesn’t exist in the NFL.
  7. The team has a lot to overcome but this was a huge step in the right direction. Douglas is looking like the best trade since Diggs. Instant game changer on defense. Shakir should be the #2 moving forward. Davis is (and rightfully should be) phased out, and I’ll be very surprised if the Bills offer him a contract. Cook looks great, no surprise there. Kincaid is going to be a star. I see him being a staple in this offense for the rest of Allen’s career.
  8. I wonder if teams with dark jerseys just get more calls because it's easier to see the defenders hands. Obviously that should have never been called because it's a BS penalty.
  9. I don't have any numbers here, but it feels like a lot of catastrophic Allen mistakes are to intended to go to Davis. They haven't been on the same page all season. Davis is a rosterable WR in the NFL, but he's not a reliable #2. If he was going against worse CB play I think we would like him a lot more as our 3, and he'd probably be more successful.
  10. I don't know if that's sarcastic or not but something similar was asked: He said that he would prepare each week to call plays in case something happened and he was needed, so I'd imagine he would have a good grip on the playbook.
  11. Brady is talking to the media right now. He sounds focused and prepared, and I really like what he's saying about how he views the coordinator role. Let's hope this is a good sign of things to come. "Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the NFL".
  12. In my mind it's going to take walking away from McDermott. It's Beane's job to scout the players, but McDermott is the one shouting in his ear on what the team "needs". McDermott has always prioritized defense to a zealous degree. If we spent a chunk of those high picks on offensive talent we probably would have a ring right now.
  13. It was just a horrible play call regardless. 2 yards needed, so we line up in the shotgun and pass, 6-7 yards away from where we need to go. We were averaging 9+ a carry. A designed Allen run feels like it would have been a sure thing.
  14. Reid Ferguson is the key to all of this guys. We need a Reid chant on Sunday
  15. I said after the Giants game and I got roasted: I don't think Sean is a likable as an individual. That doesn't mean he's a bad coach. He's a solid coach, but he's spread too thin now. Calling the defense was a mistake, because now the other two phases of the game look like a sloppy mess. Was he a dictator to get everyone in line in 19-20-21-22? I don't know, but he probably had more time to impose his practice like you play, hard work throughout the week values.
  16. It needs a second pass for sure, maybe hire an editor at this point.
  17. Pot, meet kettle. You can't look at turnovers without factoring in offensive production. "In 2023 he has to play better hitting his receivers and stop turning over the ball." The narrative that it's on Allen minimizes so much that's wrong about the Bills right now that it's laughable to focus on.
  18. Okay, then no, because I'd rather have a top 5 WR and a top 3 QB.
  19. I don't think anyone who has been defending Allen is trying to claim he's played perfect football this season. He absolutely could have been better in Dorsey's scheme, but Dorsey could have also adjusted the style of play, route trees, playcalls, etc... when it was apparent that Josh wasn't thriving in the system. Losing Daboll has had a huge effect, agreed, but I'm not willing to say Daboll was the only guy out there who can get the best out of Allen. We only know Dorsey couldn't.
  20. It's almost like context matters more than raw numbers. That's way more nuanced then a lot of folks have the ability to process though.
  21. This is fun. Now do what % of offensive yards he was responsible for in 21 and 22.
  22. You'll get no argument from me about that. They've maybe been the biggest surprise of the season other than the Bills' meltdown.
  23. Bryan Cox has an estimated net worth of 5m. That's 75 million less than Fitzpatrick, not including any advertising money he made during his career. 5 million is a lot of money, but it's not generational FU money.
  24. Want to point out one that made 80 million dollars?
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