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  1. If you believe this will happen, you're dillusional. Belicheck built the perfect system to back an ailing qb like Brady. Best D in the league, great core. Brady could not ask for anything else. Go Bills, but you are on drugs if you back this ludicrous claim
  2. Another crazy fact is the Bills have batted down down 20 passes in the 1st 3 games
  3. 100% agree. We can't go in thinking we're the better team, because in stat lines and games played, we aren't. But Bills Mafia and Josh Allen could EASILY come together and smack the Pats to become 4-0.
  4. Good defense against good defense, solid offense against solid offense. Agreed, it will be low scoring, but I'm feeling the Bills on top!
  5. We are absolutely getting more respect. My friends are Giants and Jets fans so they respect me already LOL
  6. I wan to say Mack, but if we're being 100% honest, I'd say Mahomes. I love Allen and think he could be the arm this team needs, but Mahomes is ALREADY that guy. We'd go deep into the playoffs without a doubt.
  7. Let's ***** go!!! Allen playing consistently throughout the game is something I love to see, and singletary played great as well. Would've liked to have seen Beasley been targeted more on third down conversions
  8. No problems with the Bills D, but Saquan is a pro bowl-caliber running back. Allen is going to have to show more consistency than last game if they want the W
  9. Agreed. He's a young core the Bills have been looking for, he is already very talented but he has tons of potential to become great. Tony Romo is among his supporters!
  10. The patriots are gonna do what they need to do. Drop him or not, they're still going to be the top dog in the AFC East unfortunately.
  11. Allen struggled first half, but at least 2 out of his 3 interceptions were hardly his fault. Receivers like Beasley need to hang onto the ball, and the future is bright
  12. Singletary seems like he is going to be a great fit. I'm excited to watch him play and I hope the bills continue to use him as a pass option at the RB.
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