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  1. NFL Linebackers are taller than bulls. Advantage Allen.
  2. I know a great spot near there, on Jefferson and Best! There's already a track and field on site, but the front gate area is just an old Rockpile.
  3. My choices for those last two spots would be Yeldon and Williams today. Those are two guys who may really help Allen in his second year. Now, if we can cut DeMarco too, then we get to keep Sweeney on the roster. Again, giving Allen more weapons. We just don't know which guys will develop chemistry with Josh yet. Use Smith as a TE/H back, if you need that extra blocker in the running game. We used him that way in his last stint in Buffalo. I love some of the player battles on the defensive side of the ball, but they're obviously ahead of the O in Year Three. That's why I'm leaning towards using those last few slots on offense. Now, if you ask me, I'd cut one more guy in the defensive backfield (where we're the most talented, IMO) and add one more offensive prospect. Maybe it's another O line guy, or a pass catcher, but I want to maximize the in-season competitions on offense, where possible. Go Bills!
  4. You reminded me of another reason that I love the team we've built here. Today, like in the Polian era, the Bills look for players with character. Who is the leader on a team filled with leaders? We don't know yet, but the creme always rises to the top.
  5. Two other factors to this year's cap: 1. Players currently "below the line" of the 51 with cap hits of between $490k (Duke Williams) and $641k (Siran Neal) that have a chance to make the roster: Virtual locks (4): Robert Foster, Levi Wallace, V. Joseph, a punter Pretty good chance 3: S. Neal, J. Johnson, W. Teller Could make it (3):Tommy Sweeney, D. Johnson, D. Williams 2. That means to get to 53, 4-8 players "above the line" of 51 would get cut. Possibles with cap hit (net of dead money): Most likely to go with big $: Bodine $2.3M, Ducasse $2.0M On the bubble: Waddle $1.6M, Stanford $1.3M, In trouble but cheap: Sirles, R. Thomas, Rice, Pitts, Murphy, Harold, Perry (between $645-735k Also not certain: Bush $1,5M So there could be a net pick up of $3-4 million based on cuts.  Only $3-4 mil?! I think Bodine and Ducasse are definite cap casualties. That's over $4M right there. The Bills only kept them around because of their familiarity with the offense, IMO. They won't survive camp, with all the better linemen the team signed in free agency. This is such a great time to be a Bills fan. It feels like 1988 all over again. lol
  6. I was pretty angry after the Bills picked Maybin (with Orakpo still on the board), EJ Manuel (bad year for a QB) and Watkins (using 2 first round picks when a guy like Evans would be at our original spot, all to help EJ look good). Now that I think about it, I was pretty annoyed by the selections of Willis McGahee, John McCargo, and Leodis McKelvin, too. I thought there were better players available.
  7. Bring. Back. The. Jills. Settle that lawsuit, and organize a squad that are employees of the team. With a female owner, you know they could do it well, and show the league what class the Bills organization has. I love bringing back Fred and Barney in their Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes hats chanting "GO! GO! BUFFALO!". Switching out the fantasy updates for replays from around the league would be more entertaining, IMO. Focusing on AFC East rivals when doing replays works for me, if you're intentionally highlighting gaffes and mistakes. No one wants an update on Tom Brady's third TD, but seeing him sacked or picked off sure would rile up the crowd! "Security" is a bit of a charade. They're confiscating more liquor bottles and sandwiches than weapons at the gates. I've been to stadiums around the country, and fans of the visiting team HERE are treated much better than what I've experienced in other NFL parks. It's a safe place for moms and kids. As an Army veteran, I just don't think the place needs to be under lockdown like it is. However, I have to say the staff does a great job of scooping up the drunkards and a**holes. I'm tired of the train whistle, too. Bring back the stampeding buffalo for kickoffs, and find something new for third downs. I still sing along with the Shout song, but I could see replacing it for field goals. As an old timer, I'd love to see them bring back the Marv Levy penned fight song (below).
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