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  1. Who thinks there will be a big fine, or even a game suspension on Jones, for the dirty hit on Allen? (There had better be!) I hope he's already back to normal (no symptoms this morning), but maybe it would help Josh's understanding of the game if he misses a start or two. He really saw the field better after last year's injury put him on the bench. Just sayin'. Overall, I agree that this game should show the league we're a legitimate contender for a playoff spot this year and going forward. We'll sort out the turnover problems, I'm sure. The O line will jell more, and coupled with Singletary's return, that should make Josh's life easier in the pocket. That should lead to fewer "hero ball" mistakes. Good things are in store for Josh Allen & the Buffalo Bills. (And let's not forget that Jim Kelly threw a lot of picks in his day, but was a HoF QB.) Even if Barkley starts, I expect the train to keep on a-rollin'. We've got a chance to beat that hated team in Foxboro in December, if this year's squad continues to grow together and develop. Still trusting The Process. Go Bills!
  2. Drink the Kool-Aid, Happy. You can DO IT! lol
  3. There's too much risk, trading for Clowney, since he doesn't seem to be a "Process" guy. If happy and productive, he could make our D into a monster. However, I think you could get him for Nsheke or Shaq, and a mid-round pick. The real question is how much he'll cost with a new deal, IF you can get him to sign one. is $22-30 Million a year too much? I think so. My immediate thought reading this thread was, "Why don't Houston and Washington trade their problems?"
  4. HAHA! Right?! But if Jackson chose to stay in school, he would be getting drafted in the 7th round next year by Arizona or something, and we'd miss out on having him on our practice squad for the next few years. Plus, we'd lose the benefit of having a 3rd string guy to yell at for doing something our starting QB does all the time. That's his real role on our roster, IMO.
  5. I'd call DiMarco and H. Phillips my possible surprise cuts. Also, I also expect 2 or 3 surprise TRADES before the season begins. Anyone else think so? Beane could easily get a 4 - 6 round draft pick for one of their young receivers (Foster, McCloud, Phillips, McIntyre, or even Zay Jones) from a team in need, who's also low on the waiver wire list. Maybe they can score a third rounder for Zay. I think the same is true for our depth on the Offensive Line and at Defensive Back. The front office could move an older "next man up" to keep and develop a younger guy with potential, or vice versa. What a great time to be a Bills fan. Go Bills!
  6. You can always find pirate streaming links on the web. I Redd It somewhere.
  7. Had the Pegulas retained their defensive coordinator, Jim Schwartz, or hired a hot, up-and-coming coach like McDermott, they could have found enough success to (gasp) retain Doug Whaley. That certainly would have slowed "the Process", IMO. Would Doug have kept EJ Manuel around? Do we even bring Tyrod Taylor in? Do we keep the KC pick that brought them Patrick Mahomes? Do we make other foolish and wasteful trades like the Watkins debacle? How much dead wood like Sammy and Marcell would still be on the team, over-paid and under-performing? Would the Drought still be alive today? Or would we be (like many here hope) perched on the cusp of another Golden Age of Bills Football, with numerous double-digit winning seasons and multiple playoff appearances in the near future? I'll take this timeline, with Josh Allen and Tremaine Edwards leading the charge, over that alternate reality, thanks.
  8. Dammit, man! Do the Bills carry two quarterbacks, or THREE?! Can we slip the UB prospect onto the practice squad? So many questions. It's keeping me up at night.. lol
  9. So you're saying that he's the anti-Kelvin Benjamin?! lol Seriously, though, I hope he shows enough to make the team. I think Josh Allen needs some height in his receiver corps. If he can make plays on special teams, then he makes the squad, IMO. Coach M is all about versatility.
  10. C*ck a Doodle Doo! I'm not sure what's more surprising, that caulking (sp) your eyebrow might be viewed as offensive, or that police took gun magazines from the arrest scene. Is that periodicals about guns, or weapon magazines? lol
  11. NFL Linebackers are taller than bulls. Advantage Allen.
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