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  1. ZERO POINT ZERO! lol The only coaching changes I see this off-season is (possibly) one of our defensive coaches getting poached & elevated to DC somewhere. Frazier is a great DC, but past his prime for a HC job, IMO. Our offense isn't really being dominant, so I doubt anyone's getting recruited from that side of the ball. Now, if we make it to the AFC Championship game or better, then maybe that changes.
  2. I won a Posluszny jersey one year, but they traded him a few weeks later. lol I own an Allen jersey now. LIke Edmonds, I hope they're both Bills stars for a decade or more. Go Bills! Let's 'steel' a victory in Pittsburg & make the PLAYOFFS!
  3. Heck YEAH it would! I've thought that several times this year.
  4. I've always maintained that if Smerlas was still with the Bills in 1990, we'd have won against the Giants in Tampa Bay. OJ Anderson doesn't move the ball on us like he did with a Wright/Smerlas rotation.
  5. Are there any image experts/hackers who can exposed the two blacked out player names on the screenshot from the original post? That would be fun, fueling more Jersey Jets disfunction.
  6. I feel like we are actually watching Josh Allen turn the corner as we speak. His development this season has been wonderful, and with a light schedule, he should gain valuable experience against weaker opponents. That will propel the Bills into the late season showdown against the Patriots, hopefully for the division crown! Getting back to the thread subject, I wonder which guys in the league at WR are "process" guys. Any ideas there? I'm sure Mike Evans would fit into the culture, but we could have had him in the draft. I will think of the trade up for Sammy Watkins when we talk receivers for the next decade or so. Lastly, I expect a move before the trade deadline from Beane, but I don't necessarily think it'll be at wideout. OLB & DE/Edge are strong contenders, too.
  7. Who thinks there will be a big fine, or even a game suspension on Jones, for the dirty hit on Allen? (There had better be!) I hope he's already back to normal (no symptoms this morning), but maybe it would help Josh's understanding of the game if he misses a start or two. He really saw the field better after last year's injury put him on the bench. Just sayin'. Overall, I agree that this game should show the league we're a legitimate contender for a playoff spot this year and going forward. We'll sort out the turnover problems, I'm sure. The O line will jell more, and coupled with Singletary's return, that should make Josh's life easier in the pocket. That should lead to fewer "hero ball" mistakes. Good things are in store for Josh Allen & the Buffalo Bills. (And let's not forget that Jim Kelly threw a lot of picks in his day, but was a HoF QB.) Even if Barkley starts, I expect the train to keep on a-rollin'. We've got a chance to beat that hated team in Foxboro in December, if this year's squad continues to grow together and develop. Still trusting The Process. Go Bills!
  8. Drink the Kool-Aid, Happy. You can DO IT! lol
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