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  1. No it means they don't have enough evidence to win at trial.
  2. And another assault is swept under the rug. No wonder why women often do not go to the police or school to report an assault. They immediately become the accused not the other way around. Sad.
  3. There is nothing inevitable abut tearing your ACL related to age, position, or how he plays. That makes no sense. White tore his in a noncontact injury and Miller tore his with contact. It's just bad luck.
  4. White was ready to go probably at the start of the season and certainly at least three or four weeks before he finally started playing. He just didn't want to play for some reason. Miller might be the same, might be sooner, might be longer. If they get him back in Nov of 2023 for a playoff run that will be fine. Let's be honest the only thing that matters now that we have Allen is the SB. Division titles and just making the playoffs no longer matter. The next 5 years the only goal is to win the SB. That can be done with or without home field advantage and with or without a division title. I would rather be fully healthy and a WC like Cinci than a DIv champ and riddle with injuries like Buf and Baltimore.
  5. First of all it doesn't matter. A week or two wont change the timeline. Second this is a knee that has already been operated on which may make the imaging more difficult to interpret especially when it is initially swollen.
  6. Should have kept Hughes. Many of us said it during last offseason. So this is not the retrospetoscope. Poor choice to go with Epenesa and Basham as primary backups. Oh well they have every opportunity to perform now. No excuses now. Make plays or get labeled a bust.
  7. Exactly. And most people thought they were crazy to even put Wilson the the trading block
  8. Russell Wilson is a locker room cancer. Hackett is getting the blame and probably deservedly so. But there is something about Wilson that causes friction with teams. Hopefully the full story comes out. Seattle is winning without him and was willing to part with him.
  9. Unreal. Even after not getting the first on 3rd down I thought they should have gone for it on fourth down. One yard and they win the game.
  10. Good catch. David Shula was a bust with the Bengals. Mike Shula was terrible with Alabama. He had one winning season in 4 years. Tennessee has been a bad football program for years since Fulmer left. 7 of the past 14 seasons since Fulmer left were losing seasons and 2022 will be the first in two decades with less than 4 losses. Colorado does stink right now. However they have a decent history. They have a won a single National Championship just as Tenn does. Oregon zero. They have a single Heisman trophy winner. Same number as Oregon. Tenn has none. You are correct about getting guys in the NFL. Colorado currently only has 11 while Oregon and Tenn have closer to 40 each. That will liekly chage with Sanders as HC.
  11. No it shouldn't be allowed. You could write a rule a couple of ways. You could specifically write the rule for QB's. Once they are touched from behind by someone on his team, the play is stopped at the point the contact began. Just like the yardage is marked when the QB initiates his slide not where it ends. This would eliminate the QB getting pushed on sneaks because the ball would be short of the line to gain. Or you could write the rule that when a player is not engaged with a defender he can not be propelled forward with a push or pull. Once engaged with a defender all bets are off. This would effectively eliminate a QB or RB getting pushed from behind in a short yardage situation right at the beginning of the play but still allows some of the scrums we see every week where forward momentum is not stopped.
  12. Diggs gets hit with a lot of extra shots by DBs. He delivers a lot too. Sometimes when he is about to get hit he will fall down. Other times he seems to let up for a brief moment then put a helmet/shoulder into a guy especially before going out of bounds. They let this call go and they let the Epenesa sack go. Could have been roughing the QB as he lifted and twisted the QB down like a wrestling move which was specifically called out as a penalty several years ago. I'm glad they didn't call either.
  13. Funny how if the Dolphins sign this guy it was a desperate move. If Beane and the Bills had signed him after seeing how terrible Bobby Hart played, the board would love it. Fisher was never more than a capable LT at his best and post Achilles he is probably a turnstile. Let's all hope Dawkins is ready to play soon.
  14. Cold doesn't matter. Its the rain and wind that is the real issue. Pats playoff game was second coldest in franchise history but with little to no wind. It was not bad to play in that cold. Allen and Bills have struggled in high wind and rain home or away.
  15. Just wait for Crowder to come back. As they enter the playoffs these bottom of the roster guys mean less and less. Diggs, Davis, and Knox will get 80% of the targets. Maybe 10-15% to the running backs. That leaves a few scraps for McKenzie and Shakir. They are fine at WR and don't need OBJ.
  16. I think all programs have there up and downs. Remember Alabama was once coached by David Shula. USC hit tock bottom just recently. Tennessee has been a bottom feeder for a decade. Ohio State with Earl Bruce underperformed. Boston College used to be good. Oregon before Phil Knight poured a billion dollars into the school was a Pac 10 afterthought. Utah has built a really good program while BYU is now down. Not saying Colorado can turn it around, but it usually takes a dynamic recruiter, possibly money under the table( before NIL), and a few star players to get some name recognition with the kids.
  17. So all the Beane hasn't done enough for the Oline and WR group comments on here are meaningless? Pretty sure Josh got a lot better throwing to Diggs and Beasley. Seemed to struggle when Morse was out. Jalen Hurts was ok last year and now is a lot better with two better WRs.
  18. Carolina is a dumpster fire. Mayfield asked to be released to go to better organization.
  19. Chiefs at Denver and at Vegas could be hard games. Last game of the year may be a playoff spot for Raiders who are playing better. They have a run game and dominant WR that can keep Mahommes and Kelce off the field. Raiders also have decent pass rush. I think KC drops one more game and the real fight for #1 seed is with the Bengals
  20. Aren't most Denver losses close losses? I think all but two of their games - wins and losses are 1 score games many 3 points or fewer including this past weekend. Maybe this is the week Denver O finds itself. KC defense is not that great. It's in Denver. KC coming off a loss makes it harder but it could be an upset of the week.
  21. Lol. Jets are terrible but you get the NYC audience. I think the Browns Bengals game is actually more compelling but they probably didn't want the #1 team covering a Watson game.
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