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  1. To be fair, it’s pretty obvious from all accounts that the police report isn’t very accurate to what the video shows and it very friendly to Hunt’s actions.
  2. Albright has sources like any connected media guy but all he’s doing here is making an educated guess. I wouldn’t put much stock into this or praise him for “calling” Allen to the Bills. I mean, it’s widely believed that there was a QB above Allen on the Bills board so if that’s right and Albright called Allen before the draft, he wasn’t necessarily correct in his assumption.
  3. Now, nothing. And honestly, with how policing works in practice in this country, most urban departments aren’t making an arrest for a fight like that, even if they witness it without a victim filling out a complaint. The real problem, unrelated to Hunt, is Cleveland Police not checking the video or arresting Hunt once the victim asked them to. At that point, he should have been arrested. I’m way more upset about the corrupt policing that’s going unnoticed than Hunt’s actions (which were wrong and he should be suspended). I mean, there’s a video of the cops asking Hunt if he wants them to turn their body cams off, confiscating cell phones with video at the request of the hotel/Hunt, and arresting a witness for witnessing Kareem Hunt commit a crime!
  4. The police body cam footage makes it pretty obvious that the police weren’t going to do anything to make the hotel’s high roller guest/Kareem Hunt look bad that night. Hell, the officers on scene tried to actively destroy all evidence of the event. Of course Hunt wasn’t arrested regardless of what they say now.
  5. eanyills

    Packers fire McCarthy

    No, because McCarthy had the best QB of this generation and underutilized him completely. He’s not some offensive mastermind.
  6. eanyills

    Josh Allen Apparently Loves Popeye’s Chicken

    Homie needs to step up his style game. Yikes.
  7. Youre talking about something almost 5 years ago. It’s a totally different environment these days. Also, not exactly relevant since he wasn’t subject to NFL punishment yet.
  8. There is absolutely no way Kim signs off on this. If this video popped up and it was McCoy, I guarantee he would have been released just as fast.
  9. A lot of attempted justification of Hunt’s actions. There’s no defense for him here. He also won’t be in the league week 1 next year. Maybe in a year or two but it’s 2018/2019. This kind of stuff doesn’t fly even the way it did just a couple years ago. This is an absolute PR nightmare for a team that picks him up anytime soon. I’d expect a year suspension from the league.
  10. eanyills

    Nice game but Allen needs to pass

    Am I supposed to be impressed that the Bills best two of the worst teams in the league? JOSH ALLEN HAS ARRIVED! HE BEAT THE JAGS! About the only thing we’ve established is that he’s better than Blake Bortles.
  11. eanyills

    BOLO for the guy who threw the Beer Can

    Good. I wish it was a full beer that exploded on him. Am I supposed to feel bad for a millionaire who started a fight and was taunting fans got hit with a beer can while wearing a helmet? OH NO. What a travesty.
  12. I mean, the metro already runs to KBC with a planned short extension to D&L. Like they did with the special events station, if a new downtown stadium was built (which would probably be somewhere in the Cobblestone/OFW/Larkin area), the NFTA would scrape together the pennies to get a station built to it. They can’t afford to get escalators working or to hire someone to clean the stations but they’d find a way for that.
  13. Dont care about Hackett being fired but he did get a bum deal in Jacksonville. Dumped their WR in the offseason, Bottles as QB, Fournette missing significant time. I’m not sure what he could have been expected to do. But I can’t wait to see Saint Doug calling the plays. Hopefully Bortles or Fournette doesn’t go on a crazy hot streak and save Marrone. Time for this guy to be exposed as the mediocre coach he is.
  14. eanyills

    2nd half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    Yeah, no. I still don’t like it. I want to watch a gladiator sport. I couldn’t care less about their safety, that’s why they make millions.
  15. eanyills

    2nd half thread, Jags at Bills 1 pm on CBS

    Man, I hate the defenseless receiver rule.