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  1. eanyills

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Like being in a one possession game in the Super Bowl?
  2. eanyills

    GDT: NE**** at KC 6:40 on CBS

    Romo is one of the only good commentators.
  3. Professional sports are not rigged. The fallout from a league-wide game rigging scandal (and subsequent federal prosecution) would probably end the league. The money goes too far for any serious talk of rigging.
  4. That’s not what Whaley meant by QB purgatory. He simply meant that the Bills hadn’t had that franchise-caliber QB to lead the team, not that none had existed in the draft all those years. The team was in QB purgatory, not the league. It was a great phrase.
  5. eanyills

    Sunday NFC Wild Card: Eagles at Bears 4:40 NBC

    You guys seriously think it’s classless to boo after a missed kick? These are paid professionals, not neighborhood children. They should be mercilessly booed.
  6. eanyills

    What QB next year

    Bills aren’t taking a QB in any round. If Allen doesn’t pan out, Beane/McD won’t be around long after. They aren’t going to waste any pick on a QB when that position is filled and there’s so many other positions of need.
  7. Considering that the league average is calculated via the mean using the same metrics for all QB’s, it doesn’t matter. It tells you there’s a weakness there.
  8. It’s not like they haven’t tried. Brandin Cooks recently says hello.
  9. Yes, the 3-13 team whose defense had a reputation around the league for already being one of the most talented. They were on the cusp and Marrone inherited that. He let it fall apart in one season. Similar in a way to McVay inheriting an incredible roster being underutilized. You already have the talent, just don’t let it fall apart.
  10. “Expect him to be a top head-coach candidate.” What has Gase ever shown to make you spend a second considering him for another HC gig? Good grief.
  11. To be fair, it’s pretty obvious from all accounts that the police report isn’t very accurate to what the video shows and it very friendly to Hunt’s actions.
  12. Albright has sources like any connected media guy but all he’s doing here is making an educated guess. I wouldn’t put much stock into this or praise him for “calling” Allen to the Bills. I mean, it’s widely believed that there was a QB above Allen on the Bills board so if that’s right and Albright called Allen before the draft, he wasn’t necessarily correct in his assumption.
  13. Now, nothing. And honestly, with how policing works in practice in this country, most urban departments aren’t making an arrest for a fight like that, even if they witness it without a victim filling out a complaint. The real problem, unrelated to Hunt, is Cleveland Police not checking the video or arresting Hunt once the victim asked them to. At that point, he should have been arrested. I’m way more upset about the corrupt policing that’s going unnoticed than Hunt’s actions (which were wrong and he should be suspended). I mean, there’s a video of the cops asking Hunt if he wants them to turn their body cams off, confiscating cell phones with video at the request of the hotel/Hunt, and arresting a witness for witnessing Kareem Hunt commit a crime!
  14. The police body cam footage makes it pretty obvious that the police weren’t going to do anything to make the hotel’s high roller guest/Kareem Hunt look bad that night. Hell, the officers on scene tried to actively destroy all evidence of the event. Of course Hunt wasn’t arrested regardless of what they say now.
  15. eanyills

    Green Bay Packers: HC Mike McCarthy fired

    No, because McCarthy had the best QB of this generation and underutilized him completely. He’s not some offensive mastermind.