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  1. I’m sorry but your impressions of Buffalo aren’t accurate. As someone who’s also very well travelled, I’m not going to claim Buffalo is growing more than other places but it’s not “still on the decline.” Life and progress in the actual city (read: not the suburbs) is better than it’s been in decades. ...which is to say a lot considering how incompetent city government is across the board.
  2. My wife has work out of LA frequently so I’ve been lucky to spend a decent amount of time in Cali. I’ve always had a great time but I get a similar vibe as NYC gives me in that it’s the the land of the haves and the have nots to a hyper-extent. You don’t want to live there if you’re just eeking out a “middle class” life but it’s a great place to be if you’re in the top tier.
  3. Let’s be honest, with the money Rivers has made to date, it should be invested in ways that makes taxes a completely moot issue.
  4. If there was a fix, it would be to have the largest TV markets/revenue generating teams make it. That would put SF in over GB and Tenn wouldn’t have made it past NE or Houston who would have won today. NFL doesn’t care about story lines, they can always manufacture new ones. They care about maximizing revenue.
  5. I guess I don’t understand the joke? What’s so funny about it?
  6. If we’re making disingenuous comparisons across corporations that couldn’t be more different other than that they’re both entertainment industries, let’s not forget that MLB ignored a decade long scandal that almost crippled its business and handled the fallout of damage control in one of the worst possible ways. MLB isn’t a model for the NFL.
  7. “We should have won,” no we shouldn’t have, because, we didn’t.
  8. Love it. You go down to Allen Street and call someone a loser, you’re getting punched in the face. The internet needs more consequences for dweeb ***** talkers. Guy should have only made one post and just surprised the guy. Today’s maniacs can’t even get I right.
  9. They played defenses at opposite ends of the rankings spectrum. Your comparison disingenuously ignores this.
  10. That watch Shaq got is pretty legit, though. Probably about 20k, good get.
  11. It would be a pretty standard definition of the term “paper tiger” to say a 10-6 team, who fans and local media began to believe was more of an elite 14-2 caliber team save a few bad breaks, was actually more like an 8-8 slightly above average caliber team, which is exactly what the OP is saying. So yes, I believe they do know what a “paper tiger” is.
  12. I’m going to keep banging this drum. Calls go both ways. The Bills benefitted from a blown delay of game call earlier in the game just as much as another hurt them later. The team didn’t play good enough to win. That’s why they lost.
  13. Considering that the offensive flow has shown the same trends all season long, I have to imagine McD is OK with it. Afterall, McD is essentially Daboll’s boss. I’m not saying you fire Daboll midseason but if McD didn’t like the direction of the offense, that’s his responsibility to relay that to his coordinator. My takeaway is that he wants the offense to be more on the conservative side.
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