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  1. But they aren’t honest takes. It’s all fluff PR pushed by the team. How does that make for interesting radio? One of favorite arguments, “You think X is awful. I don’t. Let’s see you do it better.” OOF.
  2. If anything, they’re more like the Rams. Supplement a a group of promising young players with impact players with red flags. This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. NE, KC, and Pittsburgh aren’t going to rule the AFC forever and the changing of the guard has already begun. I expect the Browns to take over Pittsburgh’s perennial AFC North spot. That almost seems like a given (which would make them, one of the best 4 teams in the AFC). The question for all of us is, who is going to take the AFC East from the Pats? Or are we just going to let them run with it forever...
  3. Ill fitting pants of any kind look bad. Tight pants can be more forgiving on a guy if the entire outfit is put together well. Off the rack pants that look like you’re wearing parachutes on your legs always look bad. Spend the couple bucks and have your pants tailored. Even in casual wear, good fitting pants make all the difference.
  4. I wouldn’t count on the Buffalo Police to aid in any sort of crackdown on rowdy behavior on nearby property. Have you seen Allen Street on any weekend night? Any University Heights houseparty? St. Patty’s Day/Fourth of July/any holiday with drinking and partying? A move to Buffalo isn’t going to curb drunken behavior if that’s what people want to do.
  5. We did give Naaman Roosevelt a shot, though. Like Johnson, he just didn’t have pro-speed.
  6. I don’t know enough about Khalil Hodge but both Tyree Jackson and Anthony Johnson have severe limitations that make their NFL success a long shot. Late 7th/UDFA seems about right.
  7. Except that it’s been confirmed that it was money, not Brown’s antics, that kept him from the Bills.
  8. They’re literally sitting in the draft room watching tv, not talking to each other. That ***** is infuriating. Make your pick. We don’t need to drag it out for ad revenue.
  9. That tells us, that a) Yes, apparently the Bills have some interest in moving up whether they do or not, and B) The Jets wanted this leaked because no deal is in place and they badly want to move down.
  10. The issue isn’t even shopping. McCoy is 31. If he doesn’t have it in training camp, he’ll simply be cut. Coach speak is just that. It means nothing if Shady’s lost a step. This board is delusional if people think the line is Shady’s issue.
  11. The Browns are the best team we play this year. As somebody who usually has a very pessimistic view of this team, that’s the only game I think were playing a better team right now. Depending on Allen’s development, the Bills could/should be a 10+ win team.
  12. Steven Jackson. Guy could have went down as one of the best of all time but his entire career was wasted on a garbage Rams team.
  13. Brutal. Texas Tech is a terrible match for us. They don’t play to our strengths at all. I love the rest of the West region but I don’t like that looming TT matchup at all.
  14. The message it sends to the team is that the organization is serious about winning. This isn’t some rec-league, D2 franchise that your personal experience compares to. Guys like OBJ, Bell, etc., fill a need with a dynamic playmaker. We’re not talking about adding five Vontaze Burficts, multiple players at easily replaceable positions. We’re talking about a, singular, premier player. That has a negligible negative impact on the locker room. It does speak volumes in positives, though.
  15. A little bird I know feels that Jeenathan Williams might transfer. I hope that’s not true but I could see it. Next year is Durey Cadwell Andre Allen James Rojas Noah Williams There’s also last year’s transfers Gabe Grant and Antwain Johnson. They’ll both be seniors. I don’t know what to expect from them. Really need to Jeenathan and Segu to take a big step. Noah Williams is interesting but I’m realistic that he’s a freshman. Andre Allen is the new Perkins. Cadwell is a bench player. I don’t know much about Rojas. We’re after Raymond Hawkins. We really need him, IMO. Hawkins and Noah Williams would be a really nice recruiting class.
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