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  1. If they shortened the amount of minutes in a game, they’d probably keep the same broadcast time with additional commercials. Never forget that the bottom line is 100% about making as much money as possible. Three hour games are already accepted by people watching. Shorter game times would just be offset by more revenue earning filler.
  2. Offense is going to be what ultimately holds this team back. Out d might be lights out but sooner or later it’s going to struggle against teams better than NYJ, Cincy, Miami and we’re going to get buried. Come playoffs they better get it together or it’ll be a very short lived return to the postseason.
  3. I’d imagine that’s about the speech Brian Flores is giving his team today.
  4. That’s not what he said. He said, as of right now, there’s not a discussion to be had but that he also believed the union would be open to the idea of an extended schedule if the compensation was right. He then indicated that compensation would have to be pretty massive. He also indicated that he thought it could be a bargaining chip for better benefits/health care. That sounds like an extended schedule will be coming down the pipeline someday after a few years of arguing over the compensation.
  5. I make a lot of garbage and trolly posts and this falls into ”rando internet rumors they probably made up” but I’ve heard first hand from very politically connected people that it’s essentially a “done deal” downtown. I’m also looking forward to the KBC retrofit next year. It’s not becoming a convention center so I’m not sure where that nonsense came from. Look for a minor expansion and exterior revamp to better connect with Canalside.
  6. Goodell and the administrative officers of the league are essentially employers of the owners. They work on their behalf. This is what the owners want, to some degree. I think Boatdrinks has it absolutely right in their assessment. If the “NFL” ever snubbed the majority wish of the owners, the league office would be wiped clean the following season. Make no mistake who sets the tone for the rules and policies the league carries out.
  7. If Fitz plays the whole game, I think Miami beats Washington soundly. Yikes.
  8. Coach speak and nothing more. If the right deal comes, I’d wager their GM goes for it.
  9. What an awful coach Vrabel is. Even if Santos makes the kick, you still need a TD. Given how the game has gone, it’s no guarantee you even cross midfield again...
  10. Maybe, next time don’t try another FG. Just sayin’, TN.
  11. I’m not in favor of any MLB expansion of the playoffs, and as a Pirates fan, that’s about the only way to see them make it anywhere, but I’m still not in favor. Expanding the wildcard round would also wreak havoc on the winner’s rotation and bullpen for the divisional round. It’s a major disadvantage already but that would really add to it.
  12. I love that one of his first statements to police was that he didn’t hit her back. It’s OK to fully hit a woman at the point that she’s crushing your balls to the extreme that they’re leaking. Thats the girl you take home at 4am and “forgot you have to go to work” at 7am.
  13. The two injuries aren’t comparable. A hamstring can be reaggravated and made worse. A concussion, once a player passes through the return to practice testing, can’t be reaggravated. It has no bearing on the probability of getting further concussed. As soon as Josh clears the testing, he will play. Depending on the severity, or lack there of, it could be this week. That’s what we don’t know.
  14. I’m not sure why you’re being condescending towards an opinion that’s the opposite of the opinion that you’re giving. They’re both opinions. There’s plenty of tape on Josh, dating back to Wyoming, to suggest this is largely who he is. Maybe he cleans up his game a little, maybe he doesn’t. I don’t think he ever will, either. The question is can he continue to progress towards making great plays more consistently? The good might end up far outweighing the bad but someone suggesting he’s always going to be a gunslinger bordering on reckless isn’t absurd.
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