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  1. Get him freaking gone! Bye Felicia 😃(is that still a thing?)
  2. Matt Milano balled out today!!! Josh did Josh things.
  3. Who would do that!! I never did that when things were bad for 20 years!
  4. There is hope! Exactly where my heart gets ripped from its chest 😂
  5. About 5 holding calls! I guess they can just hold our guys!! Bs refs
  6. God I freaking love what Harbaugh said!! Miami shouldn’t get away with this! Even though it will probably be handled internally, and the official stance will be he was cleared and it’s just unfortunate.
  7. I was snowboarding and fell back on my head very much like Tua’s first head injury (I wasn’t wearing a helmet like a idiot!) I immediately felt dizzy and confused, after about 10 min I got up and kept heading down the mountain. I felt nauseous for about 2 hours, after that I was fine no other symptoms by the end of the day I almost forgot it happened.
  8. I’m going to go broke if I give 17$ every time Tua gets hurt 😂
  9. Ya especially since he originally hurt his ankle in practice.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, don’t forget Wilkins pinching Josh’s Pickle. Bunch of scumbags. I’m so glad the Bills are a classy organization from the top down!!!
  11. Tua came up shaking his head, clearly trying to get the cobwebs out. Then couldn’t walk! How he came back to play in that game is beyond embarrassing for the Dr. That cleared him. If he had a lower back injury wouldn’t he have reached for his back in pain? Not shake his head several times and look woozy.
  12. Tua has to be out for the game right? If he is I feel terrible for the guy, he is balling!
  13. Is it just me or is the video a lot better this week? Probably half the viewers thought.
  14. It’s fun looking back on the bad years now (I get that) but I like winning and having having the best QB in the league! It’s the Best!
  15. Titans play dirty! They go out there to hurt guys, always have under that BS head coach.
  16. It was so unbelievably terrible!! I tried everything, the only way it was sort of watchable was through google chrome browser on a laptop, I will be pissed if I have to watch a Bills game like that!!!
  17. I just hope I’m not forced to watch this 💩’y picture for a Bills game! I’d lose my mind.
  18. I have a 4K OLED, it’s the worst picture I’ve seen! It’s almost unwatchable, almost 😅
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