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  1. Caught it once, it was awesome. He is really good, well spoken, and a great interview. Looking forward to tomorrow's segment.
  2. Very circular, always end up back were we began.
  3. Wow, impressive, they should have gone with Ryan Leaf.
  4. I sure hope none of you folks play the stock market! You would be buying and selling at the drop of a hat. But, fortunately it doesn't really matter what any of us think, the coaches will continue to coach him, and give him at least through next season to grow. Assuming he continues to have good games mixed in with the bad, like so far this year! Sunday was a really bad day for him, against a really good team, so be it. It's not the end of the world, and certainly not the end of his career. I do think he was overwhelmed by the enormity of the day though. This was a big, big game, against a really good team. The build up was enormous, and I have feeling he let it get to him, and he froze. It's happened to all of us, it certainly has happened to me early in my career. The only way to get better at handling that is to live through it. The next time won't seem so big, and he'll handle it much better. We shall see!
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