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  1. Great pickup by BB and McCoach.....looking forward to many more in the off season. With Bill sin Playoffs it is gonna be an easy sell - plus the BillsMafia has been getting some serious props in the national media - that HAS to help some.
  2. Seriously? I call BS.....and no way at 40 would I want him......in BB systems he does well......but only in BB's system. DUDE! PUT. DOWN. THE. PIPE!!!!! 10+ years?!?!??! I do not see it at all.....maybe just maybe but I don't see it. The Niners weren't THAT bad to begin with......he just nudged them over - thats it. Don't give him anymore credit that he deserves.
  3. OK - yer nuts......I kinda sorta MAYBE agree to this thought however.....in a weird sorta way
  4. As a long time Bills fan you ALMOST lost me when you said your fav writer was Timmah.......I kept reading.....I was impressed. The Tally article was indeed one of their best articles I have ever seen written in the BN. I however have NEVER paid to see the articles written - i would be most interested in seeing what Watson did write. Good response - sadly it was proally read by some junior staffer and ended up in the trash bin - literally and figuratively as I do not thing the BN can handle criticism or the truth. I would be most interested to see if BN follows up with you with anything more than a form letter. Good job and of course - GO BILLS!!!!
  5. THIS kinda sums it all up!!! We exceeded expectations on several games we blew chunks on others.......this game is winnable but some STELLAR performances need to be turned in by the Bills or is very well could turn into a ROUT!! Bottom line - Bills D pulls a crappy tackling effort that leads to 200 yards rushing.....yeah a blow out for sure. BUT - if the D tackles responsibly, bends but doesn't break, there is a chance for an upset and lets face it - a win would be an upset.
  6. Agree Shady at 110% would be tough against this D - even the most jaded fan would agree this is gonna be a TOUGH game - winnable if all things fall their way but could easily turn into a rout if the D is giving up 200+ yards on the ground. Forcing Bortles to beat us is the KEY imho.....we need him tossing picks to Poyer and Tre.
  7. All I want is for the Music City Ripoff game is to fade into the background with that......a win this week will go a LONG way towards that. a LONG LONG way. Go Bills!
  8. Triplette has been embarrassing himself for 16+ years now......remember when he almost blinded Orlando Brown with his penalty flag? - guy is a TOTAL moron. That being said I can totally see the OOB call.......Riveron is digging himself a deep hole in which many owners will gladly throw on the dirt in to cover him up.
  9. We ARE going to win this game......mark it down. Then bring on the Cheatriots and the crooked NFL refs. 3rd time is the charm baby!!! Just do it!
  10. Nope NE - the GAME WINNING DRIVE will be awesome......ours not Marsha's.
  11. Bottom line - Bills will go as far as Shady takes em......Tolbert DID step up as did the O-Line tho - kudos to them! Nice to see those d-bags Landry and Drake get tossed. Man that Triplett is an ****! Was satisfying to see another team get beat up by the refs too. Waiting to hear about Shady......
  12. I suppose Rolling Ball Of Butcher Knives a wee tad to long.....
  13. Yup Ole T&C even stuck his nozzle in to give you a thumbs up!!! Now THATS a douche nozzle!!! Way to go T&C!!!
  14. Thanks man!! How do I find those archived articles? What would I use to search? Does he start wilt the same thread title?
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