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  1. BuffaloHogan

    NFL.com Free Agent RB's

    There is a Burger King right on Big Tree and 20... That's should be all he needs to hear...
  2. Blow one of those 2 7th rounders on him.
  3. T.O. wants back too... Owens and Jackson in 2018!
  4. BuffaloHogan

    NFL.com Free Agent RB's

    If there is anything to the McCoy allegations, as Howard Simon said this morning, he will be cut. So then what? Below is a list of FA RB's from NFL.com. Who would you be interested in seeing on the Bills? Peterson, Adrian 11th Season ARI Murray, DeMarco 7th Season TEN Blue, Alfred 4th Season HOU Morris, Alfred 6th Season DAL Oliver, Branden 4th Season LAC Coleman, Derrick 4th Season ATL Williams, Kerwynn 4th Season ARI Tolbert, Mike 10th Season BUF West, Terrance 4th Season BAL Vereen, Shane 7th Season NYG Charles, Jamaal 10th Season DEN Sproles, Darren 13th Season PHI Sims, Charles 4th Season TB Cunningham, Benny 5th Season CHI Jones, Matt 3rd Season IND Darkwa, Orleans 4th Season NYG Davis, Mike 3rd Season SEA Dunbar, Lance 6th Season LA Ellington, Andre 5th Season HOU Lacy, Eddie 5th Season SEA Grant, Corey 3rd Season JAX Jones, Matt 3rd Season IND Kuhn, John 12th Season NO
  5. BuffaloHogan

    Well it looks like my worst nightmare is coming true.

    We can get to 2 but it will cost a lot... i say do it...all day... do it...
  6. BuffaloHogan

    Who's going to the draft?

    If i can get out of work early... I'll head over there... No, but if you have ever been to a live TV event, they will grab people from outside to fill the stadium... I got an email from the Cowboys yesterday: To enhance your experience at the NFL Draft, we have included below some pertinent event day information. This is a live event, therefore it is important that you are in your seat at the start of the show. In order to be guaranteed your seat, you must be in it at the times noted below. The live show will begin with club roll call at 6:20 p.m. on Thursday. We look forward to hearing Cowboys fans loud and proud when our team is announced! The NFL has put a lot of time and effort into creating a show for you as the audience inside of the NFL Draft Theater. Throughout the show, there will be on-stage interviews, commentary from in-venue host Michael Irvin and special Cowboys moments. Fans may leave their seats to access the concessions or restrooms, however, please be aware that a seat-filler will come to your seat while you are gone.
  7. BuffaloHogan

    Who's going to the draft?

    Now that we are a day away...i ask again... #BillsMafia gonna be in Dallas?!?
  8. Then why not trade right now. I'm concerned it won't happen.
  9. BuffaloHogan

    Who do you want the Bills to NOT draft.

    Josh Allen
  10. BuffaloHogan

    Who's going to the draft?

    I live in Dallas and have tickets for Thursday and Friday. Is there a #BillsMafia tailgate?