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    McDermott not pleased with WRs in practice

    I disagree with your premise. They took over a failed operation in the Bills. Players that were overpaid , players who were not team players, and player that were not NFL caliber players. A horrendous Cap situation entailed. To expect the situation to be fixed in one year is ludicrous and in two years asinine. There has to be a plan whereby they fix what they can with the resources available. I think that their plan is coming along and when the third year cap space and draft they will be able to take care of the missing pieces. It is a total operation , certainly you can nitpick a situation without knowledge as to what went into the situation and point to a mistake in your opinion but i don't think that you are being fair with your continual Watkins, Woods and Goodwin diatribe.
  2. Wily Dog

    McDermott not pleased with WRs in practice

    They couda, woulda , shoulda, hindsight is 2020 as far as Ju-Ju is concerned and you still don't know if Zay may be better in the long run . As far as Watkins is concerned , he wasn't going to sign with the Bills and neither was Woods. Goodwin we never got a chance to see his potential as he was continually injured. They also were under the duress of having a QB who couldn't or wouldn't throw to them . This is only the second year of the McBeane regime so I think there should be some sense of timeliness before we go running amok.
  3. I don't know who picked the wide receivers but they all seemed to be a bit sluggish with no separation . I don't know if it is coaching or lack of talent but you se e wide receivers getting open for all teams except the Bills,. Benjamin ,Kerly and Holmes are all rejects from another team. Get somebody that wants IT. Soooo......... My list is Benjamin and Terry Robiske the WR Coach
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    well TYrod Taylor LEADS the Brown to a tie

    Because he is a great teammate and person but not a very good QB.
  5. Wily Dog

    Bills vs. Ravens Postgame 😭

    McCarron would have been worse , He would have been sacked at least twice as much as the other QBs were.
  6. Wily Dog

    Bills vs. Ravens Postgame 😭

    Just an opinion , I don't think it matters which QB they start next week he is going to get killed if the line and receivers play like they did today. Logan Thomas's the only one i saw getting open.
  7. Wily Dog

    Bills vs. Ravens Postgame 😭

    I agree and why Don't our receivers get any separation at all. ?
  8. Wily Dog

    Steve Tasker- Thank You....

    Or yours
  9. This will be the end of the Steeler " Dynasty ? " It is not the Rooney way. to get some players to come out against others. You can bet that a shill got to talking with gullible players and these players then decided that is what they believe. The old man must be turning over in his grave.