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  1. Now they like Josh Allen in Trade Up?

    No matter who they choose we will not see the results for a year or two so why are some of you getting your pants in a wad this early.
  2. Zay will be fine in his second season. He will be physically right, has a new WR coach, and will have a new QB throwing TO him. I don't positively know, but the yips, that Zay had, could have been caused by the erratic throws that he was forced to catch. He generally was faced with a contested catch most times, possibly some his fault and the QB's, who didn't seem to be able to lead receivers or throw to them when they were open. It might cause a rookie to press to much and, it is a self fulfilling result.
  3. [Vague Title]Uh oh TT haters...

    Some people are having trouble with the tea leaves. Tyrod is GONE.
  4. I believe that the seriousness of the shoulder issue showed up in the post season physical as did Eric Wood's problem, thus they didn't know .
  5. Jones was playing most of his games with a bad shoulder and will have a new QB throwing to him next year which should help him considerably.
  6. Nick Foles is going nowhere...

    I thought this post was about Nick Roles , not TT. Getting back to the subject , i heard that Foles would be worth a 2nd round pick in the draft. This was due to his TOTAL body of work .He also is a Christian, so would be compatible with Mcdermott/Beane.
  7. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    Th old adage that, McDaniels should buy his jelly beans one at a time is true, in his case, because his job in N.E. is the last job in the NFL ,that he will have.
  8. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    McDaniels will only be a HC in New England IF, Krafty keeps his word. 50/50 chance, i think. GM is not in the cards for Douche. Even Kraft can see what character Douche exhibits and would not want him too close to the crown jewels.
  9. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    Back in the day , a mans word was his bond. I know things change but , a mans word is still his bond. McDaniels must have told the three coaches he hired that, he was going to be the HC in Indy. Then he reneged, and screwed over the three coaches. Shame on him and anyone who thinks like him, i.e. the whole Patriots organization.May karma roost on your organization, for the foreseeable future.
  10. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    To the fans of Indy... as Charles Robinson said . McDaniels is "ARROGANT , ABYSMAL, ABORTIVE, AND a word he didn't say but i will., A__HOLE. You are lucky that he aborted.
  11. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    i long for the days where the Pat's were usually at the bottom of the AFC East, That may be coming soon.
  12. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    Would you trust Krafty ?
  13. Josh McDaniels Withdraws from Colts' HC Job

    Mc Daniels , if he has been promised the job in N. E. by Kraft will be whistling dixie when Kraft y changes his mind or reneges on the "deal".