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  1. I think that we are looking at the WR's that are going to make the team now. I don't think Beane is going to clutter the landscape with a short term " veteran receiver ", on the decline , when he has a bunch of receivers on the upside of their careers. I think that of course Benjamin is a lock. From there on Jones , if he shows in TC that his ghosts are behind him .Dupree is a factor in the mix and is liked by McB.. Proehl is a find for the slot. Rielly, Streater,, Holmes and Kerley are going to fight it out for roster positions and special teams will be the deciding factor. ,t
  2. Wily Dog

    Requiem for a sports columnist

    Sully was a contrarian who sold papers in the era when printed papers were the norm. We have moved on to " instant " news and the younger generation does not want to read a column and have to think. They want just the facts. it isn't just Sully , the world is changing. I honestly believe that Sully was the "anti " for all of the other writers that were going along with whatever the team professed . Lets be honest, how many times are you pissed about something Sully wrote. ? That was what he wanted and thats what his bosses wanted , It sold papers.
  3. A real Bills fan ?????
  4. Wily Dog

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    I'm thinking that Beane will try to make the team better rather than worry about dollars as with the Dareus. situation because Clay has turned into a part time player because of his knees.
  5. Best post of the 47 pages
  6. Wily Dog

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    Clay hasn't done as mach as his salary demands. I wasn't saying Logan Thomas should start , that would be up to the coaches but i assume O'leary would start. I just wanted more bang for our buck.
  7. I don't know how McCarthy survived his first two years in G.B.. Possibly because of Ted Thompso'ns expertise in drafting . Thompson isn't there anymore , and it shows.The success of Aaron Rodgers is probably how he survived.
  8. Wily Dog

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    We will see on Dupree , I guess i have some Belichek in me as far as Clay goes, His knees are questionable . I said to cut/trade him.
  9. Wily Dog

    Joe B: Post Minicamp 53 Man Roster Projection

    I think Dupree is a lock , i also like Reilly over Holmes. I also would cut/trade Clay because of his infirmities and keep Logan Thomas.
  10. I liked Jeff Tuel and thought that he was a decent QB but the powers that be decided that he was not, Brown ,Hamdan, and Brohm, not so much. There is the possibility that the " Braintrust" was wrong in their dismissal of Tuel or they were spot on. That said, The Braintrust has continued to support Peterman , there are many factors in his favor as Beane said. Methinks that you are grasping at straws trying to justify your position.
  11. So you think he stinks , that is your right but you are going against some football people that i would surmise know a hell of a lot more about football than you , The coaches of the Bills for instance.
  12. The coaches don't think so , so whats your problem.