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  1. Draft predictions....

    Have a nice swim. 3 way with Browns , Giants , and Bill's Bill's - Allen Browns - Darnold Jets - Rosen Giants- Barkley
  2. Greg Cosell Breaks Down Baker Mayfield

    I am not a Mayfield supporter . I heard a report today and didn't get the guys name , but he said Mayfield's time in the 40 was between 4.8 -4.9. That gives me pause because as a running QB he will be in trouble every time he rolls out as most of the pursuit is made up of people who run far less than 4.8. Even some of the linemen do better than 4.8. What does the Baker supporters say in his defense.
  3. Show Me Your Allegiance! Trade Up or Stay Put POLL

    2016 - Goff and Wendt 2017-- Watson and Mahones 2018-- Darnold, Rosen , Allen , and Mayfield. I totally expect Beane to go up to 2 , Accomplishing it by going to 4 , 5 , 0r 6 and then to 2. I will defer to Beane in the selection as he knows infinitely more about the players than I do. Also , more than the posters on this board who claim to know . If the pick doesn't,t work out , then you try again. That is why we had those picks in the first place , to get a QB , not to perk up the rest of the roster.
  4. Ain't going to happen. The Giants , if we trade up to 2 will want assurances that we will not draft any players they want. I think the Giants want Barkley and they would be pissed.
  5. PAuline: agreement in principle with giants

    You neglected to read the rest of the post or did not understand that i said the GM has to do his thing.
  6. PAuline: agreement in principle with giants

    YES I see that the Biff's from Tonawanda are all over this board. I really can't see why when the scouts, pundits, and every other prognosticator has said that there are four QB's that are significantly above the rest , that the nervous nellies . cannot see the writing on the wall. We need a franchise QB , There are four at the top of the draft, We have sufficient resources to secure one , Our GM is going to trade UP to get one if he and his staff can . That means he will have picked one of the four that they think is THE ONE. This is the new Bill's.
  7. I see a lot of Biff's from Tonawanda in this thread...........
  8. Josh Allen visiting the Bills today

    Just listened to Sal Capacio on the radio and he was talking about Allen.He said that some of the "experts " has poisoned the water about Allen and far to many people ran with it and do not want him on their team. it is true in a number of cities . The people do not really know anything about Allen but if he is selected by the Jets , Fish , or Buffalo , he will have a hole to get out of before he starts. I would hope that if mcBeane selects him we would welcome him like the Bill's fans we are. The hell with all of the naysayers.
  9. Josh Allen visiting the Bills today

    I have come down to the fact that I or no one else knows who McBeane is thinking in the draft. I have gone from one to the other of the top 4 in the draft. I think that all of them have their pluses and Minuses.in the draft so, I will support whoever they choose. GO BILL'S !!1
  10. A question for Bills fans?

    I was there too with my son who lives in Wisc.
  11. Bills Draft Day QB Worst Case Scenario

    Ain't going to happen. The Bill's will trade up to # 2 or # 4. Gentleman , Dorsey and Beane all know that the Bill's have a 100 million in cap space next year. The Giants and of course the Bill's would like to screw over the Jets . If Gettleman doesn't want a QB he will trade with the Bill's. Dorsey traded for Mahones last year so he has a tacit "obligation to the Bill's.... trading for the 4th pick. if, and is a mighty big if, the trades don't work out to the Bill's favor, They know that the Bill's will have a 100 million to "LURE "a free agent from any team they want.
  12. Chris Brown 4-13-2018 Fan Friday Column

    Absolutely true ! Why should we be in position to draft a QB with the picks this year and not do it ? Your pink underwear is showing if you are afraid to trade up for a QB . Remember 22years without a franchise QB.
  13. WOW is our OL ever in shambles

    McDermott is the key to the line this year. If he pans out , we will have the tackle position in hand. Groy at center and Ducasse and Miller at guard.