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  1. Correct: not overpaying a 1st round pick who starts showing up in contract year; forget it.
  2. I agree, however these things have been an issue all year long, pretty much.
  3. If I read you right, I also think the Dallas O line is going to be dominant.
  4. Nice write-up. Thank you. o If the Bills win, to me, it would show they are a viable wild-card playoff team and must be respected. or o Is the Bills lose or get trounced, like by the Eagles, it will show they are not ready and simply benefactors of a weak schedule and favorable match-ups. They have also been VERY healthy this year I think, and have lost very few starters to IR or starter games lost. We will see: I'm personally pretty nervous. Go BILLS
  5. I would like to see: A) Mason suspended if he did use racial slur. or B) Garrett suspended for lying and playing the race card.
  6. Admit to his growth? Against Miami? Yes. Let's see how he does against some real NFL team, not just the tanking Dophins please. 13 Nov 28 BUF @ DAL AT&T Stadium 4:30 PM Tickets CBS 14 Dec 08 BAL @ BUF New Era Field 1:00 PM Tickets CBS 15 Dec 15 BUF @ PIT Heinz Field 1:00 PM Tickets CBS 16 Dec 21 BUF @ NE Gillette Stadium 4:30 PM Tickets NFLN I do hope he is improving - seriously. Go Bills.
  7. Fair enough. I am just tired of seeing the Bills throw the ball when Allen is poor - IMO. They threw 41 times again Cleveland and had 14 run plays NOT by Allen. If Daboll can't figure this out, he and Josh Allen will be "throwing" the Bills right out of the playoffs. And McD. will be searching for his 3rd O.C. in 4 years.
  8. Some additional info. for the big boys. https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/situational-run-pass-ratios--off-.html Buffalo throws poorly, and too much. They do run well.
  9. ATTEMPTING to throw the ball is not an identity, it's wishful thinking. Attacking a match-up you cannot exploit is foolish. They are 23rd in the league in yards: http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?tabSeq=2&statisticCategory=GAME_STATS&conference=ALL&role=TM&season=2019&seasonType=REG They are 25th in the league in points: http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?archive=false&conference=null&role=TM&offensiveStatisticCategory=SCORING&defensiveStatisticCategory=null&season=2019&seasonType=REG&tabSeq=2&qualified=false&Submit=Go That is who they are.
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