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  1. Maybe, not sure he is definitely the long term solution.....and if he is he will get paid decently as a punter. Competition is always good to bring in for a a guy like a punter, if you can find a rookie who performs well on rookie type deal you can safe yourself. The cap will become an issue once Josh gets his deal.
  2. Most of the time you can be correct, for instance if you just poopoo every QB coming out of college, you will almost always be "right"
  3. It’s an inaccurate keyboard. He will have to buy a new one because inaccurate keyboards never get better
  4. The peoples reactions on the sidelines are pricesless.
  5. The Bills had an abundance of interior OL at that time. Too many to keep so they traded a couple for picks. In hindsight, they traded the wrong guy in this case. No one gets to live with a time travel machine however.
  6. Can I prepost a response for when he is cleared later in the week? My post is “it’s a miracle!”
  7. He also says Josh Allen is very inaccurate.
  8. I think there is an independent dr involved.
  9. Yes and he will pass like most guys when it’s really important for the team.
  10. Yeah I bet it’s 99 to one favorite to play next week.
  11. The theory the chiefs will be flat after the time off is a nice theory.
  12. I don’t know who this clown is but I have seen some of his videos and tweets. He is a first class butthole. He just antagonizes some of you and you take the cheese. He’s a Nobody treat him like what he is and ignore him.
  13. You guys don’t realize how hard that job is to not have dead air and keep it moving. I really think he was talking about really being a factor in the playoffs. Based on what he said I agree it was not accurate for the bills but I’m not butt hurt at all
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