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  1. And they could tell him they made the team nickname his last name, I bet he would love that
  2. It will only get worse for the cowboys over time as new contracts are signed by others...
  3. This is bad. It has to mean the bills are moving to the heartland.
  4. I would do that contract also....but like you I am not sure that is his market value.
  5. I think AJ Green is the risky guy to talk about. High price, high output if healthy.....the risk obviously is IF HEALTHY. Green Beckham does not seem like a McBeane type, but the risk would be low, he would not require a monster contract.
  6. He can evade and move around well. That is his best attribute. He needs to improve processing, getting the ball out on time and accurately. Running speed is way way down. But you can improve in lots of areas but this is not the right place to focus.
  7. If he pushes the limits.....40mil per, mostly guaranteed. But that will hurt their ability to have a guy like Watkins as the 4th option. Similarly Brees will never be Mahomes. Which one will have more success in the big picture at the end of their careers?
  8. He was getting his memorabilia back from some guy in the stands
  9. It’s not screwing him. He cant take emotions into account, rather do all the things that give his team the beat chance to win.
  10. Everyone knows the DL won’t play.....yeah not really. Might not show up on your fantasy team stats but that is it what wins NFL games. It is not some kind of lifetime achievement entitlement to be active. You do every single thing to win the SB when you are in it and leave emotions out.
  11. I have been waiting for my buffalo express subscription for decades now
  12. A couple thoughts. 1. It was just a small sample size so can we really make conclusions, based on previous data it aligns though. 2. If Lamar Jackson tries to play on a pulled hammy or sprained ankle he will likely not do well. 3. As inaccurate as he is, he will be MVP. This demonstrates that the breadth of skills needed to play QB is huge, being good or bad in one area cannot tell you much about how effective a player can be.
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