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  1. That is how it should work in a perfect world but I dont think most teams do that in reality. I am confident the Pats operate that way. Most teams though marry themselves to their high draft picks and will keep them even when the performance does not dictate that.
  2. I was just answering the question someone asked. If There is a big difference between the WR you keep and Zay then you may decide to keep Zay vs a 5th and Duke, for instance (it could be Foster instead of Duke, that was just an example). I am just saying, that is the way the team will look at it. If you have a bunch of guys who are about equal you may find yourself in that situation where it may make sense to grab a draft pick. Personally I think Duke gets waived and the Bills don't pursue him for the PS. He is absolutely buried on the depth chart and seems to get no work with the ones, I think that tells you what the team is thinking.
  3. For the Bills it could come down to something like this. Would you rather have Zay Jones or a 5th and Duke? It may not be a 5th and Duke, you can fill in various options...McKenzie and a 6th. I think the idea is there is good depth at WR-3-7 and Jones may be the only tradeable asset at WR because he was well thought of coming out and is on his rookie deal. For McCoy, there may also be good depth at RB but its all about salary cap space. Do you want him for this year only or save the 6 million. Basically you always try and make your team better which involves trading off a shiny object today for future considerations (picks and cap space.)
  4. He seems locked in as the starter
  5. while I am no fan of Sully, I don't get what you are saying, he has been pessimistic for years and looking back at history, has he been wrong? I dont like him because he generally is a glass is empty (not half emtpy) type...total downer.
  6. I am sure something will change in the future but I am not really convinced of the "substantially less money" part. It is not obvious what the real numbers are for the ticket, most people don't pay the sticker price and DTV has used it to attract customers. If it was $199 to watch your team for the year is that substantially less? Also have to consider you now would be required to have an amazon prime account or whatever service it is on. The other part is it is entirely too easy to stream it illegally which means the people who do pay will pay a lot more, the price could come down if they could stop people from stealing. Which I guess is not possible right now.
  7. He has transitioned to full diva a la TO with the Eagles. So glad the Bills did not get this clown. He may put up numbers but he will also continue to hurt his team because he is a total loser
  8. 1. He had a groin, not right to just keep him on IR the whole year when he would expect to get healthy. He deserves a chance to play on a team that may want him. 2. Money, he wont get his whole salary so there is some cap savings. In reality, this was probably the strategy they decided to pursue after he was injured. You cant just waive an injured guy even if you decide you dont want him on your 53. This is how it is done.
  9. I agree with this list and is how I see it. McKenzie has a lot of flexibility. He can back up Roberts in the return game. He can run the jet sweep and makes plays in the passing game. The only reason to not keep him is maybe if you question his durability. Duke is buried on the depth chart which I think shows you what the staff thinks. Duke and and ray ray could be practice squad. I could see a trade trade of zay a possibility.
  10. Carwell Gardner crushed a Washington defender on 4th and 1 at the goal line in SB26...demolished the due but yeah that was his style. Sorry to hear he is not well. I also remember him tacking a guy with his legs on a special teams play.
  11. There are a lot of over reactions here. I listened to it and he said exactly that, it was his first outing. He in no way said anything about Oliver being a bust, this is just a school girl reaction to him saying anything critical. Same with Allen, although with Allen he has some more doubts but does not conclude he is a bust or anything, rather points out things he needs to improve on.
  12. The lions went 4-0 in the preseason and showed all those smart analysts they were wrong about them. Then they went 0-16 and the smart analysts were right again!
  13. Decision was made on that Offside penalty.
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