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  1. mattynh

    Predict the score vs NE

    Pats 61 Bills 5
  2. mattynh

    Andrew Luck is done

    Remember when Pennington threw for 4500 yards and 45 TD's? that is what Luck is on pace for. You really dont think his arm can continue to get stronger?
  3. mattynh

    The True reason to fire McDermott

    I dont think they are more focused on defense than offense in the big picture. I mean they have built up the defense first but that does not really say they favor defense over offense. Given the state of the team they inherited, that is the way it happened. It takes more time to get a QB and develop him than to get some nice defensive pieces.
  4. mattynh

    Football czar.

    What? Just fire them now then. Seriously this statement is ridiculous. They are rebuilding, they have shed talent and payroll. A third of their salary cap is for guys not on the team. The offense is terrible and is not really fixable without an offseason. To expect them to win on Monday night given they have bottomed out (by design) is outrageous. I am just hoping this does not go as bad as a couple other prime time games have gone with these guys. Remember Randy Moss 4 td's in the first half? I dont think they need a Czar....that is Beane, he has total control of the football team. Hopefully he knows what he is doing. Jacksonville has a Czar, talent everywhere and they are 3-4 on a team that is supposed to be competing for a SB. We need to remind ourselves, the plan these guys had was to tear it down to then build it back up. We experiencing the bottom....its not fun but had to happen.
  5. mattynh

    Commemorative Thurmal Hat

    I love it but also cant do the flat brim thing....just doesnt work for my head.
  6. mattynh

    The Vikings think Allen > Darnold

    Darnold completes 56.1%, 10 TD's, 10 INT's 221.7 ypg and a 74.3 rating Josh Allen completes 54%, 2 TD's 5 INT's 138.7 ypg and a 61.8 rating. Darnold throws for 165% more yards than allen per game, has a better rating and TD to INT ratio. Based on the stats Darnold is significantly ahead. Neither are performing in a way that will win you a lot of games but Darnold is throwing for a reasonable volume of yards/td's for a rookie. There are not a lot of signs of life from Allen IMO so far other than a few plays he has made with his legs. Both can improve immensely though given some more experience this year, an offseason of work and an influx of talent. I am not gonna lie though, I worry if Allen can get it together.
  7. The only part I care about is Josh Allen's development. So far that is going terribly bad.
  8. Two games against this offense will correct their stats.
  9. mattynh

    Amari Cooper Traded To Dallas

    Josh Allen for Derek Carr? Bills get the big contract, Raiders get the big arm.
  10. Yeah ok....take some more puffs of whatever you are smoking when the magnitude of your point differential is greater than the number of points you scored that is bad, and sad.
  11. There have been plenty of players open where the QB is not seeing it fast enough to react. There was a good breakdown of this in the GB game that I waw online. Players not getting separation is a problem but a lot of times defenses play zone and guys are open, its a matter of reading/anticipation and throwing a ball that can be caught by your guy even in traffic. Im not looking for perfection or anything just signs of life like you see from Darnold and Mayfield. Do they have all pro WR's running around out there?
  12. He's a hot head. He has a history of mouthing off to refs and getting flagged for it, probably more of that. Great player but that stuff is inexcusable.
  13. Not with an aging overpriced vet. It wont change anything this year. The QB has to be able to read and process defenses pre and post snap first.
  14. People got crazy after we signed Harvin who hadn't done anything in years. He continued that and then it was Woods was just a blocker, Hogan was a lacrosse player......no one saw the talent then. I am not saying the guys today measure up to those guys but they woudl be better if the QB could get them the ball on time. Right now the QB (Allen) cant do that, these guys are not 32 because of the WR's its because of the QB. A competent QB would have the offense performing better. Maybe Allen needs to grow and need time/experience but to place all the blame of his lack of production on WR's is nonsense.
  15. Arm talent and scored high on wonderlic.......yeah I know all about it.