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  1. Never read one word she wrote but she is way better than Sullivan.
  2. For me this is clear, Josh Allen took major steps forward last year. If Diggs was not there that still would have been evident. Diggs magnified his development no doubt about that but Diggs would have put up previous Diggs type numbers if he stayed in Minn. Allen magnified Diggs output just as much as Diggs magnified what Allen did. If Allen has not improved immensely it would not have worked just because they gave him a talented WR.
  3. What year did multi year contracts start? And yet you are still here “planning” your exit. Lol
  4. If they dont offer me a discount, I will cancel the auto renew and wait....week 1 is always free. I got a half off after week 3 a few seasons ago. Might try streaming.
  5. It's always the third rounders, something about contract language and the third round picks, who knows the why?
  6. The game has evolved/changed quite a bit too. Not really straight forward to compare between generations. Yes all the records will fall with Josh Allen unless something really bad happens.
  7. I’m tired of being woke up by this nonsense. It has to stop!
  8. I have family there and I spend time I. Albany every year. I did not mean to say there are no bills fans. But less than Syracuse and it kind of ends there
  9. Most nfl teams are “regional”. The bills are no exception. As you get to Erie you get a mix of Steelers and browns and less bills. As you go East it’s a lot of bills country til Albany. Albany has some but mostly that is giants. Southern Ontario is definitely bills country.
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