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  1. How many 5 td passing games do the bills have in their history?
  2. They are 8-5 but started 0-3 I think. The Bills are WAY better though at 9-4! Its not even close
  3. Agreed, the key is the Bills offense vs the Pitt defense. I think Buffalo D will limit the Pitt O. Special teams is also a big factor. The Steelers have a number of scores on D and teams, can't let that happen. The Steelers lead in sacks and turnovers which seems like a good matchup against Allen who struggles against pressure, he needs to play well and limit mistakes in this game.
  4. We need to address OT and WR over TE, that is my opinion. Sure another talent at TE would also be great but at this point we have to assume Knox will improve and he has been decent but inconsistent, that can change.
  5. It makes perfect sense to me, is this Dan Fouts? LOL In both cases you need an XP and 2 point conversion, the order matters, 2pt first is the only correct answer. The mos efficient way to get back in the game down by 15 is two TD's. In order to tie down by 15 you need two TD;s, one with a 2 point and one with an extra point. If you wait til the second TD to go for 2 and it is at the very end you have very little you can do if you don't get it. On the flip side, if you go for it on a TD with 6 minutes left and you get it you know you need a TD/XP to tie. But if you don't get the two point conversion then you know you need two more scores, which affects how you call the final minutes of the game. You must attempt a 2pointer and the earlier you do it the better because it gives you information on what is needed the rest of the way. Time with information is better than no time with information.
  6. The officials are professionals, it is a part time job which is why they are part time. And it is clear you have no idea what they do do as prep and training. The refs have an impossible job, no human can see all these details in real time. They keep adding rules that makes the job more complicated. Still it is an execution by a human in real time issue, no one is really capable of seeing all this stuff. Officials have always missed things, but today we have HD slow mo, instant twitter gifs to comment on in real time. More technology is the only answer otherwise its imperfect, accept it. Studying 40 hours a week in the offseason will change nothin.g
  7. The Bills final drive was brought to you by the letter P....penalties. 2 15 yarders and a questionable PI.
  8. If Josh had Lamar's stats yesterday in a 24-17 win vs the Ravens, there might be calls for him to be considered MVP from Bills fans.
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