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  1. We should never lump all Bills fans or fans of any team altogether for something like this. Are there Bills fans that would cheer an injury? Yep, But that is true for all 32 teams. Are there fans of all teams that would not cheer for an injury? Also yes. I saw first hand a bar of random NFL fans go crazy when Brady tore his ACL, it was disturbing.
  2. Donald is already ahead of the rest in career sacks.....the guy is a true beast.
  3. Using 9 sacks for over under reeks of unrealistic expectations. How many rookie DT's in the history of the league have produced 9 sacks? Not saying it can't happen but it's highly unlikely. Donald is off the charts, there are always comparisons made but rarely do people perform to them.
  4. I still think there is a chance he is not on the team this year.
  5. I was in a bills backers bar when Brady tire his ACL. It was groups of fans from various teams where the bar had Sunday ticket. When the tv panned to Brady clutching his knee the place went nuts. Almost everyone stood up cheering. It was ugly. So yes bills fans will cheer an injury. I saw it
  6. The family thing can always be used to explain this away. And to some extent I believe that this is part of his decision making. But the reality is he is not showing up to OTA's because of the whole situation with his trainer. Like someone else said, he can afford to arrange all sorts of things with his family that most of us dont have as an option.
  7. Only Bills fans think this would be a real jeapardy question.
  8. This guy is awesome... "Mow my grass....keep it clean"
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