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  1. That was not true last year.....
  2. Absolutely, a team who wants a specific player, especially a QB will pay a premium, it would be incompetent to not have discussions
  3. Ironic, the most uncool NFL team has some of the most cool uniforms.....
  4. "Reasons" become excuses after multiple years. At some point its put up or shut up. I agree with the OP to a point but the defense as a whole played much better after the bye week and so all the players mentioned were a part of that. Oliver stands out to me as underwhelming, he was supposed to be a playmaker, big plays have been limited.
  5. 2 QB's on the PS, pretty sure they can load up the PS with all QB's if they want to. I dont know of any position restrictions on the PS. The players can be signed to other teams rosters so that is the risk.
  6. Last year the Bills kept three QB's on the active roster and a fourth on the PS. That was due at least in part to the pandemic, Fromm was isolated from the other QB's and would have been a Covid replacement if a Denver type situation arose. Do we see that again this year now that they signed Trubisky? Covid will be much less of an issue this year, how much so...time will tell. Trubisky will clearly be the backup so that leaves Fromm as #3 again if they want to keep him. Not all teams keep three guys active and those positions are critical. We as fans have seen zero from Fromm due to no
  7. He said that is true for certain positions...DT CB...
  8. Some of those drops were not getting caught, period. But the same argument was made by Bills fans during Allen's first two years, ball hit your hands means you should catch it. That is an oversimplification that is often true but not always. The difficultly of some of those would be interceptions is quite high. Was he fortunate last year with dropped INT's? If 5 of those are converted to INT's does that mean he sucks? No not in my eyes. Is there still room for improvement, yes there is and I think he will move into that space. Can we take the INT in the Rams game off the boards s
  9. 17 games, I would take the over all day.....that is a good bet.
  10. Its just a money grab, 1/17th wont affect things much really. I liked 16 personally but I will watch all 17....
  11. I bet its like 5. Pats, Bucs, Chiefs, Steelers, and one or two more from Dolphins, Saints, Titans
  12. It was ticky tack for sure but in any game there are close/bad calls that can go either way. Of course if your team loses and a call could have affected the outcome it is always something to remember. But in almost any close NFL game, you can find this kind of thing. The key is to not put it in the refs hand. That game should never have been so close. I blame the offensive game plan and conservative approach in the second half more. Also, for anyone who was at that game watching pre game kicking, I have no confidence Haushka would hit a 55 yards, I am not even sure they would have attemp
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