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  1. When you are relevant your games get more attention, when you play other good opponents and the games are close, back and forth you will be in some of the more meaningful games. I get what you are saying but this team will have plenty of good and bad outcomes in big games, I think you are focusing a little much on a loss. Personally I am very thankful this team is relevant, they played a close game and fell short, it happens.
  2. Tenn lost to NYJ. Not at all saying I expect the Bills to lose to them but it could happen. Even last night, they missed opportunities early to really jump on these guys and then give up a big run that really woke Tenn up.
  3. Obviously that was a strategy, not sure of the average drive start, but a number were not at the 25. There was one in the fourth that got out to the 35
  4. He’s controlling the ball? With what the force?
  5. All 4 th downs or fourth and a half yard?
  6. He does not have control. Can you fumble forward in their situation? The call was first down and was overruled by the sky judge.
  7. Free pass to the divisional round vs the lowest remaining seed. It’s not the end all but it’s important.
  8. I think the fact it was half a yard changes it. Obviously it did not work out but I think it was the right call. The numbers are highly in your favor to pick that up.
  9. No idea how you can say that with the replays clearly showing he did not make it.
  10. He wasn’t getting it where he tried to. Felicia got blowed up.
  11. Three straight years going to bye with a L. Last two total gut punches.
  12. Holding on poyer on Henry’s long td NOT called
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