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  1. mattynh

    Kelly/Reich = Allen/Peterman

    Peterman will one day win a SB as an OC and then become the Colts HC?
  2. mattynh

    Bills defenders praise Josh Allen.

    Take it easy man. Not looking for perfection so dint act like I am. I think Allen will be great but there may be a benefit to him sitting the beginning of the season against some touchy defenses. Pre season defenses don’t do a lot of scheming and stuff so you have to take good and bad in preseason with a grain of salt. What you you don’t want to do is start him and have to pull him if it goes badly.
  3. mattynh

    Bills defenders praise Josh Allen.

    Look at his first throw against the browns. That was a mis fire. First thrown against the panthers was out of bounds. There are others. He still needs work on mechanics.
  4. mattynh

    Can Murphy be Allen's Thurman Thomas?

    The role is bell cow 40% of the offense. If it’s not that it’s differnt. I don’t get the same but less thing you are selling. Honestly just give it up. The chances Murphy takes over for shady long term are slim and none
  5. mattynh

    Bills defenders praise Josh Allen.

    I see the undeniable physical talent but I also see the inconsistency. Not sure he should start immediately.
  6. mattynh

    Can Murphy be Allen's Thurman Thomas?

    You mean against the Browns second string. But He didn’t play much cause he was one of the best ever. Not some dude trying to make a team.
  7. mattynh

    Can Murphy be Allen's Thurman Thomas?

    Same role on smaller scale? So same or different? Absolute no from me on the question in the title. Murphy maybe could be someone like Kenny Davis. He really should not be compared to a hall of famer
  8. mattynh

    Kyles knee...

    Not sure what that means. A minor injury would hurt a lot, a major injury sometimes does not have that much pain. Lets not jump to conclusions.
  9. mattynh

    Not sure what they see in Ducasse

    He threw that punk to the ground. It was kind of awesome in a way
  10. mattynh

    Bills-Browns Post Game Reports

    Rookies tend to do that
  11. mattynh

    Josh Allen 1st Rookie To Win SB...Odds?

    Like that guys GPA in Animal House............ZEROOOOOO......POINT.....ZEROOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  12. mattynh

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    People were calling for him to be cut after the game.
  13. mattynh

    Dez Bryant yes or no?

    If its a no from Jerry Jones, its a definite no from me. He didnt even get offered a paycut. Rumors are he does not show up to meetings or put in the effort much outside of games. He would not fit in here at all.
  14. Did he throw the ball yet?
  15. mattynh

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    so does the NFL do one of their 5 million dollar investigations and ultimatley suspend him? That should take a year or two I think