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  1. Win the next two and the band wagon will be over flowing again. I am having a hard time seeing this defense tackle Newton though.
  2. It’s the old bbmb around here.
  3. Oliver wussed out big time on a screen in the first half.
  4. They DL seems like magnets with the same polarity as the qb. They repel each other.
  5. I get the frustration after these two games but this team is ascending. Josh had a rough game but take a deep breath and look at what he has for this year. I think people we’re getting out of control after 4 weeks with “going for the one seed” and whatnot. Winning the division is the first step to the ultimate goal. If it’s in a down year for the pats so be it. The Seahawks won the division with. 7-9 record won a playoff game and the next year won the sb. This team is ascending. the titans and chiefs are 2 of the best in the nfl. We are not there yet? Fine something to work for.
  6. Too bad we did not dump Murphy and save his cap number
  7. They don’t call holding much In the nfl. For all teams.
  8. Alright defense time to put on the big boy pants.
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