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  1. mattynh

    Startling Star statistic

    I am not really Startled by this. Get off your Starship and Stop Stargazing and lets start by looking at the defense as a whole, they were 2nd, this guy played 46% of the snaps, he must have done something well? Or maybe he is the weak link, not sure. He did not have a lot of stats but in Stark contrast the bills defense did. Sometimes I think people Stare at stats too much. I dont think he is destined for Stardom though, he is just kind of a space eater.
  2. I agree I can’t remember a lot of missed tackles but he did miss a chance to blow people up a lot. That can send a message and cause fumbles too. I also had the thought maybe his style won’t be aggressive and that can be ok. It may allow him to play longer and prevent head trauma.
  3. He needs to use his weight more......he arm tackles a lot. But man 20YO is young! This dude has a bright future.
  4. mattynh

    GB Packers hire Nate Hackett as OC

    I though Aaron Rodgers is the OC
  5. That was not the biggest point spread for a comeback. Also they had the advantage of using 2 point conversions. Then again, doing that in the SB is different than a wild card game.
  6. mattynh

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    wishful thinking
  7. mattynh

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    So new stadiums mean fans won't get drunk?
  8. mattynh

    Tremaine Edmunds - Season Highlights

    With his size, I expect him to blow guys up more, I hope to see a little more aggression at the point of attack on tackles vs arm tackles. But then again maybe this is just part of the new NFL.
  9. mattynh

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    so you are in favor of "open air".......
  10. It should be a national call in sick day
  11. mattynh

    Tre White Deleted Bills Photos from IG

    Like OMG! Mooooooooommmmmmm!
  12. mattynh

    Cool Detailed Analysis - Zay Jones

    Zay quietly had 7 TD's.....on this passing offense that is incredible.
  13. But in the end they had 194 passing with 2 TD's. As a Bills fan, I can relate. Buffalo had 0 first downs in the first half at Baltimore, numerous games with less than 100 yards passing.
  14. Seeing that josh Allen improved after his injury. This year was all about his development and there was something to see. Still a Long way to go but I see promise in him.