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  1. This makes sense, the yards, first downs and ToP are there. Stop with the turnovers and the points will go up..easier said than done though with the QB since if he gets conservative, the yards, first downs and ToP may also go down. You need to continue that while reducing the turnovers.
  2. The alternative is the Bills lose that game and the Pats are the 2nd team to go to 4 straight......but they have won two of them.....so basically the Bills have to win that game
  3. The great player apparently no one wants to keep
  4. 10 of the top 16 are in the NFC which lines up with what we know about how the AFC has performed this year.
  5. I am sure I am in the minority but I'll throw this out there anyway. I get why people are upset but I also think people forget how bad it used to be before replay. I think what has changed more than anything are more rules and a million times more scrutiny with frame by frame analysis, social media gifs, 24/7 NFL networks, non stop analysis of the bad calls....that is what is more different than the actual performance of the refs which has always been and always will be inconsistent and subjective. To some extent you get some calls you lose others, that has and always will be part of the NFL, NHL and every other sport. The refs cant see everything in real time, I think most people can understand that,so use technology to get it right if you can.Before replay, there were obvious called scoring plays that today would be reversed, obvious called turnovers that today would be reversed, obvious called catches that today would be reversed, etc. My point is there are aspects of review they are doing well. Now this stupid idea to carve out pass interference as reviewable for called AND NON-called penalties is just terrible to watch it play out. I really think the refs are just doing "silent protest" of sorts and not reversing any of these. Not sure why they are doing it when some of these are so obvious other than reviewing non called penalties opens up a pandora's box I don't think we really want to open. Today its PI, tomorrow its holding, hands to the face, helmet to helmet contact and other things that might happen on every play but lets just wait for a big play by the opponent and then find a reason to reverse it. Personally, I would like to see reviews for called penalties to get rid of obvious calls they got wrong but to go to replay to throw a flag is a terrible idea in my opinion.
  6. From an article online....3 fumbles in 6 games...that is bad. "McCloud returned 10 punts for 82 yards (39 yards was his longest effort), but he fumbled the ball three times. His fumbled punt against Tampa Bay this past Sunday set up a Bucs touchdown. The second-year wide receiver from Clemson fumbled twice against Tampa Bay in the Week 2 matchup. "He's an explosive, dynamic player, we know that," head coach Ron Rivera said. "But putting the ball on the ground is a little risky. We have to take care of the football better."
  7. Its a long season, teams that start out like trash you sometimes dont want to play down the stretch, that will happen with at least 1 or 2 teams in the AFC. The Ravens, Colts and Texans are solid teams. A team like SD could turn in it around. I would not get too excited about 4-1 being ahead of 4-2 so the 4-1 team is obviously better......let this thing play out. it is advantageous for the Bills though, the schedule is not bad BUT they are likely going for 1 of 2 WC positions.
  8. Montana and elway never ever had bad games. They ask never lost any games
  9. I wonder if the other nfl teams do not realize Riley is available? I read here about how 5 or 6 teams would immediately take him if the bills cut him.
  10. Beating these guys in the regular season is not really revenge....this is like someone murduers your family member so you call them a name as "revenge"
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