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  1. why does that look strong....looks like a bunch of buddies playing catch
  2. My opinion....more talent on offense helps (Diggs and Moss) but the number one variable that will move this offense forward is Josh Allen's continued improvement. It's not just give him weapons and the results will come. He needs to improve also.
  3. If Allen becomes who we are hoping for he will get 200 million
  4. Josh Allen is not a proven franchise qb. Yet
  5. So an actual insides kick would still be an option right? I like the “surprise” onsides and would not want to see that eliminated. Nothing here would do that though. After a kick goes 10 yards it’s a free ball. I guess I’m good with trying this. It definitely favors teams with great qbs.
  6. Not that I like Murphy in this role but this is just a money saving thing. Brown and Glab are already on the payroll and its a good opportunity for them but I have no expectations this will turn into some ridiculous awesome show. I'm surprised Tasker remains....maybe his contract is not up yet.
  7. It involved a woman he knew and a sexual encounter where she was refusing certain things and he wasn't taking no for an answer. Years ago there was a google doc with some of the court information, had some details. Can't find it anymore.
  8. On one hand as far as sexual assaults go you have to hand it to him taking responsibility. Most would deny deny deny. But On the other hand it’s a sexual assault and I don’t see them putting someone up on the wall with that in their background. Had he done up first he would probably stay but that is not what happens. Not getting recognized is part of his punishment and I am ok with that.
  9. THis is true for everyone? I had it last year but Idont think its free this year.
  10. That and the next week are the games those nineties teams learned how to win. The week before levy pulled Brice cause they were getting blown out and Bruce made a big deal about it.
  11. And someone might consider trading Bledsoe in the division for a 1st rounder. It happens. A couple years ago the Brown supposedly had a deal for AJ McCarron for a 2nd. Dont get me wrong, I want what you are saying to be true and maybe after two decades I can't see straight but I dont think Belichick is going down without a significant fight. For him, this is just another chance for him to double down and move his legend forward by continuing to be successful without Brady. I believe he wants it and will do all he can to achieve.
  12. Yeah I disagree, lots of teams trade with them (help them) all the time. And 16 teams are in another conference. I agree it may not be in Indy's best interest but anything can be had for the right price. I dont see him pulling a rabbit out of his butt however I do see them being better than people think.
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