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  1. Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd. Seriously the JK sneak is the first thing I though of. A couple others: 1. Thurman Thomas TD in SB 25 in the 4th quarter. 2. Bruce Smith almost forced fumble in the end zone in SB25.
  2. IMO people was take "BPA" a little too literally. I have seen a bunch of posts talking about BPA which for me needs a little more definition. BPA sounds simple but it is not as simple as it sounds on the surface in my opinion. The reality is teams do look at positions of need and I contend this is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason is there is uncertainty in anyone's rankings and that uncertainty has to be considered. Best Player Available in the draft to some means you rank every player from 1 to N and then when it is your turn to draft you take the guy at the top of the list regardless of position. Add talent to your roster, more talent is always better. That is the general philosophy right? But then why do teams consistently take players at positions of need? I believe the reason is uncertainty in rankings makes it reasonable to take a guy at a position of need vs the guy at the very top of your list. Rankings are based on data and subjective opinions. Obviously you can measure how fast, how big, how flexible someone is. But there are other factors that go into a players rankings, injury history, desire/hunger to play the game and many other things For instance, lets say you rank each player with a score from 1-100 but because the rankings are somewhat subjective there is an uncertainty in anyone ranking of +-3 points. It is your turn to draft, there is a LB with a score of 91, a OT with a score of 89 and a guard with a score of 90. You need a tackle and are deep at LB. Do you take BPA, the LB because he has the highest number? Pretty much no teams do this, they take they guy that is close but at a position of need. Now if you take a guy outside of your uncertainty window at a position of need, you are probably reaching.There are other factors also, if the draft was heavy with LB's at high numbers you may take a guy at a position that has scarce talent knowing one of those LB's will likely be there next time you draft.My 2 cents....
  3. Jerry improved on his stupid penalties last year. The only thing left is to close the deal and wrap the damn QB up for the sack.
  4. You have to consider both sides of the ball at #9 because you cant pass on a hall of fame type talent to fill a need. But Overall, there is pass rush talent on this team and holes elsewhere. I would consider moving back if the opportunity arises.
  5. I wonder if any of his offspring will be turning pro soon
  6. I think that was the game Bruce smith told the defenders if they tackled anyone the would kick their ass.
  7. When a qb has a bad first season you can always find examples of guys with similar rookie stats that turned into studs. The problem with that is qbs almost always have bad stats their first year. So you ignored the numerous examples of guys with similar poor stats that busted out. Trent Edwards stats were nearly identical to drew brees. Remember how that worked out? I am not saying josh will bust out but this comparison does not have much value in predicting that.
  8. Its good to have a high score I guess but in and of itself it does not mean much. I would be curious if there is a measurement for reading and reacting to spatial processing. The ability to see and react to what 21 other guys are doing in fractions of a second. Intelligence does not necessarily correlate to reading and reacting.
  9. So far I am impressed with what McDermott has done with what he has had. Other than a nice start to the season, can't remotely say the same for Housely. I wanted him to succeed but I think he is toast. McDermott has at least two more years.
  10. All the players are interchangeable except Brady and Bellicheck. Until something happens with one or both of those guys, nothing really changes. Every year the threads come out that they are "vulnerable". Hopefully Brady declines fast due to his age, other than that, they will find a way.
  11. I remember that, still awkward. He is better when he quotes military leaders.
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