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  1. The Bills use a corner nickel more than any other team which allows Taron a lot of chances in the run game.
  2. They spent the most ever....by far. And yet they still have this, bad decisions.
  3. No, it is projected around 223 or 225, which is a bump from this year.
  4. I saw about 5 million yesterday. Next year we are 12 million in the hole.
  5. I sympathize with Browns fans but the owner is a scumbag, part of me hopes this totally blows up in their face and they pay him 230 million to never play a down.
  6. 8 games per year is a small sample, 3 or 4 of them being affected by weather has an impact. How was he in the three home playoff games? Quite outstanding.....this is a red herring, sometimes stats do lie, and you have to dive deeper.
  7. I still have a couple months before I can change my username back....I am ready to move on but its hard to accept. It just seems like an organizational failure....I think the staff go all caught up in the moment and lost their attention to detail. I know Levi said what he said but it was not his fault. Kicking it in the endzone and playing prevent were not his calls.
  8. I dont expect anything from Ford, I mean if he finds his footing great but I am not expecting it. Agree with most of the others....for me, what I want to see out of Josh Allen is not needing to run as much. I just think it is inevitable he will get injured playing that way. Run around in the pocket, scramble yes. But putting the shoulder down, lots of called runs, not so much. If he has less than 400 yards rushing while playing all 17 games and being effective, I think that is a huge win.
  9. What do you want to do, go back to having a crappy team that Bills fans try to find ways to pump up and are constantly all butt hurt about not getting "any respect"? Great expectations comes with having a great team, I would have it no other way! Dont hear much about how the NFL hates small markets and fixes everything against them anymore which is what I find annoying.
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