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  1. Yeah well if anything the game tonight illustrates how judging a kicker on one games performance isn’t a great idea. Not saying Haushka will play out his contract in buffalo either though but this year I’d be very surprised if they attempted a switch
  2. That’s fair and yes they may well choose a different kicker next year that will depend on how he finishes 2019 imo
  3. Your premise is that all NFL kickers can be relied upon to kick 53 yard field goals consistently. I don’t agree. The bills had an offseason to decide who they thought was better and they chose haushka. The miss in OT does that change your mind?
  4. Ha I knew this thread was coming great kick under pressure tonite in San Francisco. Very happy for the kid. Haushka had a bad game but it’s 20-20 hindsite at this point. I’m not bailing on haushka personally but it’s definitely debatable who they should have kept
  5. Thanks logic and if you’re not getting replies today I think many bills fans are licking their wounds after yesterday’s game and taking a mental health day off the board NOT a reflection of your post or its validity whatsoever. I’m hen peck typing one handed with a broken right wrist or would elaborate further myself. Please keep the reports coming 🤘
  6. whats up withthe horrible clock management there WOW
  7. 2 positive yarfage plays keep em going....incomplete whew
  8. lot of clock left here Im nervous not gonna lie gotta keep the faith though GO CLOCK GO
  9. come on Bills.................3rd down.......
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