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  1. HERE HERE I concur with all of this. The fact that Daboll lacked innovation as well as the players he DID utilize and some of the calls he did make at times was head scratching (a few DiMarco plays come to mind) and some very inopportune costly penalties hurt the offense production at times also. Talent could have helped in some situations but in others when drops occurred its like DANG that play was 6 or a long gainer if the guy had hung on to the ball..in other words the call WAS right it was the EXECUTION that lacked. So it is a mixed bag.
  2. I buy this enboldened actually...Motivate them how exactly...... to try to scout better, evaluate better, choose better. Okay I would think everyone would be on board for that..in other words continuing betterment of their evaluation skills in hopes of drafting better players. Fine. Having said that there is NO Way a person or organization is going to be successful 100% every time pick the player whose skills will be have been PROVEN to not be a bust at the next level.....show me One organization who nails every one of their picks every time there is none. I'll say it again it isn't an exact science if it were then no team would draft busts. But all do. To want to do and be better should be a given but WITHOUT the fans whining and weeping gnashing of teeth about every unchosen pick or opportunity I tend to think the folks in charge already want to do and be better especially because for they unlike us their jobs are on the line based on those decisions,.
  3. welcome to 2BD. Outside of the resident football team I love Boston city. GREAT Town. In regards to the topic I'm reading a lot of excellent perspectives. Yes it is a gamble picking just about any QB prospect...I happen to live where they drafted Ryan Leaf #2 behind a guy named Peyton Manning or in that same draft class the Packers chose a DT named Vonnie Holiday 2 picks AHEAD of a guy named Randy Moss. A person could go to just about any draft class and see how imperfect the scouting evaluation process is....Is it frustrating years later to see what you could have had...clearly for a lot of folks yes. Is it spilt milk and a futile ultimately fruitless exercise again YES...Im squarely in the get over it camp ...it reads like so much whining to me..its weak its not productive and does it better the future prospects of any other draft pick again NOPE. the draft isnt and will never be an exact science.
  4. just dreaming a bit...wouldn't it be sweet if Christian Wade could be the Bills Mostert next year?
  5. yeah thats cookies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.sammy clinches the deal...what a great throw
  6. so much 20-20 hindsiht here as well as with the Cody Ford criticism it may be true now but if you werent hammering the table THEN then I think it qualifies as whining and its tired
  7. we're about to find out......If Im a Chiefs fan Im thinking Lord no not again lol they do like torturing them though..as a fan this would drive me nuts
  8. KC off to a slow sloppy start again BLOWOUT.........lol IM KIDDING that drive was too easy for Tennessee though
  9. well that angle was definitely conclusive good call
  10. lets see if replay does it job and overturns this..knowing the NFL this is no given
  11. sorry if already mentioned elsewhere..shady McCoy inactive today
  12. BUMP for VOTES. Tre White is moving up from 7th to 4th lets vote for him and see him win this. This fan base can do this!!!
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