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  1. meh this is clickbait..of course he thinks he'll be in the super bowl the question I have is for which team. Is it a given he will even be a patriot next year ..NO. Do I wish he sticks around too long and continues a downward trajectory? YES because a guy like him has nothing left to prove and yet he still chooses to play ..I hope he pays for it and we get to see him decline and pout on the sidelines as such give us all ample opportunities to ridicule and laugh at him in the future.
  2. I dislike any player that gets traded and then has the gall to badmouth Buffalo. There have been several. The ones that come to mind are McGahee, Skittles, Gilmore and now Sammy Watkins, Takes a lot of nerve to be given an NFL shot and then talk smack out the door makes me lose respect.
  3. you are whom felt it necessary to attack me, my character and bring up other boards while here. Again shame on you Foxx this is a new LOW. waaaay below the belt. Im not going to go tit for tat which would be engaging you further. SMH I hope the report reaps benefit you went way too far and completely out of line.Now you are ignored here also. Have a nice life.
  4. Hey.  Good luck with reporting abusive behavior in this PPP sub forum.  Pretty much anything goes as far as insults and criticism.  Believe me I have seen a lot. 


    The rest of the site, the football subforums, would likely police posts more closely but here, put on your armor.

    Best of luck

    1. Margarita


      I understand about folks being insulting that appears to be a given but he brought half truths and wrote about stuff that has NO bearing on politics and was basically slandering me on this board based on what happened at a different one ..that to me is beyond the pale. He went too far. I have no idea why he decided it was necessary to go that low that was pretty disgusting..... 

    2. Margarita


      well you were correct I just received a message from Hapless Bills Fan I'll copy and paste it here 


      We typically don’t moderate PPP except in severe circumstances 


      Personal insults are SOP for PPP, “see and avoid” if troubled


      You are fighting a losing battle in that forum its pretty sad really...its basically a huge conservative circle jerk and if you don't agree with the Trump rhetoric or narrative you are an idiot and mocked to the Nth degree. Its no wonder people don't post there who needs that kind of abuse? I certainly don't. What a cesspool of a forum. I have zilch desire to post there any more I don't need that kind of crap in my life...its really a shame but it seems to be a microcosm of todays America and the scorn and ugliness seems enjoyable and funny to those folks...to me its neither and not because Trump wont be fully impeached its a terrible look for PEOPLE not just politicos. SMH its pathetic.

  5. Im reporting this post as abusive and irrelevant and uncalled for. Shame on you. Just for the record the ban I received was overturned after a matter of days and a new moderating system implemented to prevent such an action from happening again there that's the truth of it. To bring up a different board to slander me here is okay? I don't think so.
  6. SMH please this discourse has nothing to do with impeachment more personal insults and innuendo against me and a person that noone here even knows. Please stop.
  7. you know what Foxx Im not so sure this discussion is really that relevant at 2BD nobody cares about Howard or my ignoring you on another site. You mock and insult folks a LOT and I guess I should ignore you here too it seems to be a recurrent theme....
  8. thank you for at least letting me know what I think that was quite magnanimous of you
  9. most of what you post at billievers is mocking laughter at least here you have more verbage in your posts. Should I ignore you here?
  10. you would be wrong Joe. You're going to think for me may as well let me know my thoughts....mags??
  11. what's that supposed to mean..... You made your prediction we'll see
  12. what strikes me is Alexander saying he will vote to not have any witnesses not because he thinks what President Trump did was right... that the Democrats indeed in his mind proved their case and witnesses are not needed. BUT what Trump did was a mistake in judgment but doesn't arise to the level of an impeachable offense. lol Wow. Well I think that the election will indeed tell the tale on how this debacle is viewed by the American people. Trump wasn't going to be kicked out of office by a Republican dominated senate in any case... I just wonder how this will all effect the coming election. Will there be backlash against Democrats for bringing this up in the first place OR backlash against Republicans for an impeachment trial with no witnesses (unprecedented) which could be seen as a coverup. We will find out this November.
  13. When out for walks people who allow their dogs off leash will often yell " dont worry he or she is friendly"....that's all fine and good but maybe my dog ISN'T so friendly around other dogs...people dont stop to think they are putting their own pet in danger in those situations.. Pittie owners Yes need to be Very responsible owners especially because the stigma is so strong against them that no matter the circumstances they will be named the guilty dog in a dog fight even when not the instigator. Dog parks are also a bad idea for that very reason. Don't get me started on Michael Vick SMH ..I hope karma bites that guy but good. Dog torturer......SMH
  14. Interesting point. I don’t think fences are the only thing home checks are looking at though. The rescue I work with wants to see the physical home the dog wants to be adopted into in an attempt to determine the dog is going into a HOME and not simply put into a fenced backyard to wallow alone and neglected. See what I mean? The conversations that happen between an adoptee and the rescue can be very telling. They won’t adopt to someone they determine might not be willing to provide the exercise and stimulation any specific dog needs. Some of the more athletic dogs need a similar active owner or on the other side a couch potato or senior dog with an appropriate owner . I agree a fenced yard shouldn’t be a deal breaker. But being able to play fetch and have the dog outside with a barrier between they and outsiders is a good thing I covered a lot of what you said except for the breeding which is a great point. As far as media headlines if it is a pit bull they always title that but with any other breed it hardly ever is mentioned in the title absolutely right.
  15. I forgot to mention that of course I feel terrible when a dog, any dog, attacks a person and causes injury or death. I just happen to think that often the dog in question has indeed shown a temperament that would give at least some clue as to wether or not it would be prone to going after a person. I dont think it is as random as people think it is. I have learned a lot about the breed specifically, and being a responsible owner is as much about you yourself knowing dog psychology and behavior traits of whichever dog you choose. I'm an advocate for the breed I hate to read them characterized as killers....clearly some have but in my opinion the breed shouldn't be thrown out with the bathwater due to a stereotype that a few dogs have created due to whatever the circumstances were which are never really explored. Thats all Im saying.
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