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  1. what I find interesting is the Bills rookies have never to date experienced an NFL defeat.........thats kinda cool actually..learning to win BY winning :-)))))
  2. okay to reply to the thread..my caption would be... "man card Revoked BLAM…...yours too BLAM"
  3. I loved this comment….."disrespectful forearms are my favorite football play"..... LOL so true. Freddy Jackson forearm in that game against Chicago was an instant classic and so was Knox' run after the catch today today it was Epic Rawrrrr~~~~~
  4. no to mention Halloween..I could see some funny Halloween costumes from this couldn't you? Put a sign on him "will work for food" ...LOL
  5. a couple of thoughts Ive not read the complete thread to know if these came up but how many hours until AB plays the "Im a Victim" card it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Secondly has his agent Rosenhaus chirped in yet at all? There goes HIS money down the drain too If Im not mistaken..... im still not convinced he gets paid his full or even part share in a situation like this...…not that he being paid anything I'll lose sleep over but at least in His job was he royally screwed over by his client Antonio? Im thinking if Antonio doesn't get paid the agent doesn't either I don't know if anyone knows how those commissions work especially not knowing all the verbiage in his contract...…..
  6. Pancho was a humble diehard Bills fan whom wore his colors proudly and was inspirational not only to fans but also Bills team and organization for his fight to the end against cancer. The very last thing he would want is to hear bickering over anything like this. Would they meeting have blessed them both? I honestly think so. It's a shame it never happened. But the Christian faith they shared says they will see and meet in heaven so that it didnt happen here in earth oh well I trust it will eventually.
  7. all Ive read from 1BD is his status is "day to day" well that's what they've been saying about Kroft too and he still hasn't played..they aren't saying much at all which tends to make me worry...it could be he's okay but likely Im thinking it means he's out...same verbiage regarding Andre Roberts same result...ack. Hope Im wrong and we get them BOTH for this weekend and if not the Pats latest.
  8. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl...sIk?li=BBnba9I Antonio Brown won’t face criminal charges for alleged 2017 incidents
  9. and a couple of places before That too. Ive been going to game watches at san diego billsbackers bars since the early 90's. It's changed a few times but I agree with uticaclub the Local is Primo...the food is great and we take over the entire top floor and most of the bottom too. The top floor view was better at PB Alehouse but both venues you can see the beach the Local is across the street from the Alehouse catty corner.
  10. PB Alehouse is NOT the current san diego billsbackers bar. THE LOCAL in pacific Beach is the current locale. Guaranteed. PB Local is the official home of the San Diego Bills Backers 809 Thomas Ave, San Diego, CA 92109 The Local Pacific Beach Sports Bar · San Diego Katie Lynn and 2 others have been here
  11. will they release him? Not a chance. I'd be shocked. But I will look forward to hearing the fans of opposing teams at every away stadium heckle the living bejesus out of the guy for what he has admittedly written and done in those texts. What a scumbag. If being spit on can be considered assault the sexual equivalent 100X worse He should be convicted on that alone and Then give him the boot.
  12. The only thing worse than a woman being sexually assaulted and not being believed is a man being accused of such a vile act if he didn't actually do it. After what I read he actually wrote I would put NOTHING past him. He knows the texts exist he had to fess up to at least THAT...which is bad enough in itself. As far as the alleged victims timing in announcing it now and continuing to have contact with Brown I think that weakens her case and credibility and his defense team will hammer that AND her rest assured. And men wonder why women don't come immediately forward..I'll tell you why..because it means needing to relive and retell and be made feel like YOU are a criminal and negligent somehow and be put through literal hell in the pursuit of "justice" ...There will never be enough justice for victims of sexual crimes trust me we can only hope they never ever commit such a crime against anyone else ever again.
  13. page 20 warcoded here ya go stosh64
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