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  1. After reading chiefs planet for 5 minutes you would think going to a game in KC would be horrible. It's the exact opposite of that website the people are friendly and it's just an overall nice place to visit
  2. I mentioned this in another thread. Why is the KC line not on the line. Look at the guy opposite Von he's lined up 2 yards off the ball. The center is the only player on the line. This is a penalty and they do it every play.
  3. They line up like this every game Ive watched for what seems to be every play
  4. I notice this the most with KC. But why is the line not on the line?
  5. This and I've been to this stadium it is extremely loud. The line may have had issues communicating as well
  6. They scored a total of 3 points the entire second half. Suddenly with a little over a minute left the OL was going to hold up and they were gonna drive down and score?
  7. Which ever movie it is it doesn't end well for us
  8. I'm calling an 11 minute TD drive to go up 7 KC scores 8 points in the remaining 31 seconds
  9. I was being sarcastic just so I could point out he has bricks at the end of his arms. He's being defensive 😂😂 I love watching him drop the ball in key situations for KC
  10. I don't think he's being defensive at all. He can't catch, never could. So he's like why are you asking me about my status quo? it's unusual, aren't you used to me dropping balls by now? I did it with Aaron too.
  11. I'm saying we need to go 4-0 and the Fins need to go 2-2 then we must beat them head to head. The reason I said it's crazy it because the Bills haven't played well on both sides of the ball during the same game much this year. Plus winning 5 in a row is no easy feat
  12. I know what I'm typing is crazy but here we go anyway. The Fins play Dallas and Baltimore. IF the Bills find a way to win the next 4 winning out would lead to a division title. That 5th game vs the Fins would lead to a tie with the Bills having the this breaker.
  13. I was replying to a comment here that said what Von did is worse than what Matt did. What exactly did Von do? He's only accused of doing something we don't know what he did. If you read 2 posts above yours you would see where I had to explain to that poster that I was comparing accusations. Why would I still believe he did something he was cleared of months ago?
  14. No I am not. I was comparing the accusations but nice try. Here's a ⭐ I was talking about the accusations. Since as of today Von is just accused.
  15. So you rather raping a child over hitting an adult woman. I think they are both wrong but feel that the rape is way worse.
  16. As I said in the other Dotson PFF thread. He probably paid someone at PFF so he could cash in on his next contract
  17. He paid someone on the website so he can get a bigger pay day his next contract
  18. Josh had a bad game but the Denver Defense is not bad.
  19. https://www.buffalobills.com/news/bills-relieve-ken-dorsey-of-duties-joe-brady-as-interim-offensive-coordinator Here believe it now! Do it do it
  20. Unfortunately the Giants, Pats and tonight were all Taron Johnson
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