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  1. He should probably trip on a rubber mat.
  2. Another great thing about that pass is when Crosby and Spillane are closing in on him, Morse(I think), drops off his block, turns and switches his attention to the 2 of them. Very nice awareness. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2023/9/21/23880023/bills-vs-raiders-a-closer-look-at-josh-allens-trio-of-td-passes-gabe-davis-dawson-knox-khalil-shakir
  3. Best show ever 😂 To bad they can't put it out now streaming or dvd Record companies want their money for all the great music that they played
  4. Burrows' cold got bad and they had to call up a quarterback from the practice squad😄 jk
  5. I'm assuming you've never been to Buffalo or just being sarcastic. It's hotter, humid, and any liquid in your body flows out of you like Niagara Falls at this time of year. The myth of cold and snow is hilarious!
  6. Thanks again Virgil for these drafts. And everyone for assuming the teams. Helps me to get a handle on all the possibilities out there. Always Fun.
  7. Just wait, someone will post "Should we kick the tires." Just like everyone that becomes available
  8. This is what I was thinking also. If someone beats the Chiefs and we get 2nd, the AFC goes through Buffalo. The way these teams are evenly matched anything is possible.
  9. It's amazing how much the game has slowed down for him. He's seeing everything and adjusting great. My favorite is when he calls the defensive penalties and points them out during the play.
  10. Love the Dark Mode. It's like I'm programming on TBD!!
  11. Very Interesting. I'm more of an eyeball test guy but can appreciate numbers. Great job!
  12. Very Good Synopsis. Keep them coming. Don't like Milano being out. He would probably thrive against this team.
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