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  1. I do, he’s going to want to get paid along with having a larger role, and a franchise like the bills will more than likely over pay for his services. Plus, they’ll have several positions to fill and rank 20th in cap space.
  2. Sign Tyrell Williams in FA, only 26 with speed and has size at 6’4” and draft either Metcalf or Brown imo.
  3. Captain Murica

    Vikings Fire OC John DeFilippo

    Yeah, it was his fault.....
  4. Captain Murica

    Target the Offensive line in 2019

    Id say OL is at the top along with the 1b need being WR.
  5. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  6. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  7. Captain Murica

    Bills @ Dolphins **Predict the Score**

    30-13 Bills
  8. I think he had one tweet that said something like “if it ain’t white then it ain’t right” not a 100% sure on it.
  9. He’s probably referring to the rap quotes and stupid racist ***** Allen tweeted when he was in his teens. All that stuff seems just to be that, in the past. Shady has been a big advocate for him, Edmunds stated he got to know him after being drafted, adding that isn’t the person he got to know, and best friend on the team is Eddie Yarborough. Even Zo said he’ll have to explain himself after being drafted. Jalen is just making noise and amping up his brand. I just don’t like him because he claims to be a family man with his wife and daughter, but is trying to get with 21 year old girls that are fans on Instagram and Twitter.
  10. He’s made it clear it was about he tweets Allen made as a child, but Ramsey isn’t even close to being a good person either. Probably worse than a couple of tweets. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/jalen-ramsey-slides-into-some-jags-fans-dms-then-quickly-aborts-the-mission-when-she-brings-up-his-girlfriend-and-newborn-baby/
  11. As an avid hunter I normally try to fill 3-4 tags a year, and once I fill my own fridge with one I try to get a few more to donate to local shelters. This is great pub for the program though. I normally average 48-60lbs of venison per a deer.
  12. Captain Murica

    Jersey Choice - help?

    I'd probably go with Edmunds due to the number 49, and he was their first round which leads me to believe he will stick with the franchise throughout his career.
  13. Captain Murica

    Send Jerry Hughes to the Probowl!

    You realize Milano's INT was due to pressure from Hughes beating his man 1v1, and getting into McCown's face, right?