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  1. I'm wondering if there was more to his text that he didn't release publicly but addressed with his teammates and organization? He could've have been making an attempt at a joke but in poor taste. In the end it won't matter what we think of him, its up to his teammates what they think along with the staff and owners. He has a tough hill to climb.
  2. I like Fitz more now than I did when he played for the Bills 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. I guess saying all McBeane wants to draft is choir boys is false.
  4. Eh, I see some argument going on about taking Daniel Jones over Allen. Had this very discussion the other day. Half of my family is Giants fans and they can’t stand Jones. They believe he’s a better version of Dave Brown. They call him Dopey Dimes. They actually wanted to take Herbert or Tua this past draft and trade Jones to NE. I think he’ll end up being the guy that feasts on below average defenses to boost up the stat sheet but won’t ever be a consistent winner unless the giants build a world beater defense. I’m not an Allen stan but there are some things I personally like about the kid. But for the love of god hit a ***** deep ball ffs. As of now he’s below average and needs to be better.
  5. Agreed, I can’t even rewatch games we won. But, to watch one where we lost is just asking for pain.
  6. I highly doubt they post here if they're willing to drop racial slurs so willing on opposing team's game day thread. I never encountered that while on here and this board can get very contentious at times. Each fan base has their share of scum bags. It just so happens the swamp mutants from jersey lead the pack in that category. I go to the Bills vs Jets every year at MetLife and get the finger, beer thrown at me, homophobic slurs, & threatened to get jumped ever year when I'm there. Jets fans should learn from their big brothers, Giants fans how to treat opposing fans.
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