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  1. His PR group did some digging. They found out Mason leans right and figured they could use that as Myles’s motive to his outrageous behavior. Garrett didn’t make this claim until the reports of Rudolph and his team possibly filing charges against Garrett which was a few days later. I mean, why didn’t he say that day?! I wish this ***** story would die.
  2. Should try and get him to learn how to field/return punts and kickoffs. I think that could be easier than trying to learn pass protection and such. Has big play potential. But, in all reality he has no shot to make the 53 imo.
  3. If they sign Olsen then get Smith and Kroft the ***** outta here.
  4. He said he was raised by a Met. He wasn’t raised by the Wilpons silly goose.
  5. I felt like after a punter got voted in that would’ve opened the door for Tasker getting in.
  6. Im not sure about that. I liked Gilmore and wanted him to extended here, but Kuechly was a monster it seemed as soon as he was drafted. It took Gilmore getting into the patriots system and getting coached by the best to unlock his potential.
  7. Honestly, If this team is all about the process. Then let Phillips & Shaq (or sign him & cut Murphy)walk then develop Darryl Johnson to be the rotational guy. With Harry and Oliver we have our 1 tech and 3 tech for a long time. Either decide if you like Liguet or Taylor as they other DT or possibly grab another Vet on the open market. I’d re-sign Spain & KJ to short term deals .
  8. The officiating has been bad for years now and doesn't seem to be getting any better any time soon and feel like the discussion is just moot at this point in time. As you can tell I'm still punching the air after Saturday.
  9. Whats the Bills record against Brady and the pats again? I honestly don't care they "cheated", they lost a few draft picks and some $$ but came back with 6 titles....
  10. FFS, we were up 16-0... Stop blaming the refs.
  11. We are so pathetic that had to wait for a reign of tyranny to end due to age, and not being competent ourselves.
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