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  1. Captain Murica

    Terrell Owens Planning a Comeback to Play in the CFL

    I heard of him and he was good 15 years ago, let’s kick the tires on him.
  2. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    This is a good call. He was very underrated as a player and one of my favorite Mets growing up. Also, Delgado was solid for 3 seasons with the Mets.
  3. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    This shows the type of power the kid has. I’m excited about his future.
  4. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  5. Captain Murica

    Dareus charged in lawsuit with sexual assault

    Not sure how reliable this is but..
  6. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  7. Captain Murica

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    I think you’re right. But, you’d think Dennison would throw in a wrinkle when it comes to a playoff game and the team you’re facing has 16 games worth of tape on you.
  8. Captain Murica

    2018 Playoff game vs Jags

    The playcalling was terrible. Shady alone had 120 yards of total offense and should have been given the ball more. Did we even call one screen during that game? Especially against a young and super aggressive defense. FYI going to Benjamin instead of Shady during that early trip to the Red Zone was terrible.
  9. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    I root for the Mariners, I loved Griffey growing up and would watch the Yankees games when they vs The mariners. I owned a Griffey Jersey before I owned a Mets one as a kid. Their ‘95 team was fun to watch with Cora and Coleman leading off then you’d have Tino, Edgar, Buhner and Griffey to deal with. Plus, the big unit. The Mariners doing what they’re doing without their best player is pretty amazing.
  10. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    It was a really good game to be at. The pace of play was quick, watching deGrom never gets old even better in person, and watching the walk off Grand Slam was awesome even with a small crowd the place got really loud.
  11. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  12. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    Yup, and Matz could be following him. I have a soft spot for Matz as he is a native Long Islander but he could bring back a decent haul as a lefty with 95+, still young, and under control for the next 3 years.
  13. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    I was pretty happy when I saw this. I literally breathed a sigh of relief.
  14. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?