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  1. Playing the best teams in the NFL tough and still losing isn’t good enough. Participation ribbons are for field day. We are still a level or two below the best in the NFL.
  2. But, by this logic the cowboys haven’t won back to back thanksgiving games since Garrett became the HC. They won last year. So, something has to give.
  3. You can tell who is the older fans in this thread by their opinions(pure hatred) on the all reds
  4. Worst thing about today’s loss is that it’s our second loss in 3 games to a team under .500, if I hear culture trumps talent I’ll purge.
  5. This was in an article I found on Taylor from October 2018. Taylor produced 12 run stops on just 89 run-defense snaps, resulting in a run-stop percentage of 13.5 percent, the best mark ever recorded by a defensive tackle.
  6. One thing that stands out to me is that the run defense hasn’t been much better, if at all since the Rex days. That was an issue we had with Rex & feel McD needs to carry some blame for it not being much better.
  7. My C- is now a D- and that’s being generous.
  8. And probably lose to the colts by 20 and score 6 pts. Yet, thousands will show up to the airport and celebrate a WC birth 😂
  9. Eh, I’m always angry. The losses don’t bother me as much as fans ignoring this team has serious issues on offense and claiming everything will be okay with that particular unit. They haven’t shown that in 20+ years. They’re 7 games in and still look to be as if they’re in preseason mode. The fans have to hold this team to a higher standard. Also, McDermott hangs his hat as being a defensive coach but under him the Bills have now allowed 200 yards rushing in a game five times under Sean McDermott. They did that four times combined under Mike Pettine, Jim Schwartz and Rex Ryan. Where do the Bills stand after getting pounded by the Eagles. Don’t tell me they’re rebuilding and headed in the right direction. They’re in year 3 and look the same as they did in year 1.
  10. I’m hoping fans dress up in bed sheets for the last game of the season. It’d be pretty amazing to see 70,000 ghost in the stands 😂
  11. I’m probably the only one thinking like this but I’m kind of hoping Daboll gets a HC job by some miracle and Dorsey gets a shot to be our OC. C-
  12. Not an alum myself, but basically my entire mother’s side of the family went ND. My uncle won a National Championship while on the fencing team. I went to my first game in south bend last year and loved every moment of it. It’s cool that they have all the names of the past national champions engraved on the outer part of the basketball arena. I’m a die hard ND fan but never went.
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