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  1. Nah, I’ll be disappointed with 3-2. Especially losing two within the conference. A lot of people complain we don’t get enough respect. Well, win some tough games and it will come. No one is getting respect beating up on the jets and phins.
  2. Well, we’ve been terrible to mediocre for 20+ years & he’s one of the greats at his position all time. That’s a recipe for being dominating by the lip bandit.
  3. I love Kyle and what he did for this organization. He wasn’t the same Kyle the past few years. He left some of himself on the field after 13 years in the trenches. I want the big guy to enjoy retirement.
  4. I was in the middle of my workout before class and work today when I tuned in for Howard Picks the Bills then stayed tuned in heard White was coming on. I literally started tearing up and had to go to the rest room to compose myself. It just flat out sucks and no one deserves to go through that.
  5. Why is this thread still alive and kicking? It’s just trolling disguised as pandering. Which isn’t much better and is quite toxic right now. FYI It would've been wiser to wait a few days or say nothing at all. After a tough loss against division rival and losing our starting QB, no one wants wants a consolation prize of a LAMP saying “Good Game”. You might as well have thrown in blue collar to add the cherry on top.
  6. Yes. I usually don’t assume intent but this was blatant. There was no need for Jones to even be involved. Allen was already going down and being engaged by another tackler.
  7. Consolation prizes are for Field Day. Let’s just win the damn game.
  8. Offense: Use knox and beasely to work the middle of the field to challenge their LBs/Safeties in coverage. It's honestly on this offense to score 24+ pts. We do that I think we have a shot. Defense: If our CB's could play man which I'm not sure all/any of them can or could do, that is something I'd throw in from time to time. It's all going to be on the front 4 to get consistent pressure without needing Frazier/McD to dial up blitzes. Brady kills zone when he was time.
  9. Yup and he shouldn't imo. Already won this quarter of the season by starting off 3-0. We will need him later in the season.
  10. Looks like Sam Darnold’s less talented cousin Chad Darnold from Nantucket.
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