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  1. Captain Murica

    Is Thad Brown the dumbest Bills media personality?

    Impossible, Peterman would be soiling himself rather than throwing the football.
  2. Captain Murica

    Phins vs Pats

    Yup, they’re going to run out of trick plays to use. Oakland should’ve won. They ran 4&1 from the 1 with their FB instead of Beastmode, and Carr had a red zone INT.
  3. Captain Murica

    Phins vs Pats

    That’s my thinking as well. If, and this is a big “If”, but if the Bills pull out the win against the packers. The phins beat the Pats. Then the Phins still have to face the bears, Bengals, packers, and Vikes.
  4. Captain Murica

    Packers Wearing Throwback Uniforms Against the Bills on Sunday

    Lmao looks like my old junior high unis. We had 30 kids in the entire 8th grade....
  5. Captain Murica

    SNF: Pats at Lions

    Too bad the Pats next game isn't in Miami. They have a lot of trouble winning down there.
  6. Captain Murica

    Bills in White on White for Week Three in Minnesota

    I’d like it very much if they just used the standing buffalo as the helmet logo from now on. That is all.
  7. Captain Murica

    Micah Hyde's San Diego wife loves Buffalo

    As someone who isn’t from Buffalo. I have to say I love visiting up there. I have a second property a little past windham in a small town, and there is truly nothing to do there. That’s where me, and my family hunt. The closest shopping mall is in Albany. I currently live on Long Island 20 minutes from the Hamptons and it’s nothing special.
  8. Captain Murica

    Is Binghamton Bills country?

    Just literally got stopped during my lunch,and asked about the bills hoody I was wearing. I’m from Long Island where it’s such a shock to see a Bills fan where other fans will stop, and ask you the backstory of your fandom. I usually end it after a nice chat that I have to root for the true NY team. That usually gets a glare or chuckle.
  9. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    All valid points I’ll add one more useless one, but might help swing votes to Jake. None of the top 3 are making the playoffs. Sometimes that team stay sways the voters to vote for the individual on a “contending team”. Jake’s performance last night has been status quo for much of the entire season, and it was ridiculously good.
  10. Captain Murica

    Schopp and Sal going at it hard on wgr

    Probably my favorite podcast besides Pardon My Take. Joe B and Fairburn make a good combo.
  11. Captain Murica

    Schopp and Sal going at it hard on wgr

    I like Sal for the most part. I’m not a fan of Schopp, and Jeremy White. I just find them annoying to be honest. Both Jeremy and Schopp deal with some ridiculous callers that make them even look smarter than they actually are. Plus, they both suck at fantasy.
  12. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.mlb.com/292631492-peter-alonso-will-go-to-afl-instead-of-callup.amp.html yup, he’s going down there. There is a lot of talk about some of the Mets FO believe he’s a true DH instead of 1b. It’s weird they’re now putting an emphasis on fielding in which they did not do in the past.
  13. Captain Murica

    Who has most receiving yards versus Minn?

    Xavier Rhodes
  14. Captain Murica

    It finally hit me who Trent Murphy reminds me of....

    The terrible unis went along with the terrible looking endzones at the Ralph as well.