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  1. Lmao, why are pats fans on this board? Isn't there a Dave Portnoy/barstool forum or pats forum they should be on? Anyways, the Patriots and their fan base do no respect us and they shouldn’t. We haven’t been anything but mediocre in 19 years, until we start winning and doing it year in and year out then they have no reason too. On that note, ***** those scum-lords. I’ll be dancing on that fan bases metaphoric graves once they aren’t the Kings of the AFC/East anymore. We all know Boston is a baseball city and the pats won’t have the backing like they do once BB and Brady are done.
  2. Well, during his last year in college he played one game at DE and it was considered his worst game ever, just saying.
  3. Too bad Shaq was injured and Jerry was the sidelines, because you know they wouldn’t have let that fly. You had Preston and Pitts standing there pointing instead of doing anything.
  4. Let me guess Schopp? I mean, if people wanted to, they could easily call in and troll him like people do to Mike Francesca. But plays like King Kong
  5. I kind of want it to happen so the boys at WGR have a mental break down 😂
  6. Jonah Williams(which I don’t want) Noah Fant(trade back into the end of the first rd)
  7. Greg better back the ***** up or I’m going to shove my foot up his C gap. Oliver must be a Bill.
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