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  1. Let me guess Schopp? I mean, if people wanted to, they could easily call in and troll him like people do to Mike Francesca. But plays like King Kong
  2. I kind of want it to happen so the boys at WGR have a mental break down 😂
  3. Jonah Williams(which I don’t want) Noah Fant(trade back into the end of the first rd)
  4. Greg better back the ***** up or I’m going to shove my foot up his C gap. Oliver must be a Bill.
  5. This is the only scenario I’d trade down for, and take Noah Fant with that pick. But, I really hope we stay at 9 or trade up to secure Oliver.
  6. Wonder how Rodak feels about this? He did in fact get triggered by fans tweeting at him about the Bills being the only team in NY today and went on a rant about it 😂
  7. I always felt that way too. Is it evil that I’m enjoying their poor start? I thinks mainly due to their fans being insufferable pricks. Also, reading angry Yankees twitter after each loss is kind of funny, “fire Boone, Fire Cashman, & DFA Greg Bird.” Is the common trend I see on there. Anyways LGM, taking 3 out of 4 from the Bravos would be awesome.
  8. I agree, McDermott spoke about how he felt an interior rush being more potent than a rush off the edge, and it being harder to neutralize.
  9. I’m honestly tired of seeing only Hughes being the only one on the DL that can get pressure. I’d love Allen, Q Williams, Bosa, or Oliver. Draft Risner in the second then.
  10. Nope, neither is the Phillies or Bryce Harper’s agent
  11. Pfft I want 13 years with no opt out clause for either side.
  12. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I’m crying.
  13. I don’t understand that only because we faced the 12s, the cheeseheads, and Who Dat nation. I would think it would be used against one of those fan bases. Because well the titans? 😂 They’re one of the few teams with a lower following than us on social media.
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