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    Jaguars Suspend Jalen Ramsey and Dante Fowler for One Week

    This suspension will give time to Jalen to polish up on his “sliding into her DMs” technique.
  2. Captain Murica

    Kelvin needs more buzz today

    Pretty sure Cam tried to shake his hand at first and KB wouldn’t. Then Cam kept asking why not, and KB replied,” it is what it is and walked away. Then cam followed him some more. Also caught one of his former teammates chiming in when media types were saying KB was being “Submissive”.
  3. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  4. Captain Murica

    Interesting Astro Tweet re: Beane

    I think he can play in either scheme. He’d be labeled as a DE in the bills scheme if I’m not mistaken.
  5. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

  6. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    He cracked one on the mound today after striking out a batter on a nasty two seamer. The reds might have a terrible record but are a tough line up. They’re 6th in the NL offense this season. They just need starting pitching, and that’s a main reason they’re sticking with Harvey as a starting pitcher.
  7. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    No idea, but they need to stop playing mad scientist and reinvent these guys. Amed is fine at short, he makes mistakes here and there but also makes some amazing plays as well. He needs time.
  8. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    Yeah, it was a last minute thing. I bought tickets that morning. My girlfriend and I went. I Literally got tickets in the Coca Cola porch for $23 in total. I paid more in parking. It was a good game to be at. I always enjoy beating the Braves. Will this ever stop? Playing players out of position.
  9. Captain Murica

    Whelp, count miami out

    Rob Ryan has been literally with every team in the AFC east. What a whore.
  10. Captain Murica

    Coleman pondered options? Hmmm

  11. Captain Murica

    Jamal Adams doubles down on his challenge to Josh Allen

    Lmao at this guy. Why is he so worried about the Bills and the kid from Wyoming?
  12. Yup, reminds me a lot of my old job as mental health counselor. You see it a lot. I had one woman that was convinced she was going to be a singer and her big break was coming with her music video being recorded soon. Other than if you saw her in public you’d think she was completely normal.
  13. Captain Murica

    Why Your Team Sucks 2018

    Not going to lie, I had the biggest **** eating grin while reading this. Man, I hate the jets and their fans so much. Always a fan of Shitspatrick
  14. Captain Murica

    Joe B: 53 Man Roster Projection - Updated

    This seems very realistic. With Bush making plays on the regular, it will be nice to have possible depth behind Hyde and Poyer. I’m not a fan of the 3 QBs but if they’re going to keep their pet Peterman then let it be. It would be nice to carry an extra WR or Safety.
  15. Man, this dude is in rough shape. It is almost like you can tell by how active he becomes on social media.
  16. Captain Murica

    Browns fans react to Coleman trade

    I’m surprised no one has started a thread saying we should kick the tires on him after his recent video of burning a CB 20 years younger than him.
  17. Captain Murica

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

    I see a lot of Browns fans saying he was having a good camp with them, and not happy about the return.
  18. Captain Murica

    Bills Offense ‘17 vs ‘18

    Yup, he is big and fast. He's a converted WR, so, it'll probably take time for him to adjust to blocking as a TE.
  19. Captain Murica

    Bills Offense ‘17 vs ‘18

    I heard a few local media types stating that Croom can make the team as a 4th team TE. As Daboll uses a lot of TEs in his formations. Joe B stated that Croom is the second best receiving TE on the team. Just food for thought. Also, they said Groy has replaced Bodine with the 1s.
  20. Captain Murica

    Bills trade with Browns for Corey Coleman

  21. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    Yup, I did the same. I figured Bautista being a vet that he could at least produce a fly ball, I was wrong. McNeil needs to play every day. He hits and does the little things right. Pulls the ball to the right side in the first inning with a man on second. Next batter Flores gets an Infield Hit and an RBI.
  22. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    Yeah, he was having a tough go of it when he was first promoted. But, he’s on a hot streak.
  23. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?

    I was at the game tonight, Wheeler looked really good. Their was a nice crowd on hand due to the Thor bobble head give away. The mets played small ball and they won. Just like how it was they were getting it done in the beginning of the year. I'm hoping they call up Alonso in September. It’d be nice to have a young infield. But, his defense is lacking and they’re saying that is the main reason behind delaying his call up.
  24. Captain Murica

    Mets fans?