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  1. I'll second this though I'm sure others will still comment on the 19 reps without reading these first. I'm 6 ft tall but my legs are very long and my center of gravity is a few inches or more higher than most guys. I seem much stronger on upper-body stuff like benching and back work but squats for me are very difficult. The higher center of gravity throws off the normal motion of the squat and I can barely get to parallel or deeper. But then my upper body and arms are a tad shorter (though not noticeable until you look closely). I've always had a strong bench because, exactly as BUFFALOKIE said, physics. The weight doesn't have to travel as far so the work being required is lower. The shorter muscle lengths add to that I'm sure. Doesn't mean I'm much stronger than someone else per say. Likewise, shorter guys or even my height with shorter legs can push a lot more than me squatting and leg pressing. Then we switch to back work and I wear them out. I think that's probably the case with Ford. And anyway, 19 reps isn't that bad really. Not the best but certainly not the worst. And I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his punches and blocks. He clearly has good power in that 340 pound frame. It's only going to get better with NFL training and an NFL paycheck to pay for his grocery bill as he continues to grow. Really great pick! What a good guy too. Totally not an asshat regardless of all the hype around him during the draft. That's a Buffalo kind of guy.
  2. I get the same thing and you might be the first I've seen mention it, starrymessenger. Been hearing he's mean, physical, mauler, etc. and sometimes more a finesse and technique guy. The tape doesn't show me road-grader per say. What I see though is a big fella who really uses what he naturally has very well. Maybe not the most gifted RT draftee ever but very smart, very sound on technique (which means very coach-able), great awareness and absolutely awesome hustle and effort to the whistle. He does look a tad slow in the foot-shuffle and yeah might be vulnerable to the really fast edge guys. But he seems to know how to compensate for his shortcomings well and I think he'll get really good after a year or two as a pro. Should be able to improve a lot with good coaching. And just a good young guy too. A guy who's good, is known to be good, but won't let it get to his head. Very respectable and obviously raised well. I think Bills fans are going to really like him for many years. Great pick!
  3. A Peterman comparison? Really. Nothing on this team is that bad right now. Geez.
  4. Dude, Allen is not Fitz. I don't care how early it is. I agree we need to see consistent winning. You don't have to preach to me on that. But sometimes you just have to trust your eye.
  5. Absolutely correct, sir. Love the chicken salad analogy. That really says it well for me. JA is truly something special. And the non-believers just need to go back to games like week 17 against the Fish. He looked like Superman out there with a bunch of mortals. And then there's the Jacksonville game, Minnesota, etc. He's already demonstrated that he's in another class of quarterbacks with his athletic ability and his fire. The arm is there. I was pleasantly surprised with his accuracy and that's just going to improve. He makes throws that just make you whistle. So dangerous. But the haters gonna hate. Let them. They don't know anything anyway.
  6. I have a similar story, Fred, though I got started having kids later than you. I grew up mostly in Northern Virginia and I hated the Skins. Moved there from California actually. I've moved around a lot in my life so no surprise I didn't have a team from a young age. I graduated high school in 92 and the Bills were such a great show in the early 90's. They really pissed off so many other teams when the K-Gun was firing on all cylinders. That was so fun. I have no idea why I started liking them so much other than Bruce Smith who was just a man among boys really. He was a freak athlete and most people don't appreciate how he did all that amazing stuff in 3-4 defense. That's 3 down lineman for 5 blockers, not 4. And Bruce didn't have great nose tackles that I remember most of the time. They were always so undersized until Big Ted Washington came along. (I was really, really bummed when they let him go (to the Pats maybe?)) Nobody I knew liked, or even knew anything about the Bills but there was just something there that I can't explain. You would think I would be pissed now having endured so many awful losing seasons since JK retired. It's been depressing for sure. But it's only made me love the Bills more. They're in my blood. Just ask my wife. You know the meaning of loyalty if you're a Bills fan. I've used that in job interviews and it works great if the interviewer is a football fan. Being a Bills fan is an incredible source of pride for me. I absolutely march to my own beat and I don't give a crap what anyone else thinks so being a Bills fan just fits so perfectly what that. I freakin' love the Bills and when they finally win the Big One, I'm going to lose it. I'll probably cry like a baby and I don't give a rats you-know-what.
  7. True dat! I actually once thought that being optimistic is what a sports fan does for his team. Imagine that. Silly me. Seriously, I've been smiling a whole lot since JA started showing some life last season. That last game against the Fins was something special but just a taste of what's to come. I haven't been this excited about the Bills, genuinely excited not just overly hopeful, in a very long time. At least we have that right now. I think this picture says it all:
  8. That's an excellent point. That definitely puts things into better perspective to judge whether or not they might have overpaid. I was definitely looking at that contract to narrowly with what he can potentially bring to this offense. Now I actually think that's a bit of a bargain. I don't really put much weight on individual stats or numbers but that one is probably an exception. Taking into account the unsettled QB position the Cowboys have had during Beasley's tenure, he was severely underutilized most of those years. He's no Edelman of course, but can definitely bring a lot of the same to Buffalo's offense with the right play calling. Daboll has very clearly established a very vertical, long-distance offensive scheme (and it's about GD time we have that again here for f---ks sake) that leaves A LOT of room underneath for Beasley to work his magic. Also means D's are going to need to be much more creative spying on Allen and we know that's gonna be fun to watch. With more speed over the top with the WR's, Cole is going to be almost exclusively single-covered. I see good things coming out of that. It's very refreshing to be so optimistic and genuinely excited about our offense right now. That's not something we've had around here a lot for the last few decades. I'm actually more than a little ashamed to have been so optimistic about those under talented and poorly schemed offensives we were stuck with since pretty much 1996. Excruciating doesn't even begin to describe it. To think we even have a 50% chance of having a truly high-powered offense is very unfamiliar territory for us Bills fans. We've so obviously paid our dues so maybe we're finally getting our returns (knock on wood). I have to watch last years highlight reels every few days just to be sure I'm not imagining all of this. I see Josh running all over for 20 yard chunks at a time, and then making those nasty on-a-frozen-rope throws and have to constantly remind myself that's actually a Bills QB I'm seeing. It's still not registering completely.
  9. Interesting observation. I was not paying attention to the YPC on the plays that I watched just DiMarco's role just how he did his job. Can you confirm that the lower YPC was a direct result of DiMarco's poor play? I'm not saying you're wrong but there are so many other factors that can affect that stat regardless of his presence on the field. For example, defenses would naturally play the run when they saw him in the backfield vs a single-back set so if him being involved also correlates to a stacked box for the defense, that can't really be DiMarco's fault (other than karma I guess). Again, I definitely did not keep track of YPC numbers when I watched. I just wanted to observe his play individually to see what it was he was bringing to the table and what the coaches saw but I could not. Also interesting how divisive a fullback can be to us fans but that's definitely a result of us needing so many improvements for so many years now that we're really demanding better players in each and every spot. We should have cloned Sam Gash. Does he have any sons following in his shoes?
  10. For his size, DiMarco is an absolute sledgehammer in the hole when he's on his game. He's not perfect and doesn't always get the perfect position but when he does it's pretty impressive. I say this after bashing him myself prior to last season. For the life of me I could not understand why he kept making the final roster or what they saw in him at Carolina. But especially for not being the biggest body out there, he can really hit that first block and keep his lane open. I hated this guy until I started watching his play but I really respect him now. I don't think his job is in jeopardy at this point.
  11. I like this signing though the price is a little high. Beasley is a tough player especially for his size. Real grit and never quits. He's going to have a rough retirement though with all of the nasty hits he's taken and will continue to take I'm sure. His brain has taken a beating already. But he does keep getting back up after each hammering. Grit.
  12. F___K those idiots. Who gives a rat's ass what a GD sports agent says anyway? The used car salesmen of the sports world.
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