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  1. I don't think he failed so much as BB won yet another round. BB is the master. A true genius of football. He's proved it time and again. If you want to say JA failed then you need to put that into perspective by adding him to a very big pile of young QB's that BB has eaten up and spit out over the years. There will never be an end to these kinds of threads along this general narrative. Why bother considering how little development JA has had compared to nearly every other QB in the league, ever? That must be too difficult to understand. To do that, you'd have to sit back and wait longer, say 2-3 full seasons at the very least, to judge him until you've given him ample time to develop in the pros, regardless of how he got to this point and how little his journey prepared him for this level. There's no fun in that, right? I hope to hell I can resist responding to these JA threads from now on. It's a complete waste of time. I know I'll take the bait again but it's getting really old.
  2. Goddamn trolls. Go f-----k yourself and your mother. And your sister while you're at it.
  3. Very true but I'm not so sure the Pegulas are tying McD to Allen's hip so completey like that. I think they understand how hard it is to find a really good HC like he is. They're taking a huge gamble on Allen but I don't think they'll dump McD if that gamble doesn't shake out. That wouldn't be their style.
  4. Oh jeez. Really? I'm not going to bother reading through all the other replies. OP, stop being ridiculous. He's a very, very raw QB and he's 3-1 for Pete's sake. What the F do you want? 4-0 and 100 points a game? He got eaten alive by BB and that crazy Pats D. Totally expected. His receivers were not getting any separation not even Brown. What the F do you expect to happen? Look what BB did to McVay's high-flying Rams offense in the SB. And you're ready to give up on him? If you've lost faith than you are. Unbelievable. I suggest you take a step back and get some freaking perspective right now. Everyone's expectations for him and the offense are way to high this season. It's all hinging on Allen and his progress. Well you know what? He has a long way to go. Being 3-1 right now is proof of some major progress. He got walloped today against the greatest defensive mind in the history of the game. Why is that a surprise? JA is going to need a few seasons before he really has the experience to start making judgments like this. It's just unbelievable what some of your expectations are. Do you have any idea how little experience he has coming into the pros compared the Mayfield, Darnold, and those guys who went to big schools in big conferences? It's night and day. He's a big project and that will take some time. At least we finally have this to look forward to after 2+ decades of total crap QB's. Sit back and enjoy the ride. You know what? All you whiners ready to jump ship this early on go ahead and keep doing what you're doing. What we say isn't going to change it anyway. I'm gonna enjoy the experience because if he does develop over the next few seasons, he's going to be something really, really special. But you go ahead and give up on him now. Whatever floats your boat.
  5. Kind of feels like you're overreacting OP. Knee-jerk reaction to a tough loss. McD has a horrible record for challenges, I'll give you that. I think someone upstairs is more to blame though. That one today was one of his better call IMO. None of his calls cost them the game. The offense lost them the game. Plain and simple. McD and his coaching is the reason they were even in it to begin with. He and Frasier had an awesome game plan for the D against Brady and it worked very well. You can't blame the guy for not having a challenge because he lost one earlier. He can't see the future. If he feels a challenge is warranted, he probably thinks he'll win and still have that challenge for later. The big one I don't like though is that 4th and goal with Barkley in there. Take the FG and you're down 3 with a lot of momentum. He was feeling frisky though. If they convert that and score, however, we're having a completely different conversation today. I do like that he has some brass ones and willing to take a shot like that. You're never going to have things go your way and get a big one like that if you never try in the first place. It was a gamble. He lost that time. Might work the next 5 times. You just don't know. If you're looking for someone to blame, you have to look across the field. BB is to blame. He always is. That's why he's the best. Some fans just have to have perfection, and everyone's idea of that is different. How soon we forget just how horrible things have been the last 3 decades. McDermott was a great hire after a long string of not-so-great hires. Barring total disaster, he'll be around for quite some time. They get that TD and the win is basically there with the way the D was playing. I'd have preferred the FG but it so easily could have gone in our favor. I appreciate the gamble. He has balls. He ain't no Doug Marrone. Marrone would have punted there.
  6. Appreciate this good info. He was knocked out cold immediately. I would think that makes this particular incident rise to a certain level automatically which may (or may not) explain the trip to the locker room with no return. If he is back for the next game I'll be extremely happy but I'd think they aren't apt to rush it if he's exhibiting any lingering effects at all. He was out cold for a good little bit out there.
  7. Great take on things, OP. Nice to get that perspective on how things were trending for the offense. I missed that nice 3rd quarter drive (because that's my luck) so I didn't have a proper perspective on the game when I came back to watch it after that. I'm hearing that Allen came out of halftime a different QB. Quick and decisive and accurate. They figured something out and it seemed to be working. That really means something against BB. Sounds like a lot of people are confident he was getting on a roll before that f****ing cheap shot knocked him out, literally, of the game. (Stepping up on my soap box) Allen really does have to learn to protect himself better though. We all love how he gives 100% of himself on each and every play for the team. I see what he was thinking on that play and it's not his fault his arms were wrapped up like that. But if he slides and gets hit anywhere near the same, the Patsies get a huge penalty to give the O a big boost on that drive. Well that's my theory anyway. Hind sight is 20/20 as they say. I will never, ever get tired of Allen's heart and commitment to the team. The kid is tough... probably too tough. Anyway, now I have a much better perspective of how things were going before that nasty cheap shot. Appreciate ya!
  8. I just saw it. Holy cow! He got hit by a Mack truck and he never saw it coming. That was so brutal. I think Peters was out cold too.
  9. He was definitely knocked out cold. I could clearly see it immediately. He went down and did not move at all until after the trainers got to him. If you watched carefully you can see where he wakes up after they turned him over. I’m certain that’s what I saw.
  10. Seems like he's doing most of the good things he did in college just not making as many splashy plays at this point which is to be expected given the overall increase in talent and skill in the pros. If you keep your eye on him though, you'll see he's giving guards and centers fits. He's so good at sliding up and down the line on run plays while he's being "blocked". Somehow he dictates which direction he and the blocker are going to go. And he's doing pretty well at getting penetration and getting up field into the QB's face they're just getting rid of it quickly for the most part. It stands to reason that he's a big reason why the edge guys are getting more consistent penetration outside this season. Seemed like every play today that was happening. With his size and weight, I thought it would take at least a season or so for him to get this far. He's something else with that lower body power and upper body strength. Plays like a faster 6'4" and 300+ lb guy to me. I think his lower height is actually a strength combined with that amazing leverage he has from that lower body power. I personally am quite pleased with this pick at #9 overall. He's a unique physical specimen and seems like a pretty good guy on top. There was a play in some previous game where he just pushed a big o-lineman sideways to the ground using one arm while moving forward to the QB. I know others saw that play. That was a great example of his special physical prowess even at his size. Must really piss those o-linemen off to be pushed around so much from a guy so much smaller than them. 😄
  11. Yeah how's that one working out so far? The Jests could have had Ed but they passed. I don't know. Maybe Williams is doing ok over there but you can't tell from their record.
  12. I have been, I'll admit it. I'm losing faith in him fast now, though. Every step forward he makes he takes two steps back. So much potential but it's not clicking for him. Duke has some amazing hands. I'm on that bandwagon now finally. Gotta give him a pass for that deep one JA overthrough (smh). He catches that for a TD and we're not having this conversation today. Maybe next week.
  13. I'm always in a dark place after a Pats loss just because I hate Brady so much. But there is a very big, very important silver lining from today's game and that's the defense keeping it real something fierce! They earned a ton of respect around the league today, on top of what they already had. Someone in another thread said they might be the best in the league right now. I would say they definitely belong in that conversation as the favorite. I was worried they'd get exposed somewhere but they were solid as usual. Seemed to stick to their zone stuff but did something to mix it up. Brady usually adjusts to zones and them exploits the soft spots. NOT TODAY! Whatever they're doing they need to keep doing just that. Frasier is having a heck of a season so far.
  14. He definitely wasn't a liability and he was making adjustments on the D a lot. He's learning quickly this year. That's awesome. He's trending in the right direction and he'll be really dangerous for a long time if he just keeps that up. Great thread, OP. Edmunds' solid work today should get its own thread.
  15. I'm going by the highlight vids of him in Canada and my totally untrained eye. I was totally unaware how fast he looked at camp this year so thanks for pointing that out. He is a gamer. There's something to be said about that alone. Get him in the slot and mix it up there. He's just so good about out muscling and out jumping the other guys. It would be interesting to see what he can do.
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