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  1. I can assume anything I want to assume, sir! (jk What you say makes sense)
  2. This. Seems utterly ridiculous to throw out Knox based on a few drops in his ROOKIE season. Seems just as utterly ridiculous to give up on the whole lot at this point as well. When everyone at the position is new to Buffalo, I think it's best to give some of them a season to acclimate.
  3. Another good example that eluded my cloudy brain. Appreciate your input. And even more prime examples. I'm not sure what I was thinking.
  4. Duh. I’m so stupid sometimes it hurts. I love Hyde and Poyer. So glad they’re Buffalo Bills.
  5. This ain't the same old boring Bills organization of the past. They're doing all cool stuff like the Kelly and Allen vid, and the Tre and Bruce one, the embedded series. I'll say it again, they could not have made a better choice to rename the stadium. "New Era" is absolutely perfect. All of a sudden they're kind of fun and interesting. I've been a BIlls fan for nearly 30 years now. This fun stuff is going to take a little getting used to. And Beane really made a genius move getting John Brown here. I can't recall the last free agent pick up the Bills had that was so productive and reliable right away esp a wide receiver. Someone refresh my memory if you can think of one.
  6. Peter King just quoted McD as saying he is “blessed” to be in Buffalo. He really understands what being HC for the Buffalo Bills is all about. I mean like no other coach has understood since Wade. He knows the challenge he has and what it will mean to Buffalo and Bills fans everywhere when they do finally win a championship. Beane is the same. I think McD is here for at least 5 more years regardless of record he’s that good of a coach. And he may be here for 20 years if they start winning in the post season and: or a championship or championships. He and Beane literally could not find a better ownership situation as well. He ain’t going anywhere and we don’t want him to go anywhere. The Pegulas made the right choice hiring him. They’ll do whatever it takes to keep him as long they can. This is a very silly thread.
  7. LOVE THIS STUFF, ReeD83HoF!!!! This team is going to be friggin' fun to watch the next few years and probably more. As deadly accurate as Josh was on Thursday, if they get some of this Run and Shoot stuff going well, they're gonna be practically unstoppable! See this is why we've stuck it out for so, so many years of ineptitude and failure with this team. The universe knows what Bills fans have been going through all these years without wavering one bit in our loyalty. We've all believed the better days will come. I don't know about anyone else but this just doesn't feel like the "same old Bills" anymore.
  8. They sure look like they don’t give a bleep what he’s saying. They know who the problem is.
  9. At 45 now myself, and like many others here I’m sure, I can personally testify about what changes when you cross the 40 year threshold. After the military and many years of weight lifting, before 40 I could drop and do 50 push-ups anytime. Haha not anymore. If only. Father Time and Mother Nature will have their way no matter how hard you fight it even if you’re in great shape already. I work out hard regularly but it just ain’t the same. It can be worse for pro athletes who have put their bodies through so much for so long. I don’t care what “performance enhancing substances” they use. You can’t stay on them all the time. They make you feel a lot younger while you’re juicing but it all comes back down to earth when you come off again. I’m sure he feels great in the offseason when he can juice as much as he wants. All anyone has to do is watch Tommy’s accuracy on the short stuff that’s his bread and butter. We saw it against the Bills and it was obvious last night. I for one would probably enjoy watching him deteriorate in front of everyone the next few years . Of course I won’t mind a bit when he finally hangs it up. Either way I still hate his guts.
  10. Seems like their D is has a weak point for underneath passes esp outside. Get those big LB’s isolated with a faster RB or Knox maybe. Gilmore even got worked a few times I saw. Suddenly the Pasties’ vaunted D looks vulnerable. Of course BB will make some adjustments but they may have exposed some fundamental weak points that can still be exploited. I’m suddenly (if not mistakenly) optimistic esp the way JA is slinging those short and intermediate passes. If the Texans truly provided a real blueprint against that D, they could be in trouble down the last stretch here. Hell even the slight possibility of us actually taking the division from them is a welcome feeling. Let’s not get too concerned with the post season this year. This is a tremendous sophomore year for JA. In my wildest dreams I never thought it was in the realm of possibility for any Bills QB to be this successful so soon. You know Beane will shore up some of the weakest area in this offseason. We could be seriously dangerous next year. And Brady is only going to deteriorate more. Father Time isn’t doing him any favors. JA is coming on really strong very quickly now but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. That being said, I still hope the Patsies get the snot beat out of them the rest of the season. Would make this holiday season even sweeter than it’s already shaping up to be.
  11. Hahahaha!!!! Thank you so much for this Peace Frog!!!!!!! Yet another way to enjoy this amazing win! This vid makes my day!
  12. They were certainly over-doing the "Are the Cowboys done?" and "Should Jason Garrett be fired right now?" narratives but at least the some of the graphics at the bottom of the screens were like "Buffalo Beat Down" and similar. That was nice to see. And they aren't saying the Cowboys just lost. They're all saying the Cowboys got hammered, beat down, dominated, etc. That's also very nice to see. I can get used to that.
  13. I guess Kroft is a really good blocker too. Really strong and aggressive. It will be interesting to see if they keep him around with Knox having such a good rookie season.
  14. This is just AWESOME! Really appreciate you sharing this. Every time I think about this, probably as long as I live, I'm going to laugh my butt off. Please buy your friend a few beers for me. Oh how I would love to have been there for that one!
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