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  1. I have actually heard of Frostburg State believe it or not. It's near Cumberland, MD. I visited there a handful of times but that was back in the early to mid 90's. I was in an Army reserve unit near there. I can confirm that your alma mater is accurately named having stayed a night there in January, on top of the three or four winters I was up there on drill weekends. I've been to a lot of cold places but the cold wind that comes down those mountains there in the winter is something else.
  2. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this one but I recall seeing a little contest, many years ago between Drew Bledsoe and Brett Favre (I'm 95% certain it was those two) and maybe another dude before the Pro Bowl game of whatever year that was. This was before Drew landed in B'lo. I think I remember they both threw 75 yards and tied. Vaguely remember someone else might have been there in the mix but didn't beat those two so I guess it wasn't important enough for me to remember who that was (or not remember if I'm incorrect). There may have been more of those but that's the only one I've actually watched myself. I've tuned out for the season by Pro Bowl time so just happening across the one with Bledsoe and Favre was a bit of luck. That was fun to watch. Of course I'd absolutely love to see Mahomes and Allen fire some cannonballs.
  3. This has no place on this thread. Especially on Memorial Day. Not a single person who gave their life for our country did so in vain.
  4. It’s in the game highlights on YouTube. Josh throws a rocket 27 yards with no discernible arc. On the run. Truly other-worldly.
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