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  1. You don't know squat

    I brought up that advantage for the GMs, so I'm going to jump back into this conversation as use it. Have they been interviewing QBs for the past two decades? The 3 teams in the AFC East have found nothing better than Chad Pennington. It would be tough to convince anyone that they know better. It should be an advantage but is it? Don't know squat implies that someone knows more, I hope Beane does.
  2. Most possible depressing outcome

    It is a sad day. I put my dark eye liner on this morning.
  3. You don't know squat

    I'm not a guy that studies each player coming out and handing out grades so save the welcoming for someone that deserves it. Guys here and all over the Internet spend countless hours forming their own grades and you won't have a hard time finding an amatuer that competes with the NFL GMs for hits/misses. That's all that matters is picking the right guy, I don't care how you came to the conclusion or if you pressed the calculate button on a million different formulas. Discounting anyone's opinions just because they aren't working for an NFL team is sloppy. The NFL gets it right, you're a Bills fan right? The best QB in the division at any point in Tom Brady's career was Chad freaking Pennington, save me the all knowing GM baloney. Ineptitude comes to mind but even that seems to simple of a word when trying to describe what a bumbling bag of dicks this division has been outside of NE. That's why the reactions are so harsh when something like yesterday happens.
  4. You don't know squat

    Well said. It's also worth mentioning that each QB in this draft plays the position entirely different than the others. That makes it very hard for me to believe that they don't have a strong preference on one of them.
  5. You don't know squat

    Would it be equally as arrogant to say any machine and multi-million dollar set up that leads you to draft Reggie Raglands over the Deion Jones of the world needs to be scrapped! Look at the hits and misses of GMs then look and listen to what fans who know football say. I will bet top dollar the hits/misses aren't far off from eachother. Analytics lol
  6. You don't know squat

    I don't agree with OP. There are fans here that spend the better part of their day studying players and situations that involve the Bills, lots of em. Moving to 3 would not have been "meaningless" that's a silly thing to say. Your point is lost on me, I think you are being trolled by posters calling for Beane's head so they can generate reactions such as this. The only advantage modern day scouts and GMs have over fans is being able to meet these guys and interview them face to face. Everything else is out there if you look deep enough.
  7. What do you think Denver is going to do?

    They draft a QB. Keenum is a year to year guy and Paxton Lynch is soon to be starring in Pirates Of The Caribbean part 16. Elway has botched the position since Manning declined, he won't waste a top 5 pick by trying to be cute.
  8. I think we should trade down. Imagine 4 second round picks!

    Only if Whaley can make the picks.
  9. Should Beane be Fired Because of Today's Colts/Jets Trade?

    I can't believe he is going to wake up in the morning and still be an NFL GM. Only in Buffalo!
  10. Should Beane be Fired Because of Today's Colts/Jets Trade?

    Beane was off boozing with his McBuddies on Saint Patrick's day and screwed the whole drAft up. Fire HIM!
  11. Josh Rosen Pro Day 3/15

    No I looked through a biggest bust list and he was 2nd to Marinovich, if I misread the graph then I apologize.
  12. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    If Gettleman isn't set on a QB he would get a nice haul for falling down to 12, I don't see him dropping a few spots and taking a small return. It's a pile of picks or it's a QB.
  13. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    Even if Beane is comfortable that his guy would be available at 12 then I'm sure he has/is still exhausting every possibility. I don't have the impression that it's still amatuer hour at OBD. For years I have said find your guy and do what it takes to get him. It seems they are doing just that, many other folks said the same exact thing so I don't get the outrage of the Jets moving up. Beane has all the cards to get what he wants. Let's see who he decided was the guy. I won't be shocked at any of the top 4 ending up in Bills gear, I will be shocked if Beane's draft recap is him babbling about "we tried but couldn't get the guy so we did x" I don't see that happening.
  14. Time for Beane to Call Gettleman

    Reality is that there is zero chance Beane and Gettleman haven't already spoken about draft day. It's foolish to thing Beane suddenly needs to call the NYG and gauge their interest.
  15. Yeah I think he was asleep at the wheel and in fear of making a trade....sigh.