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  1. So this Doc nailed it from the beginning, but all anyone will remember was his tweet about the worst case scenario.
  2. Thanks for the updates. If Bandit’s timeline is correct that gives Allen a few games to end his rookie season. I’m fine with that. Just name Anderson, if McD trots Peterman out there this Sunday I’m going to have a hard time standing in his corner.
  3. Just drink, don’t think. Just drink, don’t think. Let’s go Bills!!!
  4. Commonsense

    Peterman Could Play in Indy

    It’s a simple decision. Put Anderson out there if JA can’t go. That shows McD is making an attempt to fix HIS error, a month late but still an attempt. Anderson sucking is better than Nate sucking.
  5. Commonsense

    RIP Paul Allen

    Very sad.
  6. Commonsense

    If we March Peterman out there again...I will....

    I will go full Uncle RICO. Going to a field, set up a mini hoop and destroy that thing from 50 plus yards away. I will then proceed to throw a variety of passes to my 8 year old nephew who is the next Wes Welker, I’m sure of it. I will upload the video to every Bills related outlet. Disclaimer: I will be drinking heavily and won’t have any Jills cheering me on.
  7. Commonsense

    McDermott hangs up on Schopp and Bulldog

    Maybe cut back on the workouts and start watching that Peterman film. He should have never been around to take that L yesterday.
  8. Commonsense

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    In that case they should really package some picks and go and get Fitzpatrick, lots of yards yah know? Watson has a long way to go. You can sell anyone on Mahomes though.
  9. Commonsense

    The NE vs. KC Game was garbage......

    It was garbage. The Pats were calling running plays from their own side of the field so they could run down the clock and kick and the fg. They had three timeouts, never used one of them IIRC. Playing defense is officially a joke. That same offense will drop 40 on a good Bills defense because the way the game is now.
  10. Commonsense

    So who do we want to start at qb this Sunday?

    Watson😂 As Trent Dilfer would say, he needs to learn to operate from the pocket and do things on time. Him and Allen are suffering from the same problem.
  11. Commonsense

    Things I trust more than "The Process"

    Stuff was still exploratory when Bonds and David Boston went full bobble head. I’m sure they have fine tuned the recipe.
  12. Commonsense

    Things I trust more than "The Process"

    Tom Brady’s “diet”
  13. Commonsense

    Draft another qb next year

    Allen will be fine. If they do decide to draft another QB in the near future I hope they consult with JeffsMagic.
  14. Commonsense

    The Answer is Sitting in Tampa Bay

    Th defense is playing hard but they are being overrated right now. After they get shredded by NE the tank threads will the new Allen sucks threads. Watson was as bad or worse than Allen yesterday. Running around in circles with his eyes looking down at his own feet.
  15. The biggest mistake was waiting over a month to sign Anderson. A good HC/GM combo knows how to protect their team and themselves from ridicule. Sure, Anderson could have sucked in relief duty but it isn’t the same as standing pat with Peterman and then having yesterday happen. I was a big supporter of the culture change and I still want to believe in these two but the longer this goes on the harder it gets. They are doing a disservice to the fans and team by making some simple mistake. Their pride might end up being their own downfall.