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  1. Freddy Jackson leading the charge this Sunday!

    Someone let Chris Conte know. NSFW
  2. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    The Rays entire team was under contract for 69.5 million in 17'. Stanton makes that per AB.
  3. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady?
  4. Next year should be a step back record wise as the youth movement begins and they go through growing pains at QB. If the Pegulas brought Beane and McD and let them clean up the locker room I would be really dissapointed if they don't get 3 years. McD's in game management definitely needs to improve but a 3 year minimum should be in place. If Beane drafts well and McD can't get his act together then the coach is replaceable.
  5. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    How do you suppose his agent views this season? Short of being injured again this is about as bad as it could go. He either does a prove deal or finds Allen Hurns type of money in an undesirable place like say...Chicago. Lack of production, early season admission of half assing it, past history with Bills, injuries. He won't be signing a top dollar deal like he thought.
  6. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    I watch the Rams every week. He hasn't caught a touchdown all season against a legit number one corner. Explain.
  7. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    In another thread I listed Garcon's catch totals he had something like 3 games in 3 years with 3 catches or less. Watkins catches 3 or less more often than not.
  8. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Uhhh go look at his stats when they play against teams with good corners. He got a touchdown against AZ but it was a little stacked play to keep him away from Pat Pete. Rashaan Melvin 5 for 58 Sherman 0-0 Ramsey 1-11 Pat Pete 3-42 Pat Pete 3-38 Rhodes 3-36 one touchdown against AZ it wasn't on Peterson. The Giants Touchdown was a busted coverage against DRC and collins who let him run free. If he sees so much number 1, where was Janoris!?
  9. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Mercedes Lewis has 5 touchdowns on 19 catches. Is he good? If you want a laugh look at Watkins ghosting against top 10 cornerbacks. Usually totally invisible, ocassional a catch or two and 30 yards.
  10. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Exactly right on him being a throw in. I wouldn't say it's a bad look on Beane, Matthews is a guy heading into FA and him and his agent need to salvage some of his value. Being injured is about the only thing they can use this late in the game. He will have missed 16 games in the last 3 seasons. 7 prior to his arrival in Blo, his history is well documented. His durability was mocked as they shipped off Watkins by a select few.
  11. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Made it worse? Greg Olsen is going through the same thing, saw him hopping off on one foot last week only to try and play again this week. 100% he will have another surgery this offseason with his Jones Fracture. The staff cleared Watkins, as far as Lal knows he is good to go, I think that's one small incident it what was probably a much broader relationship. Tough to blame either one of them there, if anything that goes back to the medical staff. Edelman, Julio, Durant etc. all went through the same troubles with this surgery.
  12. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    Why do you say that of Lal? That demonstrates the level of trust they had or in this case didn't have in the player. Who admittedly was out for himself during his time here. That's a tough spot for a coach, IIRC Watkins loved Lal I'd imagine that was the "breaking" point.
  13. Jags started drafting well in 14' they also got Hurns that year as UDFA. They were so below the cap floor it was bananas. The Bills could end being pretty close to that. Bolster the roster as you said but if they play it right they can sync up some big time impact players through FA. Obviously it all depends on drafting well, as I said before this team is in desperate need of a franchise altering draft.
  14. Let the draft picks mature a year or two then sync up your big FA signings. Follow Jacksonville.
  15. Tyler Dunne Article on Sammy Watkins' Maturation

    That's a great article written by Dunne. Like many at OBD I still have my doubts that Watkins is any different but good for him if he is. Still my nephews favorite player even after he left and for that I'm partly responsible.