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  1. I’m looking for 3-4 tickets to this game tomorrow if anyone has any. Taking the family for the first time. Happy to pay. Thanks!!
  2. McD may need to go. I actually laughed at people who said it earlier - why would we do that given where he's taken us? But Jerry's right. Will the players trust him in those situations going forward? Will he lose the locker room when they face adversity? If we want to truly ensure Allen stays on his trajectory, Pegula should be talking to his captains asking what they think of McD. Because if there is a whiff that a change needs to be made, you do it now - you don't wait to waste another 2-3 years.
  3. Over the last 48 hours my disappointment and pity has shifted from the fans to Josh. Josh deserves to be playing next Sunday. He is a special player and a great person. The Bills and Josh will both get what they deserve, I just hope it comes sooner than later.
  4. I’m also looking for 3 tickets. Preferably lower bowl and closer to midfield. Please DM me if you have any available. Thanks!
  5. A home game is virtually a 0% chance but hey nice to dream!
  6. That was too much. Amazing to be part of a fan club with him as our anchor
  7. The Bills v Ravens is the most likely Flex game we have. We should know by Monday afternoon
  8. Browns left the middle wide open there. Not even sure if that was designed but Josh knew that's what he was going to do
  9. Have you ever considered why the Jets and Giants have a stadium in New Jersey as opposed to New York? That was almost certainly a key consideration. Also, those other areas you are naming have a LOT to offer - New Orleans? SF? Chicago? All major markets compared to us.
  10. Yeahhhh I think you missed the point about a "winning culture" BJ...
  11. The long standing issue of attracting top tier talent to Buffalo is going to continue to put Buffalo at a disadvantage versus other markets. It comes down to a number of factors that work against us: 1. Winning Culture: All else equal, Buffalo will always lose in this department based on our history 2. Taxes: NY personal income tax rates and changes in tax law make employment in Buffalo extremely expensive for high earners. They will always prefer places like Florida and Texas where there are low or no-taxes. We will always have to overpay. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-19/nfl-teams-risk-talent-drain-in-high-tax-states-as-breaks-curbed 3. Location: I love WNY and there will always be people who will be attracted to the region. However, top prospects in the prime of their career trying to build a brand will not come here. NYC, LA, South Florida and Dallas will continue to be more premier markets for these players. You can argue that it has largely been this way for decades, but the media prominence and brand of the NFL is much larger than what it was when we made our run in the 90s (and even then players complained about coming here). If we are going to win, it is going to take master execution in free agency and even moreso in the draft. We will need to try and lock up players ahead of their contract expirations. Otherwise, contracts like we gave underperforming talent like Mario Williams and Marcell Dareus will set an organization like ours back for years.
  12. You are missing the spirit of the question. It's more of a would you rather. Personally, I see no way in which this teams makes the playoffs this year so the #1 thing I am looking for in each game now is for Allen to develop. Because if that happens, we have a clear cut plan when we enter into an off-season with tons of capital to work with. If he doesn't develop and isn't our sure fire QB next year, well that just means there is going to be a hell of a lot of questions again. So while you can pretend that we can be happy by winning on last second field goals to average teams, ultimately what this team needs is a franchise QB.
  13. So in that case...which would you "prefer"? Win or see Allen develop?
  14. There has been a lot of debate about whether we should try and win 8 games this year or prioritize the development of Josh Allen. Both are great but there are a number of people who are mad at yesterday's win given the poor showing at QB. So I would ask you - would you rather 1) See good progress from Allen but win 3-4 games? Or 2) Win 8 games ugly and enter next season without a confident grasp of who will be our long term QB?
  15. Would you guys be able to help me understand the check-in process for the RV lot tomorrow morning? I'll be in line but wasnt sure how long it takes to get through once they open the gates. Is it a quick process or is this something that takes a while because they take certain measures?
  16. With the RV Lot for Saturday, does anyone know the check-in process? Is it just a quick, here's your $50, go on in or is there a more formal process?
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