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  1. Just typing, "The Comeback!" gives me goosebumps. ps we will leave, "Music city Miracle" for another day. pps ad "Wide right" and "13 seconds"
  2. Best player Bruce, most important player...Thurman he is what made the Bills offense better than all the others.
  3. OMG just googled...really is, "All in!" the correct phrase????? Can he tackle Hall????
  4. Who is Calin Ridley? I really don't know.
  5. I'll play your game, Buccaneers! I am assuming its free! Thanks,
  6. We need all four of those guys to step-up...and then we are talking about a very good football team! I feel all 4 are solid football players and can do it, but if not they should be sent packing. The money is going to get tight for the Bills very soon. Go Bills!
  7. How about the LB who always filled in for Conlan when he was hurt?!!!! I don't remember his name and it's not worth googling! please help me out! I'm Going back to watch the end of the game someone posted above.
  8. we need a cover LB, and that is what he was coming out of college. I have not seen what he is now, but it is a need!
  9. He's on a Roll!!! but really... just win baby!!!! and the biggest game for the Bills so far is right there, it has been a long time coming! Go Bills!!!!
  10. I would do it now as our window for winning might be now, once Allen gets a new deal we are are in a totally different situation cap wise. Our 2nd next year hopefully is towards the end of the draft, so it would be less than what you would give up to move up on draft day. Jets and Miami might improve quickly and we might miss our opportunity.
  11. Any thoughts on who they should have signed or drafted? The Defense seemed set and they added to both the offense and the defense. Maybe coaching needs to get creative!
  12. Ryan Leaf...he was great in the Rose Bowl!!! all talent no head
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