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  1. Van Miller on “It’s Academic”. Missed out by one question being a replacement for the playoffs. Freakin’ Straits of Gibraltar.
  2. For reasons passing understanding, I was on the JV baseball team in HS. Never started but I did keep the scorebook for 2 years. Had one game where I had a few meaningful plays as the 2nd baseman I backed had to come on in relief when the starter blew up. Just missed a HR. 😢 Didn’t make varsity my junior year. My dad bought me a set of used golf clubs and my buddies did their best to make me the 5th man. I ended up 9th. At the sports banquet that year I was awarded a varsity letter, a jacket, and a couple of trophies that my buddies earned. So I guess my answer is yes and no. I practiced but rarely played. At my first job interview after college, the owner asked me if I ever played team sports in HS or college. So, I told him that first paragraph. Owner: “I only hire people who have played a team sport. Do you know why?” Me: “Because it teaches you a discipline. You have to show up on time & listen to your coaches. It’s about accountability.” O: “Wow. That’s one of the best answers I’ve heard to that question.” M: “Yeah. Army ROTC sort of re-enforced that.” He glanced at my résumé again. “Oh. Do you have an Army commitment?” And that was the end of my practice interview. 😇
  3. There’s a scene where they’re watching a movie and a guy comes in and asks, “Skip where you been?” (paraphrasing) “Well, I was in Tonawanda, then Hitler invaded France. So now I’m here.” Another scene, I believe in the episode you referenced, Skip tells a story about swimming across the Niagara River above the Falls. Said the current took him 2 miles down river before he reached Canada. Then his mom & sister yelled at him.
  4. It’s almost as if conflict is required to construct a story. 🤔 But Oliver? Yeah, f#%k that kid.
  5. Little bit of Mayo S&P Relish Minced Onions Dash of Dill Weed Dash of Curry Powder Teaspoon of Lemon Juice Let Chill in fridge for a few hours so the flavors can merry. We made it this way at the restaurant I worked at: Fork split an English Muffin & lightly toast. Put EMs on a cookie sheet. Layer a slice of tomato, nice scoop of the tuna mix & a slice of Swiss Cheese on each. Put in broiler until cheese is melted.
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