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  1. There’s a scene where they’re watching a movie and a guy comes in and asks, “Skip where you been?” (paraphrasing) “Well, I was in Tonawanda, then Hitler invaded France. So now I’m here.” Another scene, I believe in the episode you referenced, Skip tells a story about swimming across the Niagara River above the Falls. Said the current took him 2 miles down river before he reached Canada. Then his mom & sister yelled at him.
  2. It’s almost as if conflict is required to construct a story. 🤔 But Oliver? Yeah, f#%k that kid.
  3. Little bit of Mayo S&P Relish Minced Onions Dash of Dill Weed Dash of Curry Powder Teaspoon of Lemon Juice Let Chill in fridge for a few hours so the flavors can merry. We made it this way at the restaurant I worked at: Fork split an English Muffin & lightly toast. Put EMs on a cookie sheet. Layer a slice of tomato, nice scoop of the tuna mix & a slice of Swiss Cheese on each. Put in broiler until cheese is melted.
  4. A) Not really a miss but My buddy told me... His wife’s company had a box at whatever they’re calling where the Florida Panthers play. I lived about 5 minutes away. The Stones were playing & they had 2 ducats for the box. I had been there before with them for a Sabres’ game (members of the Chiavetta’s family were there, too). So he tells me about a week later that his wife was ailing all day & he told her, “Babe, I’ll just call Hopper. Don’t make it worse.” Then she rallied & they went. Could have gone my whole life without knowing that. B) Gin Blossoms at UB. God, they sucked.
  5. My friend sent me an article about them looking for volunteers. She’s had juvenile diabetes since she was, well, young. “I’ve pricked my finger for decades, you can do it once.” She works in DC as a lobbyist searching for grants for new imaging (MRI, CT, etc) technology. Big on public health. I wish I had her energy. So I sent an email saying I’d volunteer: clinicalstudiesunit@nih.gov
  6. He was big in the Ocala thoroughbred horse community. He played hard. You get 63 Hank Steinbrenner years, you’ve LIVED. Note: I HATE the Yankees.
  7. I order the litter from Chewy.com, 80lbs at a time. Let some strapping lad drop it at the door.
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