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  1. General Manager Brandon Beane said on the WKBW pregame show that Nsekhe has a "knee tweak." "He's fine. He'll be back next week. We just want to be cautious."
  2. Taking nothing away from Darnold, who I think will be a good NFL QB, but that first drive was no-huddle, a scripted drive down the field. Tyrod Taylor always seemed to have a great first possession - then things went downhill. Darnold's second drive last night was decidedly mediocre.
  3. Chris Brown on WGR this afternoon: Clowney to the Bills - not happening.
  4. Allen's second possession was pretty sharp - showing what he's working on. I really wish they'd let him throw some 70yd passes on the sideline before a game. He always seems to come on in his first possession way too hot on his throws - he should get that out of his arm before he comes on the field.
  5. Well, looks like a two receiver drill designed to be a short pass either side of the field so, yes, he was staring at Beasley the entire rep...
  6. A number of media types have commented on this. They have all also commented on the fact that Oliver's speed/athleticism game won't really come into play until the pads come on. And, that he is a rookie at his second practice of the pre-season...
  7. I heard the Cosell interview - consistently one of the best guests on One Bills Drive - I thought his breakdown of Allen was uncharacteristically sloppy in that he did not discuss Allen's progress during the year, culminating in the week 17 game. The analysis of Allen's short-comings seemed focused on the first half of the season - nor was he challenged on this point by Murphy. I have at other times heard Cosell much more complimentary about Allen and I would guess that - if pressed - Cosell would say that Allen roughly equals Darnold at this point, obviously with different skill-sets.
  8. So, what about Duke Williams makes him any more or less likely to be able to play special teams? Serious question. Patrick DiMarco, e.g., has apparently sucked up a roster spot for years based on special teams ability, but what does he [or Tasker, back in the day] do that Duke Williams couldn't be taught to do?
  9. Speaking of enjoying life, while out at Tahoe: https://www.sacbee.com/sports/article232611332.html
  10. Seriously, it's time for an immediate correction/clarification by his attorney - he was just joking....
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001034785/article/61-mph-patriots-tom-brady-posts-his-pass-velocity I say B.S. Totally fails the eye test ...
  12. Yeah, maybe ... there's an awful lot of groupthink going on with the reporters, from what I've seen at training camp. As a rule, they hang out together in a big pack and reinforce each others opinion. Joe B and Sal C tend to stand apart - one of the reasons their takes are more credible to me.
  13. Beautifully written as always, Shaw66. It's posts like this that make TBD worth coming to. So much different than the drek usually found on football forums: looking at you JetNation, GangGreen, FinHeaven, PatsFans ...
  14. Here's the video from Gase's press conference today. What about this guy makes anyone think he's a good communicator or leader? Terrible body language: slouching, not looking at questioners, hat pulled down over his eyes. He'd better be an offensive genius to overcome this attitude, but I haven't seen that either: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4KoW_wzuH0
  15. Barry White indeed! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0BSy1IQE-4
  16. https://www.buffalobills.com/video/watch-allen-and-barkley-surprise-military-mothers
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