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  1. He did the same thing to Allen last week, but no fumble. Should be a personal foul against Watt, the angle of the punch both time was straight for the nuts.
  2. I'd wait until the coverage map comes out later in the week before you start making plans. It's been years since they haven't shown a Bills game in Rochester, and have to believe that this one will be shown as well.
  3. He's gotta figure out a way to start better. Even when he's "on", the 1st quarter is usually wasted on Allen getting his head into the game, or getting rid of nervous energy that causes him to overthrown the ball. Seriously, I think the Bills should make him run laps for half an hour pre-game to calm him down.
  4. At least we'll get a couple of weeks of tape on him. Hate to be the first team to face him, even a 3d stringer.
  5. I agree with all of this - I'm a total Allen fan-boy. What I don't understand is: Allen with his high Wonderlic has trouble making pre- and post-snap reads quickly - how is it that Lamar Jackson with his low Wonderlic score does not, or does Jackson's scheme not require him to make these reads.
  6. It's official: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/639238-philadelphia-sports-fans-voted-worst-in-american-by-gq-magazine
  7. I looked it up - Ty Nsekhe had 17 snaps yesterday. Anyone notice if he was appreciably better the Ford when he was in? That was always my impression leading up to Nsehke's injury, but it's hard to judge O-line performance watching the game once on tv...
  8. Yes it was.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2018/06/wgr_producer_follows_through_on_quitting_due_to_buffalo_bills_drafting_josh_alle.html%3foutputType=amp
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