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  1. Rex built his staff on blind loyalty not qualifications
  2. NO WAY is Foster going anywhere anytime soon. He's going to challenge for a starting spot and possibly be the #2 receiver
  3. I think Shady's going to be playing with a huge chip on his shoulder. 1000 yards on the ground is unlikely, but he'll do good enough to be picked up by somebody else next year. Baltimore might be a good fit for him at this point in his career
  4. It would take an epic 2 year collapse to get him canned, and another playoff appearance to get him extended
  5. That should put him in the Pro Bowl, and the BIlls in contention for the division title
  6. Pretty bold predictions. I can see Allen hitting enough long balls to make defenses respect it and back up which will open up the running game even more and bring Shady back to life. Papa Gore is going to have his way with most defenses on the ground as well, and with the additions on defense, 10-6 is a legit possibility as long as the OL holds up their end of the deal
  7. That was real foul! If you want to take cheap shots at him, that's one thing. But families are off limits. He crossed the line
  8. I'd take pleasure in saddling that up and taking her on a long hard ride
  9. Anybody taking bets on how long he'll last in DC?
  10. These comments are hilarious
  11. 😂😂 I like Golden Corral . Can't have him F/N that up 😂
  12. He's back. This time with the Skins as LB coach. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/19/rob-ryan-being-out-of-coaching-humbles-you/?__twitter_impression=true
  13. The AFC East is going to become one of the most competitive divisions in the league by 2020
  14. I doubt it. They don't have room for him.
  15. Bye Bye Bye Next man from Carolina up
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