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  1. I doubt it. They don't have room for him.
  2. Bye Bye Bye Next man from Carolina up
  3. Well, let's hope you're right about that.
  4. That's young. RIP Sue
  5. Maybe he'll join the coaching staff. Looks like the next logical step for him
  6. KB and Clay are gone now so that should help solve that problem
  7. Granted these aren't the Ravens of old but they can't be counted out.
  8. I like Houston ONLY if their OL can protect Watson.Browns look good on paper but They haven't done anything on the field yet so I'm not sold yet on them or the Jets. Steelers and Ravens should battle it out for the division again. I'm expecting to see the Chargers and Pats in the AFC title game. If Allen takes the next step forward, The Bills will take the first wild card spot
  9. It's put up or shut up time for him especially with him being a Rex Ryan holdover.
  10. He's going to be just fine at whatever position he plays on the line be it guard or tackle
  11. Agreed all 3 belong in the hall. I have no understanding why Tasker and Guy aren't there already. They should have been in years ago.
  12. Let's hope he grew up and got his act together now. The talent is there. He needs the maturity badly
  13. Too much of a drama queen. He really needs to chill.
  14. 94. Make us forget the last guy who had that number
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