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  1. I'm thinking they'll get two Sunday night games and a Monday nighter Maybe one game against an AFC west team and one against an NFC west team along with the Pats game in Foxboro
  2. Beane is a smart guy. I don't see him going high for a WR. He's more likely to go pass rusher first then find a gem in the 2nd or 3rd round at WR
  3. With the right additions in the off season, 12-4 and the end of the Evil Empire's stranglehold on the division
  4. All it takes is one good season and some team is going to be ready to give up top dollar.
  5. Agreed. Let us make it official his time is up. That would be so sweet.
  6. NO! They took their foot off the gas and settled for 3s when they needed to tack on 7s. When you have a team down, you F/N stomp them! Lesson learned. Then need to develop a killer instinct.
  7. No surprise somebody hired him quickly. I think he's going to do very well with the skins but it's going to take 2-3 years.
  8. Fitz has his moments where sometimes he's Dr Brady, and other times he's Mr Peterman. You never know with him, just don't sign him to a big contract.
  9. It's his last home game before retirement. He's playing!
  10. 1) If not a #1, definitely an legit #2 with size and physicality to compliment Brown & Beasley 2) Agreed, Ford Belongs at Guard. He's in over his head at tackle 3) McD is big on rotational guys on the line, but a terroristic DE that can really get after the passer would give the line dominance 4) I like Gore but his time is up. We're going to need a younger power back with some speed to compliment Singletary. 2,and 4 we'll most likely get in the draft. 1 & 3 might be available in free agency unless Beane is willing to use draft assets to pull the trigger on a surprise trade.
  11. Take it out on the Pats and make the Texans pay for it in the playoffs
  12. Yeah, that would be a good idea. Nothing left to play for, Pats aren't going to choke against Miami. We're not winning the division this year.
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