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  1. Ain't that the truth. But let's give him some credit. Their defense was better under Rex
  2. Well, the table is set for him with the remaining schedule. The odds of a breakout are in his favor. It's up to him to make it happen.
  3. BmarvB

    Peterman to Patriots? They always liked him.

    That's exactly what's going to happen. The Bills are going to get him back. He'll be on the PS
  4. BmarvB

    Ronald Darby Tore ACL. Done for the Season

    That's a shame. I liked Darby when he was here. One bad break after another. Hope he recovers in time for 2019 wherever he may end up
  5. He's an all pro in practice and preseason, but he doesn't belong on the field when the games are for real.
  6. Just end it now and get it over with. 'Pick me off' Peterman is done here
  7. BmarvB

    13-7 Baby!

    If we beat Jacksonville, 8-8 is possible. We won't win in Foxboro.
  8. BmarvB

    Some random thoughts on the Jets game

    He should be getting canned as you're reading this...
  9. BmarvB

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    He got away with a couple that should have been intercepted, but overall he looked good enough to be the backup going forward, and send the pick machine out the door
  10. 1) Welcome Aboard Matt Barkley. He made a very good first impression, and pretty much secured the backup QB position. When Allen is back, Anderson, "pick me off' Peterman, or both should be gone. 2) And speaking of gone, I'd be very surprised if Todd Bowles isn't canned Monday 3) This was s great confidence builder for the O-Line. They really came through for the offense today. Granted it was against the Jets but a good performance is still a good performance - especially with the new jacks getting some playing time. There's something to build on there 4) Give Daboll a game ball. Game plan and play calling was spot on. Attacking deep opened up things for the running game perfectly. 5) Hope Milano gets through the CP. The bye week will give him extra time to recover. He's having a breakout season 6) The new return man also made a good first impression. Looks like he could break one at any time. 7) Foster deserves more time on the field while KB could use some time on the bench. Foster accomplished more in this game alone than Benjamin has for most of the season. 8 ) Defense did what they were supposed to do against an offense they were expected to dominate - Nuff Said. 9. Obviously running the table to 9-7 is unrealistic with a trip to Foxboro still on the slate, but if we can get past a Struggling Jacksonville team, 8-8 is still a longshot possibility. GO BILLS!!!!!
  11. BmarvB

    Barkley expected to start

    Finally occurred to him Pickoff Machine Peterman sucks and he can't dare put him back on the field again?
  12. BmarvB

    QB Headsets

    Maybe the Patriots already have?
  13. BmarvB

    What has happened to Ryan Lewis?

    I thought Lewis was fairly solid and should be on the field more. With Ganes out of the picture, we should see more of him going forward This move could turn out to be an upgrade if he keeps up his play.
  14. BmarvB

    And more piling on.....

    Offensively, we're on our way there
  15. BmarvB

    And more piling on.....

    Consider a HC who went 1-31 over a 2 year period and still got a third year