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  1. This post caught my eye. After watching the all 22 of the KC game it seems that he gets space on the left side. i like the pull-ability of the right side with morse and Winters but it seems as though those designs stretch too far out and Singletary doesn't seem to have the speed to get to the edge. I dont know if Williams and Winters create the holes of the left side. Maybe this will change when Feliciano gets back
  2. It got better because they played the Jets Next question
  3. That left side was blocking pretty well for Singletary but like you said. The burst wasn't there and the holes closed for him
  4. Thats their MO. Sooooo they better. After the Harrison Phillips and Trent Murphy for cox and Zimmer situation. They were giving guys a look so they can against the Jets
  5. Cam is fine... if he didn't have a club. After that it really gets dicey
  6. I actually told my friend when we got that 3rd down stop it was backups. I found that interesting. I really feel it sucks that against the top team in the league we decide to "try some guys out because they looked good in practice" why does McDermott have a propensity to tinker during the regular season. He did it with his O line a few years ago. Shouldn't that "best 5" be cemented in by week 6?
  7. AJ is a non factor. Ed needs a space eater next to him. Edmunds isn't as good as people think. He isn't a true MLB and he will be paid soon. Is he worth it? Shoulder or no shoulder. He's not effective when the o line gets to the second level. Milano is the better of the 2 lbs for sure
  8. Try Cam Lewis in the slot. At 5'8 its probably his best shot in this league
  9. Is is really play calling or is it personnel Jefferson has been our best d lineman in my estimation
  10. So a different person than he ever ven was? Lol. I remember meeting him at work after his rookie year i talked to him a bit. I joked with him asking can I pencil you in for 10 sacks. He promised me 14 sacks his second year. Im still waiting
  11. He turned into Joe Busc. I used to love Sal and not like Joe. But I have to agree. There is something to this. He's way to knowledgeable from his own background to become irritating. I hope he's on here but I'm starting to think sideline beat reporters shouldn't have full shows. One guy called in today and started off too aggressive and its not clear if he was even quoting Sal correctly but I am noticing a trend. Was hoping it was just me
  12. I think its by default. Nsheke can't stay healthy and Ford has to play guard. Williams is probably the best of the 3, but I would like to think they want to get better over there
  13. Beasley was good I think Dawkins is what he is. I worry about him in pass pro. Its warranted
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