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  1. The ketchup and mustard thing is disgusting and I hate when they show it on national tv... the rest is sort of enter at your own risk
  2. Thats exactly my issue. The communication worries me. I just want to know about boosters and things like that. But like i said the main concern is my son. I go to the gym and go to... for now... UB games. Mask up and all that. Also working at the airport the whole 2 and under dont need a mask. I would never. Its all just crazy to me.
  3. I was gonna say something to this effect but I decided to refrain due to the climate of the chat lol
  4. True Polancarz doesn't even really want fans in the stands. He warned on Friday in a press conference he would be watching. No one cared
  5. Im not vaccinated and I have a 4 year old. I wasn't worried about me but I was more worried about bringing something home to him. I had my mask on at ALL times including the walk and I asked my friend did he see anything close rule compliance... and he said no, him included. I thought it was a no brainer and a blessing to be able to have people in the stands. I guess they took the warnings for granted
  6. The green bay game this lady turned around and screamed... HES THE ONLY ONE FOLLOWING THE RULES. I was like you can join if you like
  7. Could easily. Be Stephenson or if needed McKenzie. They are going to probably have to get creative to keep the wrs they want, especially a Kumerow or something. I could see it
  8. David has THE IQ and can bring something special to the film room for sure
  9. They did stress how Levi was the only corner outside of Tre who doesn't get dropped off.. even if he was giving up catches he was there. Dane and Wildgoose may be the future but they still need work
  10. I think I saw him somewhere around 2009. I lie to you not .. I was behind him at a concession stand at a UB basketball game... I just remember playfully asking him "man what you doin here". He was like "watching basketball my man, I still live in Amherst". I couldn't believe he offered that info but hey. He was down to earth as hell.
  11. My favorite Bills WR. I thought he still lived in Amherst
  12. I am thinking he wants tre in LA. nothing said he wanted to be here.
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