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  1. Agent 91

    Matt Barkley Will Be the Bills' Starter vs. the NYJ

    How can we!! Lol this McDermott debacle is going to be infamous
  2. Agent 91

    We gotta find a way to lose this one boys.

    Why? What are we trying to tank for? This draft is littered with wr talent to be had 10 through round 3. Or are we tanking for the LT? There are 3 of those. I am not interested in Bosa or Oliver so much Greedy Williams doesnt excite me either. I need offense.
  3. I think next year we HAVE to get the offensive talent regardless of whether or not it Allen is quality. It's time to make it happen.
  4. Agent 91

    I think I'm out on McDermott

    I dont mind losing but blowout after blowout after blowout. It's insane. There is righting the ship and then there is just missmanagement... I'm not buying what he is selling. He himself is Marroning and is getting edgier by the day. He is trying to regain his grasp. They are unprepared EVERY week. May as well have stayed with dennison this year. This is worse than last year and last year was nothing to write home about.
  5. Agent 91

    McKelvin Benjamin can't hang on to the ball.

    Starting to hear people calling him Opie... on the radio lol
  6. Agent 91

    Finally the end for peterman???

    My point was. Why yesterday. Why do bbn we need to go right in on him. We KNOW he isn't the future, we KNOW he isnt a starter, we KNOW he probably wont benon a team after next year. But on a day where the o line couldnt get out bbn of it's own way, McCoy averaged a yard a carry and K Benjamin somehow was allowed to keep coming back. People want to go right at peterman. Why go look at tape of Peterman what are you analyzing? He not a long term plan anywhere. I was just stating that yesterday was not a day I was in the mood to rehash the same crap we talk about everytime peterman stepped on the field. We have seen a 5 int half a 55 yard half. Been pulled from every game and this was somehow the one to talk about? No it's not. How about we talk about McDermott putting the bills in this position 4 QBs that wont win you games is where we are right now
  7. Agent 91

    Notable Offensive Moves by McDermott

    I wouldn't even bet on crossman OR Castillo getting the can
  8. Agent 91

    Caption This - It's Offensive!

    So you are telling me that a game that saw maybe THE BEST defensive performance in recent history against the Vikings and a game Allen played its entirety and only registered 82 yards passing 1 int and let's add in the 19 yards rushing. Allen was not a big difference maker in either game. He was however exciting in the Vikings game. The Anderson statement was tongue on cheek but not 1 of our 4 QBs as it stands right now can take over a game yet.
  9. Oh you fact based logicists... when will you learn
  10. Agent 91

    Caption This - It's Offensive!

    Well they played better for anderson so by that logic I guess hes the future huh
  11. Agent 91

    Finally the end for peterman???

    Seems that way
  12. Agent 91

    Brandon Beane deserves to be fired tomorrow

    Amen man. Amen No I dont think we expected this offense. We knew this wasnt a winning program but this isnt college. You should not be getting blown out by this much this often... Ever
  13. Lol is sweet Nate the new nickname? Lol
  14. Agent 91

    Trent Murphy - Should we be worried?

    Yet another gaffe this regime made
  15. Good God!!! Does he get some sort of royalties for saying "there were some good plays and some plays he wants to have back. I have to go and review the film".