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  1. I believe the call was on a helmet hit. If this is the same play im thinking of. It was someone at the ankles and then a second hit high I laughed at the Moss one. He threw the ball behind him blindly and hit the defender in the chest with it
  2. I cant... they do 2 separate things and Milano is just more important!
  3. Hes ok for what we do. But he isn't a probowl player. I think his numbers are skewed but I will get flamed for that ChiRic... you bated me Hes good for rb by committee
  4. Why are we stuck on stats? Once again... the original statement was he is who a lot of us thought he was. You can quote 5.1 a carry until you are blue in the face. He is... who he is. Hes not a world beater. There is a reason the bills used a 3rd rd pick this year on an identical back. I did not omit ANY stats. I just used them to show how you bloat a 5.1 a carry average. As a matter of fact, i brought up stats because the original person i was speaking with was saying that Singletary was averaging 5.1 with more carries a game. So I pull the disparity in games where Singletary ran more than 10
  5. We will discuss after the season or whatever requisites are needed to show that he is in fact not a true number 1 back. My original statement is this is the guy we should have known him to be. And if you want to dismiss the fact he had 2 game 10 carries averaging over 13 yards during that stretch thats fine. But if you are expecting him to be that guy. You may be waiting a while. Long before I introduced stats or anything, the original statement is. He settled into who he really is. If you notice I used ALL stats. And all stats prove he is about the same as he was last year In production.
  6. My point is he wasn't really a 5.1 ypc back last year either. He did his best work in big chunk plays he wasn't getting you a consistent 5.1 a carry. The same way he's not getting you a consistent 4.1 this year. Give him a few big chunk plays and he will be right up there at the same average. We can massage the numbers as you have definitely done research but the point is at this point he's on pace for 150 less yards in 12 games with less carries than he had last season. But he more than makes up for the void in the receiving game. Thats why I say he's par for the course. As a feature. Thats b
  7. Hell of a thought Kudos Lack of Yeldon is criminal. He plays his best game and you sit him. I swore they were gonna move him at the deadline.
  8. I honestly haven't seen the all 22 as my mind is trained to think they will randomly plant the last 34 secs of the game somewhere in the middle lol. But I can say that when I usually watch it, there usually, not always, but usually, are creases that open and close fast. I notice Winters is a putz but can pull and the left side with Ford and Dawkins is usually the go to. If you promise they won't manipulate were they put that ending ill try it again
  9. If you look at 2019 he only averaged 5 yds a carry 2 times when carrying the ball more than 10 times and then you have to factor in the final 2 games where he averaged 9.5 on 4 carries against the giants and 17.5 on 6 carries on the jets. In the remaining 8 games he went for about an average of 4.3 per carry.
  10. Statistically Singletary is a better receiver than last year and about on par with last year rushing. The difference is we don't have Gore to compare him to. And he goes north and south unlike McCoy. He is what we should have known he was. He just isn't an RB1. And that's fine, but you can't continue to use him like he is. We must do better. Its not all the line at all.
  11. Thank you... got too cute! You can find a scrap heap back but you shouldn't depend on it
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