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  1. He hasnt played at all on the NFL,yet. Played tackle and guard in college and some scouts thought he could eventually move to center. Moves well,not very strong.Camp body maybe practice squad
  2. Surprised they didnt bring in a 4th. I could live with Landry Jones,but I think they only carry 2 QB
  3. That's crazy talk. They aren't going to move OL from play to play,its disruptive to continuity. The biggest value of OL versatility is that you might be able to keep fewer (8?)on the 53.
  4. Tommy Sweeney isnt exactly a FB. Could he replace Dimarcos special teams play?
  5. Does your Mom know you are using her computer?
  6. Shuttles run every few minutes...not a bad ride
  7. So,how often,in the regular season,is our 3rd string defense going to play against a 3rd string QB? The REGULAR season is what matters.
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